California Baptist University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Driven and smart. They are always friendly and entertaining


My classmates are fun and caring, yet help me when I need clarification on the homework or classwork.


From what I have experienced going to school on campus and off, I enjoy being online more than I do being on campus with my classmates. It's more interactive online. I never experienced interaction with my classmates while going to school on campus, and I never made any friends. Every one sticks to themselves and their own cliques, which can be very nerve racking to some one coming to the school for the first time. Other than that, the people who I have gotten to know are amazing people and I wish the best for them!


The classmates that I have had the chance to work with become not only classmates but allies per say. Without them some assignments would have more blanks then you would wish to leave. They pull all nighters with you, and really do become the friends that you will have for life.


Each of my classmates are a group of extremely motivated, intelligent, and incredible individuals; they are what makes the class enjoyable.


Everyone is extremely friendly, amiable and disposed to get to know you and for you to get to know them.


My classmates are hard working, honest, and diverse individuals.


Hard working, professional students, very goal oriented.


People who are interested in intellectual enrichment and are kind hearted.


My classmates at CBU are very friendly and willing to help if they are asked for help.


My classmates are scattered all about the United States and they are supportive, kind, determined christian students with faith and goals.


My classmates are very good students who are spiritually, educationally, and mentally driven.


I take online classes so I dont have any itereaction with other students. My first semester will start in January 2015.


My classmates are competitive in a sense that everyone wants to pursue that good grade in the class in order to achieve thier major's qualification.


Overall, my classmates are eager to learn, to do well, and so far have been very friendly---it's very easy to make connections with classmates.


My classmates are intuitive, smart, and reaching for their best.


My classmates are very quiet at the beginning of the semester, but very nice and friendly by the time the semester ends.


Everyone is very friendly and spiritual, people go out of their way to make your day and everyone is very positive.


My classmates are something special. They will always be there for me for anything I need even if it is at 3 a.m. on a wednesday night. They are the nicest and smartest people I know and I have no problem communicating with them. They are willing to share books with me and even tutor me for free. They are really open during group projects and they really like me as well as i like them. They also connect great with the proffesors and if I miss one day they will tell me what I have missed in class.


My classmates are some of the most respectful, encoraging, and funny people I know.


Hardworking and fun to be around


My classmates are fanatastic people.


My classmates are very focused yet very fun at the same time. We all learn a lot because we are actually interested in what we are learning, however we also have fun because we get to know each other and can joke arond with each other.


My classmates at California Baptist University always said "hi" when they passed you in the hallway; they always opened the door for you when your hands were full, and they were always there for you when you needed help.


My classamtes are young ambition students that will accomplish there future goals.


My classmates especially in the engineering program that I am in have a unique desire to learn. Particularly they somewhat enjoy learning things that other majors would not enjoy. Granted there are a few students that do not work hard but the majority of students understand the importance of performing their best in all their school work. There is also a great community of students that will encourage as well as help you to learn.


My classmates are very friendly who enjoy meeting new people, always willing to help when a fellow peer needs help, hardworking, and consistent.


I would describe the majority to be driven,involved, and balanced in educational and campus activities.




There is a wide variety of class mates, both with age, race and gender; though there are more women than men. Most are very friendly and very helpful, willing to share notes and do study groups. But there still are, like at all colleges, the minority of students who don't think about the things they say and don't know what they talk about, or even how to properly behave around other people. Overall, however, the students at Cal Baptist are something that I have always been pleased with.


unique group and diverse culturally


They are accepting and energetic, always there when you need them.


My classmates are well focussed, most of the time but others are disrubtive, you just need to be careful who you sit by.


Happy, sports oriented, motivated, Christian glad to be alive for Jesus