California Baptist University Top Questions

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I think my school has really good academic advisors and professor that provide alot of guidance. Having such great help, helps me be more confident in my decision making as a college student and what roads for the best to take. Most of them have gone through what were going through and that makes me have alot of confidence talking to them because i know that they have my best interest in mind and they want to help me succeed at my college education.


The professors here have more time for you and get to know you on a personal level. They want you to excel. The student to teacher ratio is better at this school and I feel like the professors care alot more. I can leave my laptop, phone, wallet and purse in the table when I get my food and nobody will touch it. The campus is safe, clean, and the food is delicous. The students are always happy and friendly.


California Baptist University provides an environment where we can expand our knowledge globally and spiritually. My school is a private Christian university, so we have chapel during the week in which we grow spiritually and globally. The speakers during chapel are different speakers that come from different parts of the world or sometimes it's our own staff speaking to us. The speakers always have a message that gives us encouragement that we can apply to our every day lives. For me it gives me encouragement for the week and it helps me stay motivated.


California Baptist University is unique and especially so when comparing it to the other schools that I considered. CBU is ranked number 68 of 600 in best academic programs for students, number 3 in food and dining option, and number 1 for programs that send students abroad. CBU offers programs that have a small class setting, with professors that desire to give students an experience in learning that gets them prepared for their prospective careers after school.


California Baptist University staff, faculty and student body are all one, always engaging and personalizing your experience.


My school is very mission oriented. I am given the oppurtunity to see different parts of the world every summer, while helping out those in need.


Some things unique about Calironia Baptist University are the happy, uplifting environment and the fact that it is a private college. I love that I can walk around campus and feel like I am at home. I also love the freedom to further my walk with Christ and worship alongside others with the same beliefs as me.


it really is a Christian based school everyone here for the most part exsemplifies christian behavior. most of the people here are really positive and happy there is zero drama here and they really try and get everyone envolved in activites to get in touch with not only God but people around you.


The Spiritual experience.


California Baptist University is unique because the staff and faculty care about you individually and each relationship held with a teacher impacted my life and my learning experience at school.


A unique thing about our school is out Crazies. A crazie is a passionate Lancer fan. Our fans are some of the best fans in the country. They show up and pack the gym. Even though they're known for being loud and over the edge, there contribution outside of the sports atmosphere is unique in itself. Many efforts to help those disadvantaged are done by these passionate fans, and that makes them, as well as my school, unique.


This campus is unique because it is a small liberal arts school and yet has made great efforts to add major science departments such as Nursing school and Engineering school, which is uncommon to have at a school like this. This campus is also unique because its professors and staff truly care about the student's success as a whole person and readily looks for opportunities for them to excel and gain experience to learn something beyond the classroom.


The Engineering program is phenomenal. From the very first semester you get to actually practice the stuff you learn. The caf is amazing too.


The amount of help you are given at this university is phenomenal. I don't think I would know exactly what to do and how to complete my education without their guidance. Even during the application process they were very hands on to make sure that I knew what was going on. It's a great feeling when you know that there are people out there who care about helpingyou succeed.


Everyone was friendly and very accepting...pretty much awesome! Other schools seemed pretty apathetic in that category.


They have a great nursing program that entrance is gpa based


The atmosphere is so completely friendly and open. There is an immediate sense of belonging. The campus is beautiful and open, unlike many closed campuses that appear to have no open spaces. Just walking around campus is relaxing and there is always a sense of safety no matter the campus location. The school does a very good job at working with the students to make sure that they are succeeding and doing well.


The location: the beach is 30 minutes away, the mountains is 30 minutes away and the desert is 30 minutes away. The size is perfect, you could feel like you know everyone on campus, and most of my teachers know me by name.


When choosing a school do your research, take campus visits and talk to current students. Figure out what type of campus you want to become involved. (large, small, religious etc.). Make sure that school offers majors for your career goals. When all is said and done make sure that you fit into the school as well as the school fits into you.


What is really unique about California Baptist University is the student/teacher relationship. Our class sizes are not overwhelming; there are enough students to fill up a classroom, but not too many that you would not be remembered. Our professor's really care about the well-being of their students, and will go out of their way to help in as many wasy as possible. Because the class sizes are not overwhelmingly big, professor's are able to have more individual disscussions and have a better relationship with their students.


Looking at the other schools I considered, I find that I really did choose the best school for me. California Baptist University, the school I now attend, is a small, private, Christian college like the others I was inquiring. One thing that stood out to me about CBU is the welcoming and friendly staff, faculty, and upper classmen. The warming invitation I received was one of my deciding factors because it was the environment I wanted to live in.