California Baptist University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The campus and the professors are awesome!


I brag about how beautiful our campus is. It is so natural and pretty. The campus is big but not too big.


CBU really does a great job of being a student-oriented university. There are always plenty of activities and events that provide good clean fun to get involved in. Also, there is lots of spirit when it comes to sports. The Fortuna Bowl to Midnight Madness are huge sporting events that the school plans out and spares no expenses to ensure memorable experiences. Coming from a much larger school before CBU, I was very impressed by the quality of the campus.


The help provided by Professors to pass your classes is unthinkable. With all of my experiences, they go out of their way to help, and if they can't, then The Academic Success Center is avaible for any enrolled student. The food is amazing, and the campus is incredibly beautiful!


When I talk about California Baptist University (CBU), I cannot help but boast about the wonderful community I have been able to get to know this past semester. As a freshman, I have been overwhelmed with kidness and excitment for school, for life, for Jesus Christ. That all has been a huge blessing to me, and I just can't hold back from sharing it with all who ask about my school.


I always tell my friends that my schools teacher-to-student ration cannot be beat! The way that our professors spend quality time on getting to know us better and actually call us by name around campus, is an amazing feeling! I always feel so welcomed. Also, the fact that I am NEVER waitlisted in any of my courses, allows me to feel truly confident in completing school on time instead of being pushed back an extra semester due to full capacity in public schools or classes.


Of all things, the professors are the ones I brag about the most. As a private university you do get a feel of home, or even a sense of belonging due to the fact that you know the teachers genuinely care about their students. As a first year college student, I walked in blind and I am so thankful for the professors I have had the oppurtunity to learn under.


When I tell others about CBU, I tell them about how much my school has changed me for the better. This school has given me so many opportunities to grow academically, spiritually, and socially. The friends I have met here have helped me beat depression and I will cherish them for the rest of my life. The educators I have met here will continue to be my mentors after graduation. If you don't want to come here for that, we do have an on-site Chic-fil-A for your meal plan. Who could say no to that?


The number one thing I brag about the most is how amazingly delicious the cafetaria food is. Also, how small many of the classrooms can be, so there's a greater chance to get to know the professor.


Cal Baptist is on the cutting edge of technology in the classroom. Cal Baptist is an accredited and recognized for it's excellence in acedemics. It offers fully integrated online degrees that rival any campus based program in the nation. This school is ranked by the U.S. News and Report as a top educational institution. It's rolling admission makes it easy to jump into classes and finish that degree.


My pride and joy about my school is the beauty of the campus, the constant opportunities they always provide for us, and of course the wonderful food considering it is reated one of the best in the country.


There are two things I brag most about to my friends about Cal Baptist. The first is how great the professors are at the school. You can go up to them at any time and have a conversation with them about anything. They are so friendly and caring and really want you to succeed in your studies. the second thing I brag about is the food, it's amazing. I have to eat on campus everyday before I go home because it's just that good.


As a student in the engineering department i often share about the acomplishments of our current professors. one professor holds patents for a valve that once installed in a persons eye can eradicate glaucoma. While another professor is an acomplished enviromental engineer. This department is focused and growing fast, it is an honor to be here at this time.


I am from Ohio so I brag about how warm it is here in the winter.


When I talk to my friends about my school I like to brag about how close students and proffesors. I brag about this because in my school the teachers actually care about students and since they are committed Christian's they actually do their best to help you out in any way possible. They give you there own time to help you on your work and they promise you to be with you through everything it takes in order for you to pass the class. They actually care if you miss and they are extremely flaxible for students.


The freedom to pray before beginning every class. It is just so amazing the God blessed with an oppurtnity to attend such a beautiful campus. I truly admire chapel services. I invite everyone. The Lord is doing amazing things at that place and it is just super remarkable to be a part of the change in youth. There ISP and USP programs are extravagant as well. I plan to one day join during spring break season.


I brag about the studies i obtain at this school


I tell everyone the thing that makes my school great is the people. Its a great atmosphere to go to school. The people on campus are really more like family, because everyone is very polite and very easy to talk to. Its an awesome school to be at as a christian student. It offers great education for those who are willing to be challenged. Just a great school all-around.


I brag about the way God is changing me and the joy I now I have, the physical attraction of my school, and the friendliness of the staff and students who attend.


I tell them about the beautiful campus and southern California. There are palm trees everywhere and we are only an hour from the beach. I tell them about the warm weather all year round. I also tell them about the teachers here. They give individual help all the time and that can be harder to find at a public university. I also tell them about the food in the cafeteria. It is so good and they have so many choices.


I say it is beautiful!


When my friends ask about my school, I brag about all the students there are there to learn, and they aren't wanting to party and go crazy. They are School minded. I would also brag about how it is a private school, and most of the campus teachers and staff and christains. I would brag about the student to teacher ratio is really good. In all my class it less then 18 students. So you can really connect to your teachers. I would say that our food is really good., and our campus is really pretty and very green.


Fun social life, engaging classes, tons of friends that I have made.


I am proud that I attend a small Christian School that is teaching the gospel and also is such a great academic school. I have the opportunity to get a great education and meet many new friends. I am very lucky that I was accepted her at Cal Baptist University, and have wanted to come her all through High School, so I am living my dream and very excitied to graduate in June of 2011. I feel I am getting a great education, and am thankful to attend Chapel.


The campus is beautiful and the classes are not too big. The professors are truly passionate about what they teach and want to help the students to understand their passion, as well. The freinds that you could meet their, all throughout your 4 years are truly some of the best people that you will know. Finally the new music program and the growing theatre program is truly inspired and faith focused, which is wonderful as a Christian.


Our school has professors that care, and the class sizes are not too big.


My job, I work for the Campus Activities Board and we plan some awesome events. Also the cafeteria, we have the best food selection!!!


The beautiful the campus, the great community. The friends I made.


The places that I have been able to travel to with my school. The great food. My great professor.