California Baptist University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


For me the only thing I can think of is that it is so far away from where I live


The only issue I have had as an online/hybrd student is specific classes I would have wanted to take on campus (hybrid) can be changed last minute to fully online when not filled up.


I would consider the biggest issue on my campus to be the lack of diversity within the student body. An increase in diversity, whether it be ethnic, religious, sexual orientation, or gender identification, an exposure to this diversification can lead to a more well-rounded and accepting individual. Which is sadly lacking on our campus; fortunately though, Milwaukee itself does not lack in diversity at all.


The worst thing ties in to the best thing of the events. Because while there are a ton of them if you commute to school rather than live on campus it is nearly impossible to know when any of these events are going on. You have to seriously listen and search for the times things are happening and most of the events are later at night which makes it quite difficult to attend.


We need more space for chapel, on the days where everyone goes to chapel its really crowded.


Personally, while although not the worst but a drawback is the environment for commuters. I can't afford to live on campus which takes away from the college experience as a whole. I would love to be more involved and spend more time, but in reality it's just not possible. There are numerous activities for students living on campus but much less for commuters.


There is nothing I would consider to be awful at CBU, but one thing that can get annoying is how empty the school is on the weekends. I live 8 hours away from CBU, so I can't go home on the weekends like most people do, sometimes leaving the campus feeling uneventful.


There is nothing bad about I can say about California Baptist University.


The worst thing about this school is the tuition. I know it is a private school and they probably need to charge students this much to keep up with the expenses but as a student it is going to be difficult for me to repay the loans I'm taking out to attend the university.


Honestly, there is nothing about my school that I dislike or anything that I would change.


The worst thing about this school is the wifi. I know it's petty, but when you're working with a time restriction and the internet connection is being incredibly slow it can get you quite flustered. CBU is an expensive school to attend, and because of this they should make the wifi fast and easily accesible throughout the entire campus.


The cost of the school. It is a great school with a great environment but it is private so it is very expensive.


The worst thing about my school is how expensive it is. The reason why is because it puts me in a financial hardship.


The worst thing about this school is how expensive it is.


The worst thing about California Baptist University is probably even though we are a Christian university and all of our rules/policies are backed up with biblical foundations, the student population does not mirror it at all. We are a very diverse university in religion and culture which makes it difficult since people who don't want to follow the biblical foundations are lowering the standards by not abiding by them.


The worst thing about my school is the cost in tuition, because not everyone can afford to pay the expenses. I know people who are not eligible for financial aid, so they have to pull out loans in order to pay for tuition. There are also those who get financial aid aand scholarships, but it is not enough to cover the cost of tuition and expenses.


The worst aspect of CBU would be the expensive tuition of 38 thousand dollars a year-about 18-19 thousand a semester. It has been diffficult to find money to attend CBU because two of their most commonly given scholarships are for pastor's kin and students who have a sibling attending the school at the same time as them. I am neither of these. I am not in a sport, choir, or drama either which are also very common ways of earning money.


The cost and the limited financial aid and srudent accounts staff


The worst thing I would consider to be about California Baptist University is the tuition and fees. I am sure that is the worse thing about most colleges today. It is a little expensive, especially if you're staying on campus. However, I must say I am still proud to be attending. If you spend wisely, learn how to manage your finances, and possible get a few loans/scholarships, you will be just fine!


The housng prices, because I believe they are very expensive. In fact, an aquaitance of mine had to leave the dorms last semester cause she coulnd't afford to stay there anymore.


California Baptist University is an incredible school and there is nothing negative that I can say about it.


I dont think there is anything wrong with my school, I love my school. Its home to me.


The worst thing about CBU is the financial aid services because they take forever to get back to you on important financial issues. The school is very expensive and we are continually increasing in the number of students, so right now some facilities (cafeteria, library, etc.) are getting overcrowded.


The worst thing about my school would be all the restrictions. I feel like it is a highschool at times. We have a dress code and we can only have three absences or we lost credit, in high school I had nine absences before the lost of credit. I feel like it isn't preparing me for life after college, that we were very sheltered here.


Unfortunately, all colleges are not perfect! Many students will have accumulated a pros and cons list about the school(s) they have attended throughout their college life, and I will confess, student parking is on the top of my cons list for Chaffey College. Every student has to pay to park in the parking lot of Chaffey College, but the parking pass does not guarantee a spot! In the beginning of each semester, parking lots are congested with cars and students anticipating when the next available space will open up. Arriving early to school is essential to find parking!


I think the worst thing must be the fact that the students' financial needs are not always taken care of. From personal experience, I would say that housing could be more flexible as payment options are concerned.


A lot of the teachers are zero tollerant on student athletes who miss class due to scheduled events. Most people who attend come from wealthy backgrounds and can be a little snobby to those who come from lower/middle class.


I cannot think of anything.


The worst thing about my school is when it rains because we have to walk to class and sometimes it gets windy.


Racial ignorance, expensive, terrible weather. Why? Most people in riverside have very little contact with other races that are not white. Expensive? We pay too much to be here. Terrible weather? El Nino.


The worst thing about my school is having to attend a chapel service every week that only plays a certain kind of music. This is the worst because they do not cater to all the other types of Christian music that is out there.


Price of on-campus housing. Not enough parking