California Baptist University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Anyone who is interested in higher learning especially from the Christian perspective.


I recommend those that are christian or trying to grow a relationship with Christ to attend this school. Also i recommend those who do not feel as if they fit in with the party crowd because it involves drinking and drugs. CBU provides many events that do not contain any drugs and drinking and still is super fun.


A person who attends this school should be driven, comfortable expressing their religious/spiritual beliefs, and should be comfortable with prayer in the classroom. They should expect to work hard and not party, as this is a dry campus that professes conservative views about life and the college experience. This school also highly supports witnessing and missions. Faith is an integral part of education here, and it really makes for a much better experience than other campuses can provide.


CalBaptist is for those interested in growing spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. Classes are smaller which allow greater student/teacher interaction. Those interested in finding their career path with a Godly worldview are great candidates for CalBaptist.


The kind of person that should attend this school would be someone who is devoted to their studies and to God equally in order to combine to the two of education and Christian morals and ethics.


Conservative Christians or people looking into living a faith-centered life should consider attending CBU. People who enjoy partying should consider going to a cal state rather than a conservative private. This school has a good drama and nursing program for those interested in either of those fields. It otherwise doesn't have any programs that stand out.


California Baptist University is what I expected, it is a Christian environment where there are rules. So if you want someone telling you what you can and cannot do, then do not come here. It is not the typical college experience like most people think college should be like. Other than that, it is a school where the professors believe in you and want you to succeed. The school is known for their engineering and nursing programs, which are both amazing. Overall, the campus environment is very positive and welcoming.


It is overall an amazing school and I think a student who believes in Jesus and has a Christian backround will fit in although others with the different beliefs could fit in too but they must be open minded. It has a very comfortable enviroment with very kind people who attend.


People who are able to afford a leisurely education at a high price. More for music, nursing, engineering, and business.


A person who is still finding their internal being. Naturally I observe the individuals that are reclined in Gods word, its a beautiful sight to reflect upon.At Cal Baptist the atomosphere is already fresh and loving. I love how they motivate each person to live their purpose.


Anyone can attend this school. CBU welcomes and accpets all. You will be exposed to Christianity and be involved with intelligent individuals who will influence you in positive ways. You will be shaped into a good person with a bright, promising future. You will be prepared for your life long journey to discover your purpose and use your talents. Ambitious individuals with goals should attent this school. The community life involvment is an amazing attribute to this institution. The campus feels very safe and welcoming. You get what you pay for at CBU and you will not regret it.


A wealthy person. With parents that buy them everything. And a christian.


A determined and dedicated person whom has a love for the Lord.


I think that, because this is a Christian faith-based university, that it would be beneficial for anyone who isn't against being open to learning about different things to attend here. Those who are already believers in Jesus Christ would benefit just as much as those who are not. California Baptist University is a special place; I wish that every person could attend here. I think, specifically though, that followers of Christ should attend this university as it would definitely help them to grow in their faith and stand firmer in their walk with the Lord.


Some one who is drivin for sucess and loves to get involoved and make good decidsons.


Any person should attend this school to achieve greatness through their professors and God, it is a christian school. Those who connect themselves towards God and manage their time carefully for homework, work, activities, etc., can reach their goals the way they plan. CBU can provide many oppurtunities to help those achieve their goals. They provide many tutors and stay connected worldwide to those who want to travel around the country helping others in need. Their cafeteria is ranked number two out of all schools in the state for those who enjoy eating food and being satisfied.


Someone who is seeking and working toward living their purpose in this world would be the best kind of person to attend this school. A person who is focused on becoming their best self so as to be equipped to give back to the world around them would be the right fit for my school.


If you are an individual who wants to stay focused, be around inspiring people, and be in an atmosohere that can motivate you to better yourself every day. Then, this is where you should be. This school has an amazing reputation because of it's students and atmosphere. I take pride in telling people that I attend Cal. Baptist University because I worked hard to get to where I am today.


A Christian indidual who is serious about their education, and desires a close-knit , freindly college environment with many career and post-graduate oppurtunies.


A person that is willing to be academically focused and is willing to attend chapel weekly.


Everybody should. People who are fellow believers will love the atmosphere. People who are not strong followers in Christ should as well because you truly do grow spiriautally while attending this school. People who do not know God should as well because there is so many people more than willing to introduce th gospel to you


California Baptist University is for students who value excellence in their academic pursuit as well as a campus environment where they are treated like a person and not just a student ID number


Anyone interested in growing academically, spritually, and emotionally. This school has a friendly environment and provides all the tools students need in order to people successful in their chosen career/major. Students have many opportunites to get involved, become leaders, feel competent in courses, and develop a wonderful social life.


A person that enjoys working hard but also thrives off of being involved in on campus activities. School work comes first but it is important to immerse one's self in the rich community available on campus.


A person who is school minded, and that has some kind of religous background. A person who wants to party this school isn't for them.They frown apond party. At this school you are there to learn and get your dregree. Any Peson who wants that, is welcome to this school, but you have to lots of displine to come here. I'm consantly busy with work , so you need to know how to time mange your work and get things done on time . Also a person who is just wanting to get school done.


Anyone should attend this school. Someone who is determined to learn, gain knowledge outside of the books, and have a goal set for where they want to be.


someone who wants a small private college, who may have had trouble academically in a large public high school and needs a personal approach to academics but not a two year community college. A person attending this school should have a strong Christian faith, and a desire to live a clean, Christian based life. If you have any desire to drink, party or do drugs, even off campus you should seriously consider another school. Interest in community service and ministry is a plus.


Really, any kind of person would be accepted at this school but the person that should come, that would recieve the most from this type of education, is the one that truly wants to seek God's path for his/her life and wants to recieve a Christ centered education.




Our school is very diverse. we have students from all over the world. anyone can attend this university and i encourage any and everybody to apply.


A person who is open to the Christian religion or is a Christian, somebody who is dedicated to learning and does not mind being involved in group projects, somebody who loves music, somebody who has the desire to go to third world countries to be a community volunteer, and people who want to make life long friends.


Someone who wants a close knit community with small class sizes and great proffessors. Someone who wants a smaller school and classes that are taught from a christian prospective


It really depends on what the person is planning to study. If they are looking for a major such as Christian Studies, Psychology or Business, Cal Baptist is a great school to choose. The first of those two majors are the best offered here. But with other majors, such as the new Nursing and Engineering programs, the student in question is probably better off trying a different school where they will get a better education. Because this school is baptist, there is no drinking/smoking so partiers should look else where if they want to stay away from hassles.


The kind of person who wants to be surrounded by a Christian atmosphere. This is a world focused school with lots of diversity and accepting of all people while still keeping each other accountable morally and relationally,