California Baptist University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I don't think someone that isn't motivated to learn, grow, or be pushed outside of their comfort zone in terms of new experiences should attend CBU.


Those who do not wish to incorporate a spiritual element into their education may not reap the full benefits of attending CalBaptist. As a private university, CalBaptist expressively invites God into the classroom, including scriptural application, both in and out of the classroom. Those who wish to not partake of such a fulfilling experience, or do not carry the same beliefs would not benefit from this experience. Though they are always welcome!


Someone who wants to go to a school that makes you feel like its all about you. This is a Christian school but they are very accepting of others, so Christians and non-Christians. Someone who wants a small feel to a school and feel individually important to your professors. Someone who wants to make friends for life and get a great college education. Someone who wants to play sports. Anyone who just wants the best education possible!


California Baptist University is a Christian University, forming much of its academic foundation on biblical beliefs. It is not required to be a Christian to attend, however, chapel is required along with religious studies. I was skeptical at first because I had been sent to private schools growing up that left a bad taste in my mouth. However, CBU surprised me. Welcoming any type of student with full acceptance.


If you have no interest in learning about God or The Bible what-so-ever this school isn't a very good option for you.


There is not type that should attent. Anyone should attend if they could. You can have different religious views and California Baptist well still make it seem like home. They care about your interest, career, religion and political view. their purpose is to find your purpose with a positive view. It is another home, no matter what type of person you are.


A student should not attend California Baptist University who is looking for the wild party living style because this school is a tobacco and alcohol free campus.


I dont see why anyone shouldnt attend this school. This school is very good for your social, proffessional, and academic life.


People shouldn't attend this school if they are closed-minded and are looking for a place to drink, party and have an easy, laid-back college experience. CBU will give you a great education and help you learn practical applications to use when you graduate. CBU will make you academically prepared, biblically rooted, globally minded, and equiped to serve.


I do not think that any certain type of person should not attend this university. University schooling is meant to be a time for people to grow and learn a lot and that is exacrly what I feel anyone who attended this university would do.


I can only speak for myself and reflect on my own experience, i am maried with three wonderful kids. i have 5 years experience in the automobile industry, in addition i also served a humanitarion organization for ten years. i am in some cases twice the age of my piers. this is my second and probably last chance to get a degree that will change my life forever. The admissions proccess was absolutly wonderful, felt like i had a real advocate. i am grateful that this college has excepted me and given my family a chance at a better life.


Non-serious students, drinkers, drug users, and partiers should not attend this school. CBU is more about good clean fun while pursuing your academics. They encourage us to balance school and fun in a healthy positive way.


I think the people who shouldnt attend the school is gay people because obviously if they were christian they wouldnt be gay.


This may not be the right school for someone looking for a big college experience. The campus is small similar to that of a high school campus.


California Baptist University is a place for people who want community. It is a place for people who are friendly, kind, fun, and up for a lot of fun. It is also for people who are looking for a good and God-oriented education. It is a smaller commuity, so I believe it is for people who are ore family oriented.


People who will benefit and thrive in a small community bubble where everyone knows your face. It is not overly academic if you are not in one of their programs like the engineering, nursing, or BAT programs. There is a great network to get involved in and thrive spiritually and socially.


If a person hates a small community, or the ability to access professors readily, then they shouldn't attend this school. If a person truly absolutely dislikes the requirement to attend a Christian chapel each week each year up to four years, then they probably shouldn't attend this school. If a person hates to be challenged emotionally, spiritually and academically then they probably shouldn't attend. If a person just wants to stay away from truly having their lives changed all around then they shouldn't come to this school.


I can not think of any kind of person that should not attend this school. California Baptist University is a wonderful institue that cares about all its students. Anyone and everyone is welcome here.


Wild party people should probably not attend CBU because this university seems to take education pretty seriously.


Whoever wants a small and personal setting should definetely attend California Baptist University. Those who should not attend are those that are not open to christian beliefs. This does not mean people that attend should be christian it just means they should respect christian beliefs and be open about it , seeing as it is a christian centered school. Also people that have unorderly conduct should not attend CBU becuase the peace and religious principles of CBU would be disturbed.


Any kind of person should attend this school, all different ethnicities; particularly more minorities would be helpful, more men as well, the school is full of girls. Anyone with different views on life, becuase the people here, particularly students need insight that life is not the life they have in their minds; but that there is more to life out there.


A partier who wants a fast social scene and does not have any interest in serving others. Someone who would rather be lost and a non entity in their classes would not be a good fit




if someone parties, do not come to this school.


Someone who does not wish to become a follower of Jesus Christ.