California Baptist University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing attending California Baptist University is the environment. It is super friendly and easy to talk to the Professors.


I would consider the best thing about my school HAS to be the teachers. I have been to multiple schools im California, and this is by far the best school I have gone to. The teachers actually care, and I am known by my name not by a number. You can miss an assignment, and the teacher will be emailing the next day notifying you to turn in your assignment. Not only are the teachers amazing, but the school itself is an amazing and calm campus. You can really have a calm enviornment.


The best thing would be that they integrate faith in a lot of things that students do. They are so supportive and always encourage you.


The best thing about my school are the small class sizes and the availability of most of the professors after hours for help. I've had teachers that really went out of their way to help me and other student's who struggled with the material. I'd say a lot of professors value stuent learning over student's merely getting the work done in time which is very rare in Universities these days.


I believe the best thing about CBU is the community life it offers. There are always multiple events going on for anyone and everyone to attend. It gives many opportunities to meet new people, and make new connections. Not only this but there is almost always someone that you can go and talk to about any problems going on in your life at the moment. This is honestly one of the biggest benefits in attending CBU.


The best thing about CBU is the spiritual aspect. There is a large emphasis on your relationship with God and there are plenty of opportunities to strengthen that relationship. The best thing within the spiritual aspect is CBU's focus on missions. Every year CBU sends out hundreds of students to reach those in other countries that are not reached.


The best thing about Cal Baptist University is that it allows me the freedom to still work a full-time job and take care of my family while attaining a top ranked degree. Without the schools OPS program, I would be stuck trying to make on-campus classes fit with my hectic work schedule and home life. Cal Baptist has really changed me and my family's life for the better.


CBU is a very small and cozy school. It has a peaceful and calm enviorment.


The best thing about my school is how much students are encouraged and helped by staff in every aspect. California Baptist Univeristy also provides a great sense of community and respect between everyone who is present there.


The best thing about this school is the community development. CBU provides many opportunities in and out of the classroom to grow together as a community. I have made tons of friends and developed relationships with people because of the opportunities provided on campus. This place makes me feel accepeted and comfortable to be me.


The best thing about California Baptist University is the godly community that is present. Everyone is so friendly, welcoming and inviting. All the staff/faculty are also very friendly and want to be involved in our lives. I don't feel pressure to be someone I'm not because no one is judgemental, and if they are, they don't say it out loud, they keep it to themselves.


The best thing about CBU is the community feel about the campus. No matter who you are, everyone on campus is extremely friendly, wants to meet you and wants you to feel welcome! They also host the most amazing events for both residents and commuters to get involved in and to help you build friendships with one another. Oh and by the way, the food is pretty great too.


I like how small the campus is. It's gotten bigger and they've added more students since I graduated, but when I was there it was very small. Everyone recognized everyone and it was more like a family. It made the transition from home much easier. The campus is also clean and beautiful. It was a lovely environment.


At California Baptist University they put a high emphasis on keeping the school feeling like a community and a family in a way. The first thing that you will notice the moment you step on our campus is that the environment is very friendly. Whether you are talking to a faculty member or just one of the students they are always more than willing to lend a helping hand. This feeling in a school just pulls out the best in people.


Best thing about my school is the people and the teachers. Because the people at California Baptist University are very friendly and they are easy to talk when it comes to finding friends. The teachers otherwise known as the professors are also very friendly. The professors are also helpful when it comes to figuring out difficult problems after class and the professors make it easier to understand the concept. And if you don't understand you can come to their office anytime and ask them what didn't make sense.


The best thing about CBU is the Professors actually know you and care about you on a personal level. THere is always opportunity to talk over things that you may be sruggling with during office hours. They definately do all that they can to help us succeed in our futures.


I enjoy the small community of my school. It's where everyone knows eachother, and the teachers work with the students. I like this school because the classroom sizes are small so I feel like I can learn more and ask questions. The teachers know me by name which makes it easier for me to talk to them about concerns of mine.


The moment I began my studies in the Child Development building at Chaffey College, I realized the staff in the Child Development department were dedicated to their work and students. The professors were passionate and sincere about their work and desired their students to succeed in the field of Early Childhood Education. the experiences each professor had in an Early Childhood setting gave me the confidence to trust their teaching methods and credibility. The help and knowldege I recieved at Chaffey College is the best thing I was given from the school.


I would say the size of the classes. Most classes range from about 20-40 people and you are able to connect with the teachers on a much more personal level. The teachers have very flexible office hours and they are willing to help you succeed. If you have any personal issues they work well with allowing you to turn things in later and still do well. They are nice about being flexible with work schedules so you can also have a job. They truly care and can relate to the whole class.


The best thing about CBU is the community, everyone is so friendly towards eachother and it is so easy to get involved.


The campus its self is beautiful, there is beauty found there easily. People are upbeat and friendly mostly. The class sizes are perfect.


I really like Wanda's, it's our own on campus coffee shop and everyone is aleays there.


The best thing about CBU is ther mission statement. They belive in preparing men and women to reach others for Christ in whatever field of lerning they choose.


The faculty and teachers are great. The teachers are so caring, and helpful both with regards to academic issues and personal issues.


The people are so friendly, and the close-knit environment


The relationships you build with the professors.


The best thing about my school, for me, is the small classes and caring professors. It is a religious campus that allows me not to get involved in extra-curricular activites that might harm my goals. It has been a wonderful experience and I have been many life-long friends. I would never exchange this experience for that of a large school where you are just a number and not a person.


THe community spirit. I can't walk fifteen feet without seeing someone I know and stopping and talking with them or at least a high five as a pass.


The people, CBU has done an awesome job of allowing students, faculty, and staff to create an awesome community.


Everyone here is so nice and really care about you. It is a smaller school so you get to have a lot of interaction with your professor's . The campus is pretty, safe, and has great food! The school has a global outlook and as a student you have a chance to travel around the world helping others. The school cares about your spirital development as well as your education.


The best thing about my school is the friendly people that always smile and say hi to you and the small classes. This is the best because I learn more and can interact more with the teacher when there is a small classroom and when people are nice to me that just makes my day better.


What I enjoy most about California Baptist University is our school spirit. We are known as the "CBU Crazies," and at every sporting event we hold, our students fill the bleachers. Most - if not all - are wearing their "Crazies" shirt and are seen with face paint , posters, whistles, and enough stamina to be crazy during the entire game. I love the school spirit!


I love the community of people. Everyone here gets along so well and everyone makes an attempt to get to know each. Some many of my friends on campus feel like family. The professors here are amazing. they are willing to go the extra step to help anyone out in being able to be successful in the class. I have learned so much from this campus not just academically, but also in my social interaction. I consider CBU my second home.


The size, not too big or too small.