California College of the Arts Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My favorite campus tradition is probably the annual mascot design competition! Our school has a really unique mascot – a chimera (a mythological creature with the head of a lion, the body of a goat, and a snake for a tail). Every year, students are given the opportunity to redesign the face of the mascot! The winner of the competition has their design on all the school merchandise for a whole year! It's pretty great! Being an art school, I think it's great to be able to allow the student community to harness their creativity in all kinds of different ways! This is a pretty fun & unique tradition the school has! Another tradition that I quite enjoy is the annual Chimeratopia fair, where there's just a bunch of great people, food and fun! There's also a taco truck that comes by every year and we get free tacos at Chimeratopia which is so great!


Throughout the years, CCA has developed an array of notable faculty members. Most of the faculty are considered essential members of flourishing current art movements, setting the mark for other Art Colleges. What I've learned is that the intent at CCA is to develop through self discovery. The students are given a plethora of opportunities and an abundance of help from faculty to truly discover who you are and learn through the mistakes, risks, and achievements encountered at CCA. Ideally, students like myself will bring this enlightenment with them after college and throughout the rest of their lifes.


They're just known for being a real art school, not a commercial one. And I think textiles.


They advertise more now for the design programs on the San Francisco campus, but in the past they were best known for inspiring the art and crafts movement in the bay area during the early 1900's. I would say we are best known now in the area for a very broad spectrum of very creative young people that are sure to make a foot print in the art community.