California College of the Arts Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I love to brag about how small our classes are and how easy it is to connect with our professors. Eventhough it may seem weird the professors here are easy to befriend and in a way it's a great connection in the future. I also brag about how awesome the people are here, everyone is unique in their own way. Many of them were outcasts back at their school and yet they were given this amazing talent! 100 words can not discribe how amazing my first year was at this school! Too much to brag about!


The workload and the talent that comes out of the school.


The people are great, I like my teachers this semester, math is easy here.


When my friends back home ask me about the college I go to I tell them how how happy I am here and how lucky I am to have had this experience to go here. Both of my parents didn't get this experience and even though I AM going to an Art School I feel as though I am still getting the academic education you need while in college. Overall this experience changed me completely and I now have a better outlook on life and what I plan to do with my future as an artist and in life.


The community is very artistic and forward thinking, I really enjoy having unique conversations with others on campus.


Pixar is around the corner. The classes are small, the Instructors inspiring. The coursework is challenging but always interesting enough to be motivating. The professors are all super friendly and easy to talk to. School attracts top talent and really impressive industry professionals for lectures and critique. The campus archeticture is very modern. The school is a lot like the city of San Fransisco - hip, progressive and enviornmentaly conscious.