California College of the Arts Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Some advice I would give to the Jenell in high school would be SCHOLARSHIP! I would stress the importance of scholasrship and tell her really just how expensive college is, so maybe save some money up ahead of time.


I was a bit of a slacker and procrastinator during my senior year because I was too focused on "having fun while it lasted". If anything I would tell myself what I now tell my friends still in High School. Make the most of the time you have left in school to ask questions and the most of summer to research before your senior year. Ask counselors or your trusted teacher about majors or school they feel suit you and instead of lounging on the couch doing nothing research about things you are interested or look for in a college. Don't be afraid to shape your own path this is your own new life you are creating. Try and find scholarships (no matter how crazy and weird) that can help you so your parents dont carry all the burden. Don't be afraid to apply outside of your state and comfort zone. Apply to as many colleges as you can, and all that truly interest you ( the more the better). Lastly, make the most of senior year by getting all the college planning and such out of the way first so there are no worries later. Good Luck!


Don't settle for Cal State Hayward or the Academy of Art University. Save some money by completing your general education at a community college. Once you complete your AA in English, transfer to the California College of the Arts. I know the school is expensive and that the writing program is new, but trust me this is where you want to be. Also, apply to scholarships . . . now! Seriously, there are a ton of scholarships out there that no one applies for. There is no excuse for you to pass up on free money. You also need to check in with your counselor regularly. Make sure you're on the right track. You're going to feel lost. Take advantage of the resources available to you. Don't act as if you're above help. Most schools have programs to help students with the transition into college life -- use them! Lastly, believe in yourself. It will go a long way. You are currently your own worst enemy. Try being your own personal cheerleader instead. You have to believe you can succeed.


In high school, I was an angry, spiraling kid, fearful of empty mornings and terrified there was nothing past midnight each night. My transition into college took longer than most, as I worked my way through endless depression and directionless wanderings. What I eventually found in college was a place for my drive and passion. In high school I yearned for happiness, a stable home, a decided path. It wasn’t that the things I wanted seemed worthless; I was convinced I didn’t deserve any of it. Perhaps what I needed to hear was this: Don’t mistake wanting for weakness. Even if you want so badly that it’s tempting to give up entirely, when it feels like your spine is made of rotted wood and your ribs, shattered glass. The furtive, complex kid you are will make everything you do and create singular and rich. Everything you strive for, are brave enough to ask for, and to say, will lend you steadier ground, even when you feel breathless and desperate.The struggle wasn’t only worth it, but was the means to who I am today. In college especially, the more I strive, the more I reap.


My college experience has taught me importance of time management and how to juggle various projects while still doing a good job and meeting the deadlines. It has also taught me the importance of education and how it plays a vital role in a person's development. I learnt that experience in the field is a must. Also, college life has taught me how to manage my expenses and not to over-indulge in unnecessary things.


During college, we are given the opportunity to change lives. We are allowed to change our ideas and views because college is about figuring out who you are and what type of person you want to be. College is the time to make changes, make friends, and have a lot of fun, and I am excited to continue to do all of these things throughout my 5 years studying for my Bachelor of Architecture degree. If I did not attend college I would not have been introduced to the different people and assignments that made me realize architecture is my passion. I am not a person to regret choices I've made in the past, but if I was I would have no reason or good explanation to why college isn't a valuable experience. Any and every student will take something valuable with them when attending college, no matter who they are or what ends up happening.


My college experience has been very beneficial to my college career and my whole life in general. I have been able to persue a career and afford it with the help of financial aid. Most importantely I have obtained two certificates in my choice of career which is Accounting. In addition I have received my AA this past semester and am working my way up to transfer. My college experience has help me improve my self esteem, for I have set and accomplished many goals. Comming from a low income family and having to work while going to school has set me back a couple of grades but in college I have learned to become persistant and to never quit because at the end of each semester when all those grades are As or Bs, it feels really good. To succeed in life is the ultimate goal and college has taken me one step closer to a new and better life. Perseverance and strengh , I have gained while being a student at ELAC by falling and getting back up and then rising to my fullest potential.


I have learned many things since beggining college in 2007. One thing I have learned the most is to attend class and participate. I realized that when I was in high school i never did either of these things. It hindered me when i first began college but i am beggining to grasp it as i hopefully head on to a 4 year university next fall. It has been valuable to attend because if i wasnt in school, i would be completely unhappy. It has given me many more oppurtunities already and will continue to do so.


Before coming to CCA, I was partially affraid of working with others and had a hard time talking about my ideas and concepts. Now, in just two short years I am able to visualize and communicate my thoughts in an effective manner. I enjoy working with like minded individuals and although i have not yet earned my degree I feel as if I am ready for the competative job market. I wish the school wasn't so expensive so I can graduate but I am confident that the skills I have attained in the classroom will stay with me for a lifetime. I am greatful to my professors for being more than just instructors and for their ability to connect with students on a personal level. I want to finish school more than anything and hope that I am able to do so in a timely manner so I can continue my education and someday teach as well. Thank you, Mark Johnsen


I would encourage myself to be open to the struggle that the first year of college is. Not expecting such a harsh transition came as a shock, knowing that there would be some major hardships ahead of me i would have prepared myself mentally beforehand. Also, coming to california from pennsylvania, i did not realize how different life would be out here, visiting the campus before making my decision may have eleviated some stress and anxiety before i made the big move. Preperation, mentally, is crucial for the best possible transition into college life.


Particpate in everything you can before its too late. Time flys and the more education you make available to yourself the better because soon enough it will be time to get a fulltime job and particpate in the working world where the quality of learning is different and far less concentrated. Enjoy the time spent and the people who surround you.


I would tell myself not to worry, and to hang in there, because all the suffering and misery is going to be worth it. I almost didn't apply to any art school at all because of our family's financial situation, but I did any way. Just the thought that I almost didn't make it here scares me so much because I can't picture myself anywhere else. I wouldn't be here if it weren't for CCA's generous financial aid, and I can't thank them enough for offering me such a great opportunity. My life has completly turned around since I left high school and I have never been happier. The friends I've made here are some of the best I've ever had, and I am amazing and so proudof the work I'm creating and how much I've learned. I couldn't ask for anything more.


Whatever you think you know about life right now is not even close to what your life is really about. The priorities in your life are completely different from what they really should be and sometimes you need to stop and think about why you are really doing something in your life. College is the greatest experience and chance you have; so don't waste your time with the things that don't matter in life, you need to focus on what will benfit yourself and your career in the future. Your future as an artist is solely based on how hard you work and push yourself to create the art you want to create. Do not let yourself get put down by anyone or anything because this is your education and your future, nobody elses. When your stuck and feeling down just remember what you really came here for and never forget where you came from. In the long run your family are the people who will really be there for you through everything you go through, that's the really one of the things I forgot that nobody should ever forget.


just know that everything will work out somehow


Hey Adoria don?t be so nervous, your going to make great friends and your creativity is going to get a great big boot in the behind from being around so many other creative people like you! Work hard and have fun, yeah you can do both at the same time believe it or not.


At California College of the Arts, you are directed to try and experiment with many different artistic diciplines. Your advisor wants you to succeed, and will help you choose the medium that is right for you, usually during your sophomore year. The academics are not all that challenging for most, but that is mainly to keep students focused on their artistic field of intrest. There are some true characters at this school, everyone it seems is an individual in their own uinque way, expressed in how they live, dress, talk, and make art. This is a fun school to be at becaue there are always people sitting in the common areas to chat with or interesting happenings to sketch. Oakland is a great place to be, full of different cultures and a plethora of shops, restuarants and woods to walk through. San Francisco is only a BART (public transit) ride away, and it is a great place to explore on weekends with endless possiblities for activities and fun.


Never give up. Stay motiviated when faced with the reality of the huge financial responsibility that comes with college. Listen to your teachers and fellow peers about potential college choices. Search online for reviews from students who attend a college you're interested in. Research the area, school credititials and instructor quality for added confidence in your choice. Visit the campus with your family and know the area/neighboorhood before deciding to attend. Rate the statistics, know the facts and trust your instincts.


just go for what it looks good to you. dont worry about the name of school.


When choosing where you are going to spend the next 4 or 5 years of your life, you need to both trust yourself but also be able to take a little leap of faith. What I mean by that is to be honest with yourself about the reason for picking a school, I knew exactly what my major was going to be, and so my choice was based on finding the program that matched that goal. But other people are different and will have different criteria, but deep down somewhere there is proabably some idea of what you are looking for in a school, a program, an ambiance, a size. So the honesty is to yourself about what that character is. The leap of faith is trusting yourself that, A you made the right choice, and B to try things that are different from those predetermined expectations. Some of my favorite college experiences were when I took a gamble and tried something new. Taking a class that had nothing to do with my major Freshman year, became one of my favorite classes and completely challenged me moving into my major. So the trick is to look for those potential experiences.


If a student is unsure of what career they want to pursue I would advise the student to take required classes and classes they are interested in at a community college first. Do not feel pressured to get into a big university or college immediately after high school. They should know what they want to study before spending money on their desired university or college. The student should choose one they feel they will be comfortable attending, whether its a big campus or small campus. They should keep academic quality in mind and have a good plan for paying for their tuition so they will not be stressed or have to consider dropping out. Most of all it is up to the student to choose a school they find suitable for themselves and not for anyone else.