California College of the Arts Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I think what's unique about our campus is the diversity of people and the "open" culture. The campus is constantly filled with the hustle and bustle of students and teachers. On the San Francisco campus, in the Nave (the huge main open space on campus), there is constantly a flow of work from all different disciplines being displayed, and often there are more than a few critiques going on all throughout the nave! The interdisciplinary culture at our school is great, cos' you could actually sit in on a critique happening in the nave, or just listen as a passerby! Either way, it's great to get little bits of experiences from each different discipline through the critiques happening in the nave! The other unique thing about our campus is that it is one of the greenest college campuses in the country! That's just a fun fact. I think by far, the most interesting thing about both campuses and just CCA in general, is the diversity of people and the wonderful community that we have. CCA doesn't just feel like an ordinary school. It feels like a home. Our community, even though, so diverse, are also pretty tight knit and it's always nice to be on campus and see familiar faces! There's also a generally pretty cheerful and happy atmosphere at school even when every one is freaking out over finals!


The best thing about my school, being an art school, is that they require you to take six studio electives. This allows you to broden your artistic ability to not only what your major is but whatever interests you while your here. Different studio classes allows you to expand this to your own work. This allows you to not only make a large variety of work but also to meet new people not in your department. I've made a lot of good friends outside of my department purely from having a studio class with them in the past.


it is a family


The historical campus in Oakland is very inspiring as an art student. It has beautiful garden areas that are perfect for drawing and reading. I also love my teachers in the printmaking department, they are always very motivating and inspiring in a positive way while still maintaining high standards for our creative work.


The art studios, which are equpiied with all sorts of different types of supplies and high tech equiptment for whatever specefic type of art you are interested in.