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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Erika Shields Going back to High School If I could go back in time I would tell myself to pay more attention to school and realize that I will see this same information again in life, even though at that moment it seemed pointless. I would also tell myself to push myself and not just do the “required amount”. I would try and put myself in harder classes instead of the basic high school required classes. If I would have done more advance classes in high school, I could have knocked some of those credits off of my required college classes, thus saving me time and money. Most of all I would tell myself that grades are everything. Colleges, some jobs, and some scholarship’s go off of your high school grades so you need to apply yourself to ensure you set yourself up for a better future. You can’t return to high school and re-take a class, so it looks better on your high school transcript, so I’d highly encourage myself to do well and know that this grade will follow me and could affect my future employment forever.


If I could go back and give my high school self advice it be based off of the lessons I learned. I would tell myself to not second guess my decisions and go with my gut. I would remind myself not to get caught up on the little things and instead focus on my goals. I would most definatly convince my highschool self to be more thorough in my college research so that I can pick the school that is best for me educationally and otherwise. I would tell myself that being a cancer survivor is something to be proud of, not ashamed of.


It’s 2004 and I am sitting in chemistry class, daydreaming about life after school. Wishing that high school was over, college has not crossed my mind at all. The only thing I am thinking about is leaving Tennessee on the first available means of transportation. Knowing what I know now, the first piece of advice would be to change my mind-set. College seemed so mundane in 2004. I didn’t care about furthering my education at that time. I would tell myself that I am capable of doing and achieving anything I set my mind to, especially attending college. The energy I had put toward getting out of Tennessee would have been better spent trying to go to school. Putting effort into anything you want to do will always result in some kind of positive outcome, especially if college is involved. I’d tell myself to quit dwelling on all the bad situations that have past and concentrate on me and my goals, for once. My last piece of advice would be to not give up and to believe in myself. College is a milestone we all need to experience. You can do it, just try.


College is the time to experiment and make the friends you'll have for life. It's also a brutally honest experience that supplies information about any aspect of life.


The first thing I would say is to go to college right away. There is no point in waiting because your going to need it later. It's never too late but it is better to go sooner than later. Another piece of advice I would give is to do your best from the start. We go to college by choice so we should give our all from the start. The next thing I would say is to pick your college wisely. We want to be happy where we are so we can do our best comfortably. Last but not least I say just do it!


If i could go back in time i would give myself the advice of being on time to class. Take notes and really listen carefully ask questions if i dont understand what the teacher is talking about. Also SHOW UP TO CLASS n DONT JOKE AROUND.


If I could go back in time, I would prefer to go back further than senior year in high school. Senior year is more like the icing on the cake. Freshman, sophomore and junior year are the years that help you to prepare for college. If you didn't bake a perfect cake those three years of high school, senior year is not enough time to fix all your mistakes. The only thing that I would have changed my senior year would be my classes. I would have taken some AP classes that counted for college credits. These classes would have transferred and I wouldn't have to waste time taking general classes. I wasted my senior year taking basic classes when, I should have challenged myself and taken AP classes.


My motivations are crucial to my success in college. I must set both short and long term goals, overcome my fears, conquer my challenges by staying focused on the end result, and most of all maintain a positive attitude one day at a time. I must realize motivation will be the key ingredient to my success in college. In order to have the perfect recipe for achievement it will require a perfect balance of energy, focus, and support. Energy will involve eating correctly and making sure I get plenty of rest. Focusing will be based on time management. Support will be entail my family and friends and the relationships I have already developed. Sugar Free Rockstars, determination, and a positive attitude will get me through my immediate and future goals and help me defeat my uncertainties. When I walk at graduation I will boast with pride and thank all my supporters. I will do this because I am MOTIVATED and I know I can do it!!!! ?There is no happiness except in the realization that we have accomplished something.? Henry Ford


I would definitely tell myself to stay focused and keep the goal in mind. Don't forget about your son hes priority number one and he needs you to be focused on getting a career that can take care of you both. College is going to be a lot different but nothing you can't handle. If you want it you can achive it so don't lose sight of the goal. Be prepared, ready to learn and most of all focused! focused! focused! I cant say it enough, it's going to be the most important thing you'll need to do. Good luck! (:


Always be yourself, and never give up. All of your dreams, and goals that you set up for yourself, go for them and always try your hardest to achieve at everything. You are a young smart woman, and are capapble of being successful so strive at everything.