California Institute of Technology Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The academics, plain and simple. Caltech is second to none when it comes to an education in the sciences. Student to faculty ratio of 3:1. The faculty and classes are amazing; opportunities for research are common. This school demands the best in you academically and you correspondingly receive an amazing education.


Everyone is smart. Everyone has a bunch of opportunities upon graduation.


The people, and how they don't neccessarily care that you love math and science and being weird, they will still treat you the same as everybody else.


The sheer intelligence of every single member of the Caltech community is incredibly impressive, this leads to a unique, unparalleled intellectual environment. Deep, analytical thought is never looked down upon. The absence of idiots is also a very refreshing change from the "real world". Everyone is expected to think on a high level, and we are all pushed to new mental heights.


The best thing about Caltech is that it teaches its students not only about their major, but how to think and apply what they have learned. Caltech involves students in several hands-on projects to allow to experience what it is like to work in their prospective field of study.