California Lutheran University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


California Lutheran university is a university that is filled with individuals who together share passion, excitement, motivation, and a thirst for knowledge and this is what drives their exploration of everything life has to offer.


All the staff are very helpful and make sure your needs are met. As for the students, most of them are really nice and helpful as well.


California Lutheran University is a beautiful and safe environment where each teacher is devoted to helping each student achieve their goals.


California Lutheran University is a diverse school filled with some of the nicest most respectful students anyone will ever meet.


CLU encourages diversity, community service, involvement, and academic excellence, provides many opportunities for students and alumni, gives many resources, and promotes open-mindedness concerning ideas, people, and faith.


Small university with a big heart for its students.


California Lutheran University has a family feel to it, the professors are great, the students are great, and the facilities are great!


California Lutheran University is the best kept secret in Southern California.


California Lutheran University is located in Thousand Oaks, California only twenty minutes from scenic Malibu beaches and only forty-five minutes from Los Angeles; It is the perfect location for students interested in intensely rigorous academic study and in all of the excitement that Southern California has to offer.


My school offers exceptional curriculum and excellent professors on a beautiful campus.


My school is suitable for anyone who is looking for a diverse, friendly, academically and job determined school all bundled into this small, peaceful and quiet campus that you just happen to fall in love with. It allows students to get that college experience while going crazy when dealing with other situations at bigger universities and colleges. I can say that I truly love calling myself a regal or kingsmen, and I hope that others do too!


A great and friendly learning environment!


Cal Lutheran is an academically excellant and welcoming university that I am very proud to be apart of.


A small, beautiful environment, with a conservative, but tolerant outlook, dedicated to helping each individual student gain an exceptional education.


The school is very inviting and helpful to create a warm learning environment.


California Lutheran University is a great school to attend and it allows you to meet new people and experience the great time of college in a safe, fun environment.


CLU is a very supportive small school, with great academics and sports.


California Lutheran University is the best place for me to become the person i want to be in the future involving education and life in general.


The people are kind, helpful, and honestly love the school.


California Lutheran University is the catalyst to achieving vasts amounts of knowledge as well as wisdom through their compasion and determination to see every student succeed.


With it's intimate size, beautiful location, encouraging faculty members and helpful courses, California Lutheran Univeristy is dedicated to helping undergraduates and graduates fulfill the needs and requirements needed in order to have a successful future through curriculum and faith.


The second happiest place on Earth!


CLU is an inviting, exciting, challenging university with programs, professors and students that have taught me lessons inside and outside of the classroom, broadened my views and horizon, and given me the many tools needed to succeed in my chosen profession of teaching.


An ideal learning environment, with all the tools and resources you need in order to succeed in life.


I am a very hard-working individual who likes to challenge myself as continue to grow and learn about the world around. I am very involved in athletics, being a NCAA divison 3 basketball player, and I enjoy living and persuiung a very active lifestyle. My passion for an sports and an active lifestyle is present in my major, which is exercise science, which also reflects my passion to help people because I am also working to fulfill all the pre-med requirements.


Cal Lutheran is a peaceful, diverse atmosphere with a home like feel.


It is a place where students can all be actively involved as long as they try to be.


CLU is a small school that really takes an intrest in each and every one of it's students and takes the time to make sure every student has a positive and successful college career.


California Lutheran University is a friendly atmosphere that focuses on students academic success and exciting college experiences.


California Lutheran is a sensory overload of all the great things that can happen in someone's college career and it's in California. What more could you want?


CLU has a great sense of community and faculty who care about their students beyond just educational success.




California Lutheran University is a fun and accepting school.


Its a very small, close and family like.


CalLu is diverse, has great expectations, and is a great size.


California Lutheran University is a school that has academic and social oppertunities that one will remember and thrive off of for their lifetime.


Liberal arts school with Lutheran roots.