California Lutheran University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are determined to succeed in class and also outside of class in both academic and extra curricular activities.


At California Lutheran University, there is such diversity in all the classrooms. My classmates this past semester were all kind. There wasn't a time where I felt uncomfortable in a class. The class sizes are relatively small, which in my perspective is such a nice thing to have at a university because not only do you get to know everyone's name, but you also get more one-on-one time with your professors.


Students here are generally very motivated, outgoing, and kind. It's easy to jump in to almost any social group here on campus and be accepted and welcome.


Pretty friendly but many have already established friend groups. They are very diverse with a wide-array of interests- you seriously can find a club for just about any interest you have and through those clubs can find great friends.


My classmates are all fun, intresting and dedicated poeple who all want to make their mark on the world.


As I sit in a classroom full of eager students, I am motivated in making the most out of my education as my classmates participate, ask questions, seek help, and also help each other out.


Most of my classmates are younger adults then myself, who are eager to learn. They are self motivated and self driven to make their own mark in the world.


Friendly, spirited and engrossed in most school activities.


My classmates were eager to learn, but were all very friendly and helpful if someone had a question.


My fellow classmates attending California Lutheran University are all very friendly and helpful, they are very welcoming and make you feel like you belong.


It sounds stereotypical, but everyone here is incredibly accepting and helpful; even if they don’t end up being your best friend, you can ask anyone for help or advice without fear of being shunned.


Most of the students are easy going but don't normally initiate conversation. There is a huge diversity, especially for such a small school, so there is something and someone for just about every kind of person. Most of us are not hypercritical but at times it can feel cliquey.


My classmates are understanding.


My classmates are very helpful, cooperative, and supportive of everybody's desire to improve themselves academically.


My classmates are always friendly and they are always ready to help you.


Very helpful


My classmates at CLU are academically driven and therefore create a competitive atmosphere.


My classmates have good morals, great study habits, and are focused on education (not partying).


All of my classmates have been very nice and friendly. My Peer Advisor has created a Facebook page for her group, and we all chat and get to know each other. I take my academics very seriously, but my peers seem to just go with the flow, they’re very laid back. I have several contacts that I like to study with. Being that it is a Lutheran faith based institution, most of my peers are on the conservative side of the spectrum. I like everyone I’ve met so far, and CLU is notorious its’ their networking abilities.


My classmates are really smart, some more open-minded than others, but all welcome new ideas.


My classmates seem antisocial, selfish, and too smart to be at CLU.


My classmates are enthusiastic, energetic, knowledgeable people from whom I have learned job skills, as well as life skills.


People here are very nice and excepting of all backgrounds, they are layed back but care a lot about school.


They're very smart but come from very narrowminded households.


My classmates are all such nice people. I don't think i've met one rude person at this school. Classes aren't always the most fun but most of my classmates seem to be working very hard on they're schoolwork. They know when it's time for fun and when it's time to really get to work.


My classmates are a diverse, fiercely driven group of talented thinkers and artists trying to figure out who they are and what it takes to achieve their goals.


Because I live close by I already knew a few of the students I attend with. Many are local students and so far everyone has been very kind.


My classmates are often friendly and helpful.


My classmates are welcoming, accepting and friendly no matter your religious, social economic or racial status, all are included and welcomed without question or hesitation.


My classmates are quiet but all participate in class discussions.


My classmates are friends, who engage each other in thought, conversation, and debate.


Most of the peers at Cal Lutheran are extremely friendly and there to help in any way possible, whether that be study groups or one on one study sessions.


My classmates at CLU are smart, diverse, tolerant, and open to the world.


My classmates are friendly, helpful, and driven.


Pretty nice, smart, and they can be helpful, all around good people.


My classmates were generally friendly, focused and willing to help one another out.


My classmates were friendly and well focused.


The students here are very focused and know what they want out of college.


very kind, nice, fun and studious


Willing to learn, focused on thier goals, and friendly.


My classmates are hard working, freindly, and helpful.