California Lutheran University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


The underwear run is awfully entertaining. Students dress up in clothes they want to donate and then get to the location, strip the clothes and put them in the donation box and the run across campus in their underwear.


My school is best known for being a small not well-known private school. Yet, almost everyone is friendly and nice . People here make sure you get the help you need.


Cal Lutheran is known for it's DIII Nationally ranked volleyball team, as well as giving generous scholarships.


Our school is best known for being a small school in a very not exciting town. So to summarize the school has the perception of not being wild, and being in a very calm envirnoment. I believe this is the case, I would not say we have a very wild campus, all of the usual college party experiences happen in neighborhoods a miles off campus. Going a long with the small school part we are well known for the ablility to have personal and strong relationships with our teachers which I personally love about the small school experience.


California Lutheran University is best known for being a private liberal arts college equidistant between the city of Los Angeles and the beach. Because of this, students can experience a great education as well as leisurally activites.


Football, choir, psychology, school spirit, Kingsmen, being small, a Lutheran, liberal arts institution.


Cal Lutheran is mostly known for its education as well as its sports. The education offered at Cal Lutheran is exceptional since that is its main priority. Sports are also important to the school to encourage school involvement and school spirit.


CLU is especially known for the sense of community and family that is alive on campus. I immediately experienced the support of CLU during the first few days of my Freshman year. One day, during Freshman Orientation, stands out. All the Freshmen were visiting the homes of their Faculty Advisors. My group of Freshmen walked to my Advisor's house for lunch, where we met his family. Our Advisor opened his own home to us, truly welcoming us to CLU. The caring and close relationships that CLU provides and cultivates, makes this school uniquely supportive.


My school is best known for their job placements for students after they graduate. They also have a wide network for internships and job opportunities.


Our school is best known for the beautiful campus and our great biology, business, teaching, and psychology programs. We also are well-known for our extensive undergraduate research programs


I believe we are best known for a small class sizes, which is amazing because you truly get a one on one experience with the professors. The research would also be a thing that makes my school known , every semester students present at a festival of scholars. The small classes really help with this, for example in my spanish minor capstone class there were only ten of us and we each had the chance to present our own Latin american research that related to our majors, it was a great experience.


The school is best known for providing a solid liberal arts education. It also allows for an opportunity for social interaction. It also provides the ability to focus intensly on your particular field of study.


California Lutheran University is best known for its small class sizes and broad fields of study. The school is probably best known for its exercise science department which is ranked as one of the best in the nation. The California Lutheran Theatre Arts Department is also growing in notoriety because it has been nominated for the prestigious Kennedy Center College Theatre Festival for the past three years.


California Lutheran Univeristy is known for its intimate size and beautiful and serene campus. Its a university committed to assisting each student develop and achieve their academic goal and to ultimately become a leader in their feild of choice. The small class size gives the opporunity for each student to excel in a positive learning enviornment and the friendly atmosphere given by the staff and other students guarantees that each indiviual will find the campus and their surroundings extremely welcoming.


CLU is well known for the small campus and its small class sizes, often ranging from 80 students to 4 students per class.


My school is best known for having an intimate community that allows you to get to know people beyond the surface. Cal Lutheran really support their students and cares for their well being.


This school is best known for being small and virtually unknown by most people. At my cousin's wedding (she lives in Downey, CA) maybe only two people knew what/where this school was. For those who DID know this school, they said they are well known for helping their students find jobs after they graduated. Also known for a small and beautiful campus. After having a tour of the campus this summer, I definitely agree. The city (Thousand Oaks, CA) is also gorgeous and has proven to be a great place to live so far.


Music productions and an involved staff and faculty.


Cal Lutheran University is best known for its outstanding academics that is facilitated by its small class sizes. Cal Lutheran features a beautiful, intimate campus which allows students to explore and further their academic and spiritual growth. Staff and faculty are friendly, helpful, and supportive of students and of their extra curricular activities. Supported by a close knit community, Cal Lutheran also has many intercollegiate sports teams that compete at the Division III level.


My school is best known for the small class sizes and campus. There is only about five hundred kids in my graduating class, which is the biggest graduating class the school has had to date. California Lutheran is also known for its Lutheran background and strong support in the faith.


California Lutheran University is best known for its involvement with the local community, wonderful professors, variety of extracurricular activities, emphasis on community service, and successful alumni. Alumni take great pride in this university, provide generous donations that fund major projects and support students' financial aid, and frequently return during annual Homecoming and Family Weekend events. Each year, the university sponsors a major service project in which the incoming first-year students clean up a local area. In addition, professors play an active role in fostering student success through effective teaching methods, being easily accessible, and involvement in student activities.


California Lutheran University's ranking in the 2012 edition of Best Colleges is Regional Universities (West), 18. California Lutheran University is a selective comprehensive institution dedicated to academic excellence in the liberal arts and sciences and professional fields. Its mission is to educate leaders for a global society who are strong in character and judgment, confident in their identity and vocation, and committed to service and justice. Rooted in the Lutheran tradition, the university encourages critical inquiry into matters of both faith and reason. CLU provides a challenging academic environment with special strengths in business, education, science and the humanities.


My school is best known for their diversity and support of their students. Also, there is a great study abraod program at Cal Lutheran. The school helps you be successful and has a great career services program that helps you figure out what career is best for you. The classes are small and intimate and really helps the students learn to the best of their ability. It is a private college, so it is expensive. However, it is a great school and supports its students in everything they do and want to achieve.


CLU is best know for their amazing sports programs, faith and service work.


My school is best known for the small class sizes, academics, and being close to LA and Hollywood, which is really beneficial for me because I want to work in the film industry. The student body is also really wonderful because they are all relatively outgoing and nice. I like how the classes are around 20-25 students. It is nice to get that small classroom feel. The professors are also really helpful and want the students to succeed. The career service center is also a very helpful place and I have heard many positive things about.


CLU is best known for being a small university with a really great location near LA and Malibu. We have a close community feel with personable staff and faculty. We are known for having high standing academics and challenging classes. Most of the people who live in our community say things like, "CLU students are always the nicest and most rounded students." Many people seek out our students as nannies and personal assistants because they think we are good students and good people.


being a small community, you need a car to get around because not a lot of things are very close by, very competitive, very goal-oriented.


We are know for our sports and physical exercise degrees as well as for our psychology programs. We also hold two yearly events that seem to draw a fair amount of people, one of which is an outdoor Shakespeare festival which features alternating plays, and the other is our Scandinavian festival which has amazing food and adorable activities like fish painting.


The main feature that brought me to California Lutheran University was the internships available. Being a Film/TV production, the fact that the university provides so many amazing scholarships oppotunities , so close to Los Angeles, was very impressive to me. The university is also well known for their education program, providing a teacher licensure in just five years of schooling, which is something that education majors would find really awesome.


Small personal classes. Nice dorms.


To me, Cal Lutheran is best known for its close knit community, and helpful amostphere. Coming from the University of Colorado my freshman year, it has been amazing to have such small classes with professors who really have a passion for what they are teaching.


Cal Lutheran is best known for its campus-wide emphasis on service to the surrounding community, and to the world. From the very beginning of my experience at CLU, I have been involved in community service projects including beach cleanups and food drives. I have also attended speeches by graduates of CLU who have gone on to positively influence this country by using their degrees to attain careers that allow them to serve in a variety of ways, using their individual talents and gifts.


My school is best known for its small class sizes with excellent teaches.


California Lutheran University is known for being a small close-knit community with loyal alumni. The school has a great reputation for helping with the community and enviromental awareness. Also, the school is oftern known for being very family oriented.


Im not sure what CLU is best known for. The Dallas Cowboys used to practice on the campus during the summer, there is an annual Shakespear festival in the summer as well as a Scandinavian Festival in the Spring. The choirs are amazing and yearly travel and perform in places like New York and the Netherlands.


My school is best known for the attention the school gives to each student.


My school is best known for its sense of community.


Its ESSM and teaching program.