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California Lutheran University is unique compared to other schools, because they want students to be successful in their education and life. They are very supportive in making sure that students accomplish their goals.


California Lutheran University is unique mainly because of its size. Unlike some universities where your professor never even learns your name, CLU’s small class sizes offer you the opportunity to get to know your professor, as well as your classmates. In addition, at larger schools you don’t get assigned a specific counselor to help you choose classes and plan your future. CLU is able to assign each student to a counselor, which has helped me throughout both the application and admission processes. Furthermore, it is easier to make friends and get involved at a small school like CLU.


Cal Lutheran is very eco-friendly, constantly trying to reach the next level of innovative green-technology. From the architechture down to the student garden California Lutheran is extrordinary at being eco-friendly.


A big mission at this school is to help students advance their skillsets and knowledge so that in the future they will be able to help others better their skillsets and knowledge. They are about using what you have been given to help others. California Lutheran is about helping people on a larger scale, not just helping the students so they can be successful but so their success can stem the succes of others as well. They believe that the students here can make a large impact in the world and help those around them.


Whats unique about this school in relation to the other schools I've considered is the amount of financial aid they promised to award. Because of this, I was able to attend a school close to LA, the central location of entertainment- the industry I want to work in.


The class sizes were considerably smaller than other schools allowing students to have a better relationship with their professors. Study abroad was also very much encouraged for all students to participate.


I honestly found that the size of the classes was the greatest swaying factor for me. We rarely have a class that has more than 20 students and believe it is essential for students to not feel like a part of too large a crowd. I also like the fact that the staff know you and do the best they can to help you do your best and that is what made me choose Cal Lu!


I'ts extremely green , trees everywhere , the weather really works well with the landscape its gorgeous when the sun is shining , the creek is peaceful . Everyone here is mostly friendly, it feels more like home ,than my actual home at times. I love the small classes, I once had a class of only 10 students and it really was amazing.


Compared to other Universities, California Lutheran University (CLU) focuses on small classroom sizes. This is unique from other schools ,because some Universities have classes that range from 100-300 students or more in a class setting. The small class sizes is beneficial to the students at CLU , because you have that one to one time with your professors at the University, this is also what makes CLU unique from other Universities. CLU also centers itself on having every student or staff member feel welcomed at the school, it definately has a family oriented vibe.


The overwhelming concern for student success from the faculty and staff. There is no questioning that every professor and counselor is ready adn willing to help you succeed and acheive your career goals.


Cal Lutheran is unique because it is comprised of students who grew up in the area as well as students from all over the country. I considered attending other schools because I grew up in Thousand Oaks but ended up attendin Cal Lu and have made a brand new set of friends.


California Lutheran University is a private campus but at a UC price. It offers many resources, sports, and activities to experience the true college life while still having fun. The class ratio is 19 to 1 which means the classes are small and hands on to prepare you and give you the help you need in order to understand what you are learning. The campus is small therefore it is easy to get around everywhere and it is in a convenient and safe area where there are stores near by to shop for your college needs.


Cal Lutheran is the only university in Ventura county where i can complete my accounting degree.


It is a small school with a beautiful environment. Upperclassmen are very helpful and the professors genuinely want to help you succeed and will go out of their way to help you. Class sizes are smaller and the learning environment is very positive.


Teachers are your professors but they are also your friends. You become one of their "children" and they really care about how you do in school. They don't bother, but they will comment if they see you are struggling, so in the end you are not surprised with your grade, or outcome


I loved the small class size and student body at California Lutheran University. I like being able to know who my professors and classmates are, and I enjoy not being overwelmed by thousands of other students.


I like the fact that is small and that the class sizes are super convenient. I like how everything is close together and I don't have to walk too much to get from point A to point B.


It is a very small school and evrybody knows somebody on campus. it is really hard not to make friends when you live on campus. yet the school is in a residental area so you mainly have to drive anywhere off campus


The sense of community at CLU is amazing! Everyone seems to be friendly, love each other, and accept freshman. These are qualities that I didn?t find at other schools that I applied to. Everyone here is so willing to make connections with each other and want to get to know who each other are. I think part of has to deal with CLU being a small school where you see the same person maybe three times a day; opposed to a bigger school where you meet someone and may not see them again till the next week.


Being from Washington state, going to a school in California was a huge leap for me, being so far away from home. However looking back, I am so happy with my decision. Yes it was a giant change, but I learned to meet people in a place where nothing was familiar. I am also happy with my decision to attend a smaller private school. I have limitless opportunities, and am involved with student government and have close relations to my teachers. My school is unique because there are always fun events and things to do!


The atmosphereof CLU is unique. When you first step on camous you become part of the CLU Family. Everyone is super friendly and easy to get along with. Everyone is accepted and is able to find their niche and make an impact on the university. CLU puts a lot of effort into getting their students involved in activies, clubs, sports, student government, etc. on campus. It is one of my favorite places; It is my home!


It?s small with a lot of individualized attention and help so no students are ever left behind. Cal Lutheran also has a wonderful Exercise Science program with advanced and specialized equipment available for use and research by all Exercise Science Students. It premotes hands on learning, which I feel is the best way to learn and grow.


It's nicer over-all - the facilities, the classes, the people, the location...everything.


It's small and you get to know everyone. I really love it here.


The most unique thing about my school is that there is a great dedication to the community. There are tremendous community service opportunities. There is also a lot of students and staff that are more than willing to help you out when you are struggling or miss home. There are plenty of events on and off campus to keep you busy throughout the semester.


It is simple, the class sizes are the best for fostering successful students. Although i feel the school is too small it is a comfotable setting . It is because of this that it stands out against other institutions and why it is appealing. Compared to other schools i considered it is the best of all worlds. It is located in a small quiet community and beaches, mountains, and the busy city life are easily accessible.


It is a small university, with the academic availability of a larger university.


CLU is unique because it is a Lutheran University that offers a bio-engineering degree. Most Lutheran Universities do not offer science majors. A lot of the math or science classes have less then a dozen students. The professors here understand that their class is not the only class you are taking and will give you extra time if needed.