California Lutheran University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag that I am able to know my teachers and that they can directly answer my questions or help me understand the materials better.


The personal attention you receive from you professors and counselors. The class sizes are smaller than average college classes you get to know the instructors and your fellow classmates better. Also, it's a great campus!


I brag about how I know people from many different walks of life and how they have impacted my life in a such an amazing way.


When talking about my institution I usually show off how beautiful our campus is, how friendly people are here, and the opportunities it offers, such as: studying abroad and interning.


When telling my friends about CLU, I brag most about the class room size. Many of my friends attend larger universities such as USC, and complain about the typical lecture hall class with 80 plus students. I really enjoy having 20-30 student sized classes because it gives you an opportunity to have one-on-one time with teachers and ask questions. I find it to be very important to have a relationship with teachers so this is crucial to me.


I brag about how small the classes are, therefore the students get the attention they need from their teachers. Also, since the classes are smaller you get more involved and you get to know your teachers well. On another note everyone is very friendly and helpful all around campus.


Small class sizes and my major.


I tell my friends who are high school seniors to apply to this school because the people are very greata and so helpful. The campus is very beautiful and class sizes are small and the professors really care for individuals and their students. The education is great and I feel like I am becoming a better person because we are a community and love to help others.


I love that my school has a small amount of students in each class because it allows communication between students and professors. I also love how friendly and accomodating the professors have been at California Lutheran University. I know that I can always speak with one of my professors if I ever have a problem with a class.


I can talk to my professors on a daily basis.


I love how small the campus is and how students are able to communicate with their professors easily and timely. I have friends who go to urban schools such as San Diego or Santa Barbara, and their main complaint is how difficult it is to get into a course they need in order to graduate on time.


When i tell my friends about my school, i tell them about the great student activites put on by the student government. Also, I brag about the small class sizes and friendly staff.


It's a small private school with an outstanding teacher student ratio. All of the professors have their masters in the field that they are teaching. New students and transfer students are assigned a Peer Advisor, who contacts you before school even starts, and provides an excellent and reliable first resource. The orientation process was amazing; I got to know a lot of the faculty, have a one on one academic advising session, attend an informational Financial Aid Lecture, and someone actually helped me register for my all my courses. CLU is an amazing place to learn, I love it!


My varsity team wininning leauge championships


I brag about how close I am with my class. Everybody knows everybody which makes us that much closer. I also love the fact that our class sizes are small so all my professors know me even if I do not go to their office hours and all the professor's office hours are flexible to your schedule and they are all willing to help.


How great our sports teams are doing (both during season and post-season), and the fact that I am able to register for, and get into, all the classes I am required to take to graduate within four years.


One aspect of CLU that I brag about most when I talk to my friends is its small size and the ability to have closer relationships with more people. That way, they mean much more. Also, we have a fantastic campus that is easy to get around with minimal chances of getting lost (or late to classes!) Lastly, I thoroughly appreciate the dorms, which are organized as if they are very small apartments, each dorm with it's own bathroom, and seem to get better and better each year!


I brag about the beauty of the campus and size; how easy it is to get from one class to another.


California Lutheran is a smaller school, we always get the classes we need and we have one on one time with teachers. Learning and maintaining a good GPA and staying on top of classes is very important to many people here. I don't think people get left behind like they do in bigger universities and being active in the school is a lot easier.


Its small so I know a lot of people. I brag about all the interesting people that I have met, and meet everyday.


I tell my friends that i love my school because you get one on one time with your professors. There are also many great resources the school provides us with from aid, jobs, and overall counseling.


One of the things I love most about my school is the location. The area is beautiful and the school is pretty centrally located. Its close to the city but far enough from the city so that you're still in a small quiet little city. And, being from the desert, all of the lush green trees are a nice change of scenery.


The ability to always have a class with less than 30 people in it. I have friends who have had lecture classes with almost 400 people. I can say I was never just a number in the class. I get that one on one treatment with my professors all the time.


When I tell my friends about Cal Lu, I always am bragging about the Gilbert Center, our new athletic facility on campus. It?s state of the art. Being the basketball player I am, I fell in love with it all?the huge training room, beautiful gym floor, and a weight room that looks better than most 24 Hour facilities. The coaches offices upstairs are incredible, and just walking into the center gets me excited just to go to practice every time! I am so blessed and thankful to be attending a school with this type of athletic fitness center.


When discussing the film program at Cal State Northridge I speak most often and with the most pride about the passion of its professors. These hard-working, dedicated men and women have instilled in me not just knowledge, but a drive to make films and the confidence that I can be successful in life after college.


There are a lot of great things I've discovered so far at Cal Lu. First, getting advice is easy; the people are so willing to help and easy to get in contact with. The campus is beautiful and it's close to where i live so i can commute easily.


* Small classs sizes (less than thirty students per class) *One-on-One Interactions with professors *Many school-sponsored tutors and study groups *Oppurtunities to participate to sports (Varsity, JV, and Intra-mural teams) *School-sponsored events weekly (Free events) *Hands-on oppurtunites from beginning of college career *State of the art science equipment *Nice, big, clean dorms *Located in one of the safest towns in the United States (as rated by the FBI) *Close to city, mountains, and beach *Small, pretty, clean campus


While many of my friends complaint how difficult it is for them to get a hold of their professors I love to talk about how mine are always available. My class size only consist of about 20 students, teachers are always available to help us with any problems we are having. I love to show off the fact that teachers are always available and willing to help they do not just see you as a number contributing to their class size, but they get to know you on a personal level and know you by your first and last name.


At California Lutheran University, the small campus allows for everyone to really get to know people and have great opportunites for wonderful friendships. Also the smallness of the school helps to keep class sizes down so I feel I get a lot more one on one attention. And one of the best things about CLU is our school spirit. Everyone that is here loves it and supports all the sports teams!


The accessability of professors, the attentiveness, the community feel to the school. The best part about CLU was that I was able to be involved in everything that I wanted to do, I was able to get the attention I needed from professors and I couldn't go anywhere without knowing people and stopping to say hello.


The beautiful girls, small family style and the amazing facilities