California Lutheran University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The single worst thing about my school is the parking situation. Can be very tough to find a parking spot at times. Would like to see a more modern library too. However, the current library is not bad.


Even though CLU offers a variety of majors, the variety they do offer is rather basic when compared to many other universities.


The food selection, especially on weekends.


I would consider the financial aid office the worst thing about Cal Lutheran. They do give a descent financial aid award out of high school but their staff is unhelpful when students come to them. The usual response is something like oh check out website and they are stubborn in the fact that financial aid packages are never altered to benefit the student. They have a unique policty with grants and awards that a student now maintain a 2.0 average and still get their award instead of a 3.0 orignally showing no incentive to achieve at their highest.


The worst thing about this school is the high enrolment fee for out of state students. While Cal Lu does offer several scholarships and Grants , competition can wear them thin. Many students must take out several student loans in order to pay the annual tuition.


Not as much ethnic diversity as I would like.


The steep cost of tuition at California Lutheran University (CLU) is the worst thing about my school. Although CLU is a school that offers a thorough and well-rounded education, and a supportive and warm community, many students struggle to meet financial requirements. For some, like my friend Kayla, expensive tuition makes it impossible for students to live on campus. Kayla is very involved in music and social activities, and living on campus allows for easy participation. Continually rising tuition costs, makes social and educational futures uncertain for a great number of students.


The worst thing about my school is how much tuition cost. This is the worst thing because I think it is a great school that many people should attend because it provides a great learning environment, but many people can't afford to pay and sometimes financial aid isn't enough.


The worst thing about this school is the price. It is very expensive but they do offer financial aid. If you truly know what you want to do with your life and are seriouse about the career you have chosen then this school is the one for you. Even though the price is up there it is worth it if you put the work in.


Don't get the feel of a big university


At California Lutheran University most students cannot find a bad thing to say about the school. The school follows good morals, is very diverse and fosters a welcoming environment for all. However, the one thing that most students do not like about the school is the catering company that is contracted - Sodexo. Sodexo, with help from the school and voiced opinions from the staff and students is now striving to improve with comment boxes and a constantly changing menu. With such resources the food quality is becoming better and students, such as myself are now satisfied with the food.


The worst thing about my school is that because of it's small size, everyone seems to know everyone. It would be nice to branch out and meet people that weren't somehow tied in to my close circle of friends.


i think that parking has been an increasing issue because my school has been increasing the number of incoming freshman every year as well as there has been an increase in commuter students. This is an issue because often I find myself trying to find parking for forty-five minutes, consequently, making me late to my classes.


I don't dislike one thing about this school. It is my home away from home.




I think once again the worst things is also the exspence of the school it is very hard to come up with the funds to pay for school each semester.


The worst thig about my school is the lack of serorities and fraternities. When I see my friends pictures, it makes me envious and wish that we had those things here at CLU.


Expensive, as I depend on a financial aid from Norway (where I am originally from) to pay for school, living, and food.


The housing for freshmen and sophomres is old. The housing for juniors and seniors is newer and roomier.


The worst thing about California Lutheran University is the lack of focus on the quality of food served to the students. The style of food served is out dated and does not reflect the readily available produce options present in California. There needs to be a greater focus on fresh and locally grown foods and an emphasis on the importance of healthy eating by providing lighter options for students.


As for mu own personal case, the only downfall of this institution is the cost of admittance, however, they are always willing to aid in my search for finicial support.


One of the worst things about CLU is the type of city it is located in. Thousand Oaks is a very family based community which does not allow for many college-esque activities to take place. Social events are quickly broken up police officers who were notified by neighbors (often families with working parents and children) of gatherings taking place. This hinders the social life of Cal. Lutheran, also resulting in many students going home on the weekends (dead weekends).


there is really nothing wrong with the school. The food is sometimes a bit disgusting, but other than that nothing at all.


The money and the lack of a decent performing arts center. This school is really expensive and that is the main reason why I may have to transfer out. I really do like this school, the teachers, the students, and most of the campus activities are awesome. However, it all comes down to the fact, Am I ok with the cost? At first I said yes, and then realized that no one else had the huge loans that I did. This school desperatly needs a decent performing arts building or theatre because we have a talented bunch of students.


The most difficult thing adjusting to my school is the lack of diversity.


I am a very social person and I like to be able to meet people and make friends anywhere I go. California Lutheran University seems to be less social than a bigger university would probably be. The sports are not as prominant as I personally would like them to be. It is possible to be very involved at the school and you would have a better chance at getting out and having fun if you are academically involved with the many aspects they provide.


Honestly I can't think of anything that my school would or could be considered "worst". The school is amazing with all the clubs, groups, organizations, and all the opportunities they offer to better one's self.


Really all that is bad is the location. It is not a terrible location in general but not too much within walking distance. You have some necessity stores about 10 mins away but that is all. Nothing to do within said distance. Can't just decide on a whim to walk somewhere, a car is really needed to get out and do most things.


The on-campus food is expensive; a vending machine soda costs $1.25 - the same soda from the kiosk costs $1.69


I would say that the worst thing about my school is the distance it is away from my home, family, and friends. It is hard to know that my friends going to colleges in Washington can come home whatever weekend they please and it isn't possible for me. However, being far away has also benefitted me. I have learned to truly grow up, be independent, and to take care of myself.


If I had to think of one thing that was hard about my time at school personally, it would just concern the dorms. There was five people living in one area but it had two rooms. I think it would have been better to just have four. Not everyone got alone and it was hard to focus with so many different people all in one space. There was alot of tension and underlying resentment. My first year with four girls total was better.


I wish that the school was located in a college town. This would give the students a place to congregate and hang out. However, right after the university was built, residential housing was built all around the school. It would be nice if we had a coffee shop or a restaurant across the street from the university where the students could go.


In my opinion, it is disappointing that Cal Lutheran does not have a greek system. Fraternities and Sororitites can be effective for social networking and forging new relationships during college. The fact that CLU does not have a greek system is somewhat of a weakness, since most other colleges do.


The worst thing about my school would be the lack of clubs that are presented for the student body. As of yet, I still have not seen any unique clubs that would gain intrest by more of the student body.


There is no diversity, as well as very few good opportunities, such as good bang for your buck. It is very expensive for the number of opportunities.


The worst thing about California Lutheran University is the lack of diversity in the students here. The campus is beautiful, and the staff is great and personal, but the amount of color on this campus is lacking. Being a Latino student, it was hard for me to connect with anyone else that looks like me, simply because there are not many like me here. Luckily, we do have a Latin American Student Organization, where I was able to meet new people. But overall, diversity in different cultures is what this campus is missing.


The worst thing I consider at Cal Lutheran is the financial aspect, the tuition here makes it impossible for students like myself to make it at a university like this. I understand why the cost of education is so high but its hard to focus on school when im constantly worried about money.


The smallness of the campus affects a lot of people seeking something bigger. It can be frustrating not seeing new faces, but at the same time it shows the strong support system at CLU.


Social life is not as big as I would expect. It could be my fault on finding it. We do not have frats or sororities. otherwise its pretty good here


The worst thing about Cal Lutheran is the limited commuter-school event connection. I think it's the worst because CLU has something going on nearly everyday and commuters, unlike the residents, often don't learn about CLU's cool events until after the face.


Maybe it was just my dorm, but there were a lot more drugs/alcohal out in the open than I had expected to see at a no-tolerance school. Our RA's just stopped caring, even though it was all way obvious.


The worst thing about my school is that it costs so much. It costs around $30,000 a year.


Probably how much it costs, but its a choice I made by going to a private school.


The worst thing about my school is not having any sororities or fraternities. Although there are many grops and organizations on campus I feel that more student would stick around on weekends if there was more to do on campus. I know that I wanted to get the "full college experience" and pledge for a sorority.


Almost has high school drama, everyone knows everthing about everyone.


The worst thing about my school would be how much you can get involved in at once. Since it is a smaller institution, you have to opprotunity to get involved with many things, but at the same time, this could be bad...when you get so involved with school that could be the onlky thing you do socially or you can forget about school work.


It is a dead town. Everthing closes at 9pm. I am from a suburb from Los Angeles and Thousand Oaks is just too quiet for me.


The lack of communication between administrative offices such as the business office and the financial aid office. Trying to resolve a problem with your student account quickly become very stressful when you serve as the go-between-person for these two offices.


The worst thing is actally something that has helped me grow and learn. The size of Cal Lutheran is rather small so a lot of gossip goes around from time to time. However, many sutdents have been able to see past this, determine who their true friends are, and grow up ina mature and responsible way. This school has opened my eyes into being a better person and in that bettering others too. By being able to see past what some people use as arrogance or ignorace, I have grown up, and i owe that to Cal Lutheran.


Unfortunately, the best thing and the worst thing are the same. The small school atmosphere allows for social drama among students and a feeling like everyone knows your business. Knowing that the things you do on the weekends may be broadcasted across the campus come Monday is not something students look forward to. It truly is like one big family where gossip gets passed around to each member.