California Lutheran University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


I love this school. It really truly feels like home. The people are extremely nice, the classes are challenging but great, the food is good, the campus housing is incredible. It really is a great experience.


I love Cal Lutheran so much. It's large enough that there are an incredible amount of resources and opportunities, but it's also small enough that I'm not just a number.


Overall this is a very engaging school. It is not a party school, no is it Ivy League status but it prepares you for your future job and gets you real world experience. The teachers are helpful and passionate and you can always find clubs that further your experience.


Though hardly anyone I run in to here on the East Coast has heard of CLU, I feel that's indicative of it being a hidden treasure! CLU's student body is large enough to allow some anonymity, the chance to get to know people of many different cultures and backgrounds, and to provide a variety of unique classes, but small enough to allow for intimate classes, professors who know you well, and the chance to be involved in many areas, from drama to politics. CLU also has several special opportunities, from the ability to explore faith and reason, simultaneously, the connection with Scandanavian culture, and the chance to work and be involved with KCLU. When I was at CLU, over 15 years ago, Thousand Oaks didn't seem to want to recognize the presence of college students in their midst. Now, things are much better. Though Thousand Oaks still doesn't have a "college town" feel, the relationship with the town and the school is congenial. Though students sometimes complain about living on a "dry" campus, I never knew it to "cramp" anyone's style. What it did do, in my opinion, was reduce the number of alcohol-related incidents. When I speak with friends who've attended larger universities that allowed alcohol on campus, I hear about a lot of really awful things, from rapes to major injuries, that occured as a result of binge drinking. Things like that didn't happen much, if at all, at CLU, and I really appreciated it.