California Lutheran University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Any self-motivated student who desires deep community and likes exploring with an open mind.


Anyone who is willing to meet new people and have fun but also work for your success!


Any kind of person should attend here as they will feel welcomed and enjoy it. If I had to choose a specific type of person, it would be someone who is eager to learn, to get help, someone motivated, someone who likes interacting with people and someone who is friendly. This person should also be focused as classes here are 15 to 30 people. This person should also be kind spirited, a little bit athletic and kind to others.


Students who give importance to critical thinking, personal growth, desire to inspire for better, and change the world should come to Cal Lutheran. Cal Lutheran offers different small and interactive classes that allow students to develop critical thinking and leadership skills. It is a school that teaches its students to give back to its community everything that they have learned, while thinking globally. Cal Lutheran can be described as a strong community school because it does not allow its members to fall apart. It helps everyone to grow, achieve an education, and make of this world a better world.


If you prefer small classrooms with strong connections to your classmates and teachers, this is a good school for you. Tuition is rather steep though, so consider your finances beforehand.


Anyone can attend this school. This school is so community based that a person of any sex, religion, orientation, or socio-economic standing can come here and fit in. The university is small so everyone gets to eventually meet and befriend one another. By the time you're a senior, you'll know most of the school, meaning you have 4,000 people who you can call a friend and will have your back. Clubs are open to everyone and getting involved is highly recommended.


People who are not expecting college to be a year-long party should go to Cal Lutheran. Students should be mostly focused on school work and being actively involved on campus. Since it is a big commuter school, students who are planning on living on campus should be creative to when it comes to finding things to do so they are not bored on the weekends. Social people with school spirit should also attend Cal Lutheran because there are a lot of fun campus activities are held throughout the year.


The kind of person who should attend this school should like the simple things. This school is much MUCH smaller than any UC or Cal State but it offers a lot of heart. The student who attends here should appriciate how much the professors care about their students, that the largest class size here is around 30 people (yes, the professor does remember your name).


someone who is dedicated and willinf to put in all the work required this school expects alot of you. So as expected you will not sleep so that you can pass midterms.


Cal Lutheran is accepting of any and everyone. However, as with all colleges, hardworking and outgoing individuals are looked for.


CLU attracts a plethora of students, but the one thing everyone has in common is their desire to succeed. Some want to succeed in sport, some in school, some in theatre and others the arts. If you’re driven to do something, to achieve, then CLU would be a wonderful place for you.


If you love the quiet campus, this is definitely the place for you!! It is calm and very relaxing!! The best thing is you are never in too much of a crowd and there is always a friendly face to be seen for sure!! I advise all the serious, studious people to attend, you are greatly honored for your academic achievement so what better motivation is there?! For the sports lover, C.L.U offers a diverse portfolio of sporting activities for both men and women and we have great coaches!!!


A person that likes a small environment and professors that will pay attention to them should come to the school.


California Lutheran University tends to center itself on diversity, meaning that any kind of person with any type of personality or background will feel welcomed at our school , and will be successful. Different kinds of students will feel welcomed at the University , because there are all kinds of activities , programs , or clubs that will suit the many types of people. Overall, anyone should try to attend this school , because they will not feel left out they will more and likely feel welcomed.


CLU is for the kind of person who wants a small school and easy access to the professors. Most of the professors have time after class to talk, as while as office hours for giving any help that is mentioned. It's also for students who want a GREAT education. CLU will challenge its students, but will also give help to anyone who needs it, to make sure that its students succeed.


Someone who is interested in learning their desired career and willing to work hard to do so.


I feel like Calutheran is home, a place that i feel safe; and i feel like i can actually learn and succeed here. I try to get anyone I'm around to talk about California Lutheran University (CLU), but let me be clear when saying it is not for everyone. We are small, we are competive, and we honestly love being here. If you are not used to a small campus your not going to be comfortable in a place like this.


A person who is thinking about attending CLU should be someone who is not afraid to have new experiences and to meet new people because everyone here is friendly and looking for new friends. The best advice is to be yourself, there will be someone here for everyone to get along with and someone will have something in common with you. The school is small, but the people's backgrounds here are very diverse.


Someone dedicated, strong willed, and someone who has good morals. California Lutheran University is great for someone looking for small class sizes, great professors, and competitive (but not overwhelming) sports.


A person who is looking for smaller classrooms with teachers who are more dedicated to each student.


The kind of person that should attend CLU is any kind of person. It does not matter what you look like, where you are from, or what language you speak, you are accepted by everyone. That is one of the things that I love most about this school. Most students act with such class and are willing to learn about new cultures and new ideas of other students from different places or with different hobbies or sports. It seems that everyone gets along and there is always something for us all to learn about one another.


The type of person that should attend California Lutheran is someone who likes to be in small classes and direct contact with their professors. People that are open minded, because there is more diversity than expected for some incoming students. Someone who likes sunshine and enjoys the outdoors.


The kind of person that should attend California Lutheran University is someone genuine. The school is very small compared to a majority of other large universities and therefore, a community like environment is more than apparent. Students and faculty form close connections and communication between all people around campus is not only accepted, but encouraged. A student attending California Lutheran University needs to live with an open mind and an open heart. Be willing to greet and befriend others without judgement.


This university is great for students seeking small class sizes, many opportunities for involvement in extracurricular activities, and a close-knit community feel. California Lutheran University is especially great for those interested in studying education, psychology, and business. It is a great choice for those looking to work collaboratively with other students and professors. There is neither high levels of competion among students nor emphasis on research. It is ideal for those looking for a liberal arts school with professors who are wonderful teachers and are sincerely interested in helping students.


The kind of person who should attend this school is someone who prefers more attention from their professors, a laid back and liberal atmosphere on campus, and challenging courses. This person should be open to new ideas and perspectives, as well as open to very diverse opinions and cultures. They should also have an appreciation for the arts.


This school is amazing! CLU students come from all backgrounds - religions, clutures and values. Every single interaction I've had with the school has been so friendly and inviting; I really feel as if I am part of the community.


Anyone can attend this school because its very diverse and everyone gets along great!


Those that like smaller schools with small classrooms. They must like a lot of attention from proffesors. They must want to be actively involved in school because the school strongly pushes all students to get involved. They must be focued academically.


happy, friendly, out-going, willing to get involved.


California Lutheran University is a great place for athletic people to attend school. We have a wonderful gym area, great weather and are constantly adding new sport equiptment to our campus. In the past year we have started construction for many new structures like tennis courts, baseball fields, and a football stadium. And, within the last three years we have added a wonderful aqautics center to the campus. Therefore, it seems reasonable to presume that the best kind of person for this campus would take advantage of these facilities, and thusly would be of the athletic "kind".


Someone who is very social and friendly. Cal Lutheran has a very active and friendly student body. If you like to party, there are places for that, but if you want a good Christian school, it can be that too.


The type of person that should attend this school is someone who wants to go to a unviersity and further their education. Most people attending California Lutheran University live out of the area of Thousand Oaks and this unversity is where most people will get the whole living in the dorm experience and having a roommate. This university is a great place for students who don't want to go to a different university or college with many students to a classroom. At California Lutheran University, their classroom sizes have an average size of about 25 students to a classroom.


California Lutheran University (CLU) is a great school for students seeking small class sizes and a community atmosphere. As a private institution, CLU offers a variety of scholarships and a plethora of opportunities for student involvement. Unlike other private universities, CLU's tuition is an affordable $30,750, and approximately 80% of its students receive financial aid in the form of scholarships and grants. While the school is affiliated with the ELCA, students from various religious backgrounds enjoy attending CLU. In fact, the majority of students at this school are not Lutheran. CLU has something for everyone!


Many people at Cal Lu are quite relaxed. There are many things to do around school, but its pretty low key. If you like to hang out with friends and chill, this is a good place for you.


Anyone looking for a smaller, more personal college experience. Small classes, ability to graduate in 4 years, and students filled with school spirit. Very fun, yet focused campus.


Someone who wants to learn about different perspectives and to challenge what they were raised to know. Someone who seeks to ask questions and get answers. Someone who wants to be a part of a community. Someone strong in their faith, whatever it may be.


Any one and everyone should come to this school. To be more specific someone who wants a small student teacher ratio, likes being around people alot and would like a small campus.


Anyone who is outgoing, loves to have fun, and be involved with lots of different activities is definately a great match for California Lutheran.


Someone who enjoys a small, close-knit community and small class sizes that focus on group discussion rather than professor-dominated lectures.


Someone who wants to get involved quickly and learn more than they ever thought that they could at a school. Someone who is outgoing or wants to become moreoutgoing will have the best experience here.


Someone who wants to explore their religious views and someone who is open minded to exploring different aspects of their own personality. Someone who wants an academic challenge, but who also does not want to be too terribly overwhelmed by school work. Someone who wants to meet new people and be part of a school that is open to cultural diversity (although the student population is not very diverse). Also someone who wants a school that doesn't have the pressures of Greek life and someone who doesn't mind the no alcohol policy.


Students interested in helping others, diversity, and tolerance. The class sizes are extremely small and professors will do anything to help. There is a strong community atmosphere and most everyone is extremely involved in clubs, sports, and giving back to the community.


Outgoing, Intelletual with Open Mind


A person who enjoys a smaller school that really focuses on the student. Anyone interested in a degree in education should attend this school. They have an excellent Teacher Prepatory Program. Also, their marketing communications department is amazing. All of the teachers are really focused on the students. They help the students get internships their senior year and have a very hands-on approach.


Someone whose open minded, relaxed and responsible.


CLU lives and breathes by its mission statement. Students who are intersted in being members (and leaders) of a global society and confident in their identity should apply. Additionally, any students with a passion for service and justice will fit in well here. Students at CLU display the sunny, laidback disposition common in southeran California. Students looking for the cliche, big school mentality will not like CLU neither will students looking for a strict religious university. CLU is for the student who wants to control their college experience in every aspect: academic, social and spiritual.


Anyone. This school is fit for everyoby and anyone from any background, place in the social ladder, anything. I feel as though this school has completely changed my outlook on life as a whole for the better. I could not have asked for a better college experience.


This school can accommodate many types of students. The students that will do well are the ones that do not let them selves become behind on their school work. The more active the student is in the school activities the more friends they will make and the faster they will make the transition to college life.