California Lutheran University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I think I knew pretty much everything I needed at this school. One thing that I think I learned once I became a student that would have been useful before was how religion comes in to play. Lutheran is a big part of the school, but I don't think I knew anything about how this is seen throughout campus.


The food isn't good.


Honestly, I'm not exactly sure about this question. I visited the campus about 5 times before I decided on attending. I feel like I knew a lot before going in. For the purpose of this question, I guess I wish I had known exaclty where all the "hidden"buildings were, in order to get to classes on time the first few days.


I wish I had known about this school sooner, I would have attended years ago.


Its important to ask as many questions as possible when you are curious about what you want to learn. Explore all options you have possible and dont be afraid to push yourself beyond limits which will help you become a stronger, independent, confident individual. take all the opportunities possible to be involved in as many discussions, research opportunities and internships made available to you as experience is fundamental to helping you grow in your career. save every penny as an undergrad as it will be needed in grad school. remember to have fun but also get your work done.


Before starting college, I was constantly advised to get involved on campus: join student government, play a sport, join a club. What nobody told me was to choose something new. College freshman are coming from an environment where they have participated in the same activities with the same friends since kindergarten. They are, therefore, likely to choose an activity they did in high school because it is comfortable. I advise new students to choose an activity that is uncomfortable- college is about growing and making new experiences. You cannot do that if you repeat what you did in high school.


I wish I had known that college is an opportunity to start over and reinvent yourself. College is the place where you can finally do the things you have always wanted to do, and be the person you have always wanted to be. University is full of new people you have never met before, and if you choose, may never see again. There are so many open doors in college, waiting for you to walk through them. You just have to be courageous enough to take the opportunities put in front of you.


The difficulty of staying academically focused.


I wish I had known that commuting to this school would be difficult. Most of the students live on campus, it is hard to adjust to a school that especially accomadates those living on campus.


I was a transfer student and looked only for a place closer to home that had a good reputation in the field I wanted to get my degree in. I was pleasantly surprised at the classroom size, having a professor as a mentor, and really getting to know the professors.


Most students attending this university are from the area.


I wish I had known that the campus would feel like home, the faculty would be so dedicated and kind and the students would be so welcoming. Had I realized this, I wouldn't have been so anxious about going to college. Academically, I wish I had known to be more proactive and get support right away when I needed it. Now, I realize that the professors and students are happy to help. Also, I wish I had known that sometimes it's good to try things outside of your comfort zone because it's a good way to learn.


As a first generation college student, I would have liked to know more about scholarship opportunities and how I would be able to help my parents out because I never thought it would be this hard for them. My parents are working hard for me but it came to a point that they are struggling way too much, and as their son, I don't want to see them like this.


CLU is a wonderful place to attend school, but to get the most out of your college experience I have one peice of advice: get involved! While this is a cliche statement that you'll hear about most schools, it is especially true for California Lutheran University. What's more is that it is super easy to become involved at CLU. CLU offers many different events and clubs that you can join. Doing activities with different people will allow you to make friends and make the most of your time at CLU. Just don't forget to study hard too!


That the school was so small.


I wish I knew how college life was before entering school. I would have liked to know the secrets of the best ways to take tests and complete homeowork.


I wish I had known that my father was going to lose his job because then I would not have chosen such an expensive school to go to. My sister and I both attend this school and my father is the soul provider for our family of seven. So knowing he was going to lose his job may have led me to choose a cheaper university that may have been more affordable.


I lived a sheltered life and my parents wanted to protect me from anything that could hurt there babygirl. Understandable but because of this I never had time to develop how to react without them around. One of the most important things that I wish I would have known before coming to college is how to build those relationships with others, and how to take care of my business without the help of my mother. Growing up seemed to happen in the years spent here, and i just wish i could have been a little more prepared for that.


Nothing. I researched and visited the school before deciding where to go.


When looking for a University, really consider all aspects of the college life. I love Cal Lutheran because of its small size that allows me to get to know my professors and fellow classmates. It is in a safe community and is surrounded by beautiful mountains.


California Lutheran University had me well prepared before entering. Everyone here was knowledgeable and friendly, ready to answer questions and help wherever they could.


I just transferred to this school from Michigan so I can't really answer this question in full. I wish that I had known sooner that transferring is hard work but worth it if you have plans of seeing as much of this world as possible. I'm excited to dive into a new place and meet new people. However, it would've been nice to schedule sooner than two weeks before school started because that has given much stress, along with dealing with financial aid. Other than that, everything I needed to know was on their website!


I wish that I had known that a sleep schedule is important. If I could have had a set sleeping schedule I feel that it would have made all of the difference during my first semester. I also wish I had realized that it wasn't my responsibility to take care of my roommates and that although it is good to look out for them I didn't need to take care of them. I should have focused on myself instead of worrying about others.


I don't think I have anything I wish I would have known before coming to Cal Lutheran. They were really informative and open about what the school is all about.


I wish I had known more about the school's history, where all the administrative and academic buildings were, and what the professors expected from the students.


What i wishi had known before I cam to California Lutheran University is that before the scool year had begun to make as much friends as possible and to join as many clubs as possible.


I wish I would have known a little more about what going to a private school exactly intales.


That the majority of students are not spiritual, and the University has less of a Christian emphasis than other Christian Universities.


Before I attended California Lutheran University, I wish I would have known that the school is rather small. I was surprised seeing the same people everyday around campus when I arrived. I aslo wish I would have known many of the people that attend this university are fairly local, which means many students are not on campus over the weekends. As far as academics, I wish I would have known that planning out a class schedule was fairly difficult due to sections not always being available or classes being full.


Before I came to college I wish I would have known a lot more about how to be ready. What exactly do college professors expect from a first-year student? What kind of work load should I expect? Questions like these would have been helpful to my transition. Also, more about the schools you are admitted too. You should learn the diversity factor, how big the classes on average are, how people usually commute around campus, and even what the food is like. This is the place where you'll be spending the next four years of your life.


I wish that I would have know how much the total cost of going to this school would be and how exactly the Federal Work Study Loan works.


I wish I had known that they were going to raise tuition!


I wish I had known more about college life in general. While they do not allow drinking on campus, I was suprised at how many students did drink in their rooms and around campus (before they got caught).


CLU does not have a track and will not be getting one soon.




more about the major i was thinking about doing.