California Lutheran University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is that the small classroom environment allows for the students to get to know their teachers on a personal level. The small environment helps students to ask questions and the proffessor can answer them directly.


The best thing about


The best thing about Cal Lutheran is the balance between academics, sports, and social life. There are always events going on and it is so easy to make friends. The sports games are great and the teachers really care about you in the classroom.


It's really the same thing I brag about to everyone. I think I'm getting better education since I'm able to spend quality time with the instructors and I'm able to get the classes I need to graduate in four years.


The best thing at my school is the career services center. This place is filled with excellent individuals who guide you to success. They are there for you at all times and care about your future so much they are willing to sit and do practice interviews with you until you are comfortable. This is the sole reason why I landed one of the best internships of my life.


The best thing about Cal Lutheran is the small class size. This allows student and faculty to make bonds that you wouldn't get at bigger universities. The bond you create with your professors allows for a smoother student-teacher relationship. If you miss a class or test, the teacher is more willing to help you if you reach out to them. At a bigger school, that luxury isn't offered. The teachers truly care about each student and the marginal class size allows them to learn about each student in order to help them grow further.


The atmosphere in regards to the people and the surrounding community.


The atmosphere at CLU is like nowhere i have been before. The people are incredibly friendly, and the professors really care about you and your sucess as a student. With small class sizes, it is really an up close and personal learning experince that benefits a students education as well as social life.


California Luther University has many things to brag about, however, the best attribute that comes from our school is our professors and class sizes. With a smaller school that is focused more on your education - as compaired to CSU's and UC's - Most everyone is able to enroll in the classes they need, at the time they need them. Furthermore, the class sizes are smaller allowing a comfortable enviromnet and ease of access to the Professors. Professors tend to know you by name, and insist using their office hours to gain one-on-one tutoring for you classes.


The reason I chose to go to California Lutheran was because of how accessible the professors are. They are almost always in their offices before and after class to help with any concepts or questions a student might have. It is also easy to converse with them about non academic topics and even different career fields. I feel that I am more comfortable asking questions to my current professors than I was in high school.


I believe that the best thing about Cal Lutheran is the connections you make with the students, faculty, and staff. It is a great networking school that helps everyone.


I think the best thing about California Lutheran University is the attention give to the students. In high populated universities, it is easy for students to get lost in a classroom of hundreds. But here each student is acknowledged and reconginzed for their talents. Being able to develop a relationship with a professor is extremely important and helpful during college and of course after.


Cal Lutheran is within thirty miles of my home.


Cal Lutheran provides a students with a great community of students and professors . The small class size offers a unique learning environment that allows students to really engage in lectures. Along with great professors, they also have a great career center and study abroad center.


I think not only are the teacher student relationships are great, but the students are very kind. You can make friends very easy, and become a part of the school with in the first day of going to classes. If you are open to something new there is always something there for you.


The best thing about California Lutheran University is excitement the teachers and other faculty have for learning and helping their students succeed to their fullest potental.


The small class sizes and ability to get classes that are needed to graduate.


One of the best things about my school is that it isn't much different from being home but I have more freedom to make choices on my own to help myself in my future. What I mean by that is that it seems that here at CLU , we are family with the students and staff. It seems like a smaller school at times because it seems like everyone here is so friendly that in a short time you are friends with everyone you see but then you go to an event that is packed with students supporting other students.


The best part about Cal Lutheran is the staff and the small class sizes. Professors get the opportunity to know students by their names and interact with them on a more personal level. Professors are very supportive of their students and often show their support at sporting events and other extra curricular activities.


The best feature of this school are the small class sizes and the accessibility of the teachers. Most of the teachers will get to know you on a name to name basis and will make you comfortable enough to talk to them about more than just school issues. All of the teachers are very interested in giving the students the best preparation and opportunities for the future. Several of my teachers have given me information on scholarships, internships and job opportunities that would be beneficial to me personally.


I think Cal Lutheran is the perect size, not too big not too small. This helps having smaller classes and having more individualized attention from your professor.


The best thing about CLU is how small it is. because it is so small people begin to know one another and even the faculty and staff know you better


Close community


The small classes and student body. It provides a much more personal experience than at large Universities.


The best thing about California Lutherna University is the sense of communtiy. Being a small school, with three-thousand students, an oppurtunity is presented to become close to many individuals. Students, professors, adminstration workers, and cafeteria workers will know you by name. It is a great place to spend some of the best years of your life and to make friendships that will last the rest of your life.


I love the spirit about campus, and the community feel.


The size of the classes, and the teacher student relations are incredible. The teachers dont teach or talk down to you... they work with you to help you understand the material.


This university offers a really hands-on approach to all of their undergrad departments. This school promotes students growth through hands-on experiences. The univeristy is continually trying to improve its classes and programs.


The best thing I would consider about my school, is the people. Most everyone is friendly and willing to help. When you visit theres many smiles and advice. And when you accpet and come to this school, its fun to meet everyone and be excited together.


The best thing about CalLu is that you get to exploit and express your knowledge the right way and for the right reasons.


The variety of different people and viewpoints here. It keeps (most) people from being closed-minded and opens people who may not have experience diversity before to a new situation.


There are so many good things about this school that it is extremely difficult to point out what I like the best about it. The faculty and administration here are all very friendly and helpful, campus life here at Cal Lutheran is amazing, the events held here are always a lot of fun, the surrounding area is safe and beautiful, and the entire school is like one huge family to say the least. I love this school and wouldn't think twice about transferrring to another college.


The over all look of the campus. It so pretty, all the buildings are new and very modern. The athletic building itself is incredible.