California State Polytechnic University-Pomona Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Cal Poly Pomona is a diverse institution with wonderful professors who work hard to see students succeed. I love this school because they help each student become the change they want to see in their community. Cal Poly ensures that students feel comfortable in their academic enviroment by over resources necessary. The staff are helpful and the their built on team work, can make the drream work, meaning that we come together to see everyone strive fpr excellence. I love the committment Cal Poly offers to each student enrolled in their school, it shows that they care.


My school is green and friendly.


A great school for engineering and business majors.


The campus is very beautiful, but it is very hard to the get classes you need to graduate in a timely manner.


Cal Poly Pomona provides great education, experience, and fun in learning with open oppurtunities to expand with jobs, internships and networking.


This school is the most serene campus I have visited and you will meet nothing but friendly students and quality professors as well as get a top notch education without paying university prices.


Cal Poly is dedicated to providing a high quality education by balancing strong academics with real world hands on experience, emphisizing their "learn by doing" motto.


A hands-on approach to learning with the best facilities for students to apply what they have learned in class to the real-world.


My school is large, beautiful, clean, diverse and a happy place to be at.


A close knit, casual, environment with caring professional teachers.


It's in a good location, I like the structure of it and it's a good school to attend.


My school is efficient when it comes to student resources, for example: library, computer labs, leisurely activities, diverse food establishments, centers for writing help, cultural groups, career help, and also promotes school unity.


Cal Poly Pomona is a very diverse school with lots of different majors to choose from, attending this school has really open me to see how many different majors there are to choose from one school.


Cal Poly Pomona is a school where dreams are acheived, life-long friends are made, and where the opportunities to succeed are endless.


Cal Poly Pomona is very "laid back", friendly, and diverse.


My school is full of people who are focused on on reaching their dream carreer goals.


Currently affected by the budget cuts; too many great majors, too little classes avaiable or professors


My school is the epitomy of diversity coupled with education at its best.


This is a technical school where you mostly learn everything based on hands on project.


Green and active.


gorgeous campus, small classes, student centered and great hands on training.


Very diverse, fun loving interactive campus who welcomes all who come to it.


A school meant to produce working members of society.


Learn by doing.


A great environment for learning.


My school is very environmentally friendly, and the classes are interesting, but most of the teachers dont seem to remember how hard college really is and expect you to spend hours a day on just their class.


An academic environment where you learn by doing.


A commuter school in a bad neighborhood with limited resources for extra curricular activities.


This School would be great if you can get classes, but otehr than that the people there are helpful and great!


It's a great place where you can study, hang out, and meet new people - all while workomg towards getting that degree.


You'll gain the most of your experience here if you study hard, and become involved on campus.


California Polytechnic University of Pomona is made up of diverse and postive community whose focus is preparing its students to become educated, well rounded individuals who can contribute to the whatever work environment they choose to become a part of.


It's a school with many outstanding majors, very good choice for people who don't know their focus when they graduated from high schools.


At Cal Poly Pomona we learn by doing and I believe that this technique will assist me in my pursuit of success.


Cal Poly is a well organized, commuter school


It is relaxed and enjoyable; I really feel comfortable and focused there.


IT is very green with alot of agriculture and horses.