California State Polytechnic University-Pomona Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


This school is best known for it's engineering program and its agriculture program. This school gives students the oportunity to take part in raising arabian horses as well as provides many school events to get students involved.


My school is best known for agriculture, engineering, horses, research, and its learn by doing approach.


Attending Cal Poly Pomona was one of the best times in my life because they provided me an excellent education in a fun environment. The best thing about my school that they are known for is creating a team work/family environment. I loved the fact that all the classes were small and hands on, so you really got to know who you were working with and that all the students were just as dedicated. I am still friends with all the people that I took classes with and came across at Cal Poly Pomona, great networking environment.


Cal Poly Pomona is know for academic excellence, affordable tuition and hands on experience for each student. Cal Poly makes sure that students do go academically and as individuals. We are also know for our top rank engineering program that is highly impacted. Cal Poly challenges each student to go above and beyond of what is expected of them in order to be the best. Cal Poly helps students built their critical thinking skills by having students think outside the box.


Cal Poly Pomona is best known for their hands on learning style. For many people, the best way to learn is through experience and CPP gives you plen of experience in your field of study. There are many projects and internships that allow students to work and learn. They can gain experience while still learning and in my opinion, that is very important and the best kind of education out there.


Arabian horses that are raised on the campus. Cal Poly is also known for its "Learn by doing" policy which refers to hands on teaching techniques.


Cal Poly Pomona is known as a commuter school and it’s agriculture department.


My school is most known for its practical teaching. It provides a more technical experience as opposed to research based. Therefore, there are rarely any long term papers. We tend to do much discussion based education, not the typical lecture. Also, I would like to say that the semi-isolated atmosphere of the campus is one of the better parts. It allows you to become much closer to people and it is a pleasant environment to study in. This pleasant environment is mainly due to ecological friendly practices and the luxurious amounts of green space everywhere.


CSPU is known for its strong agricultural and animal science department and the high quality of education students receive.


Cal Poly Pomona is best known for its engineering program and its environmental design program. Those programs are taught with smaller classrooms and very hands on. The faculties have real world work experiences and most of the technical classes have labs.


Cal poly pomona is best known for engineering, architecture, and agriculture. It is also know for its philosophy of learn by doing, which is examplified by the amount of laboratory classes offered.


My school is best known for their hands on learning technique. We are a school that know that it is not feasable to only learn with your mind you need to also be able to use the skills you have learned.


Industry knows us for actually knowing what to do in the field. Many colleges have taken away most of their labs because of cost issues. Our school has a lab with almost every class. This helps us to physically and mentally understand what we are working on. Being able to actually construct different machines or structures helps us to understand how they work and how they doesn't. This allows us to create new ways of constructing machines or structures. Industry rather hirer us after graduation because they don't have to pay us for training.


Engineering and Architecture


Cal Poly Pomona is a well known engineering school. The College of Engineering is ranked among the top in the country.


Cal Poly, Pomona is best known for their Agriculture, Engineering, and Computer Science Departments.


Having a hands-on approach when it comes to learning.


Engineering and Agriculture


Engineering Programs


My school is a polytechnic, it is known for many majors. But it's best known for Engineering courses. Students who want to do engineering usually comes here. It has good Business courses, Coumputer courses, Agricultural courses, Architecture, etc. Many students apply here every year to attain good education and get a good career after completing their studies. one more best thing i like about this school is the Quarter system. We arent stuck in school for 16 weeks, like other schools with semester system. We cover the same syllabus in 10 weeks like other schools with 16 weeks.


This school is best known for the hands-on activities in all of the academic fields they provide.


Cal Poly is best know for its polytechnic, hands on learning. It is impacted in the fields of Engineering, Architecture, and business.


engineering--- awesome program


Engineering majors and some business majors.


My school is best known for its engineering program and its agricultural program.


Sciences and engineering and hospitality management


My school is best known for hotel management.


My school is best known for its slogan "Learn by doing" this slogan is applied to all majors that the school offers and makes learning fun and enriching.


It is know for Egenering and Hotel and Restaurant Management


The Pointy Tall, CLA building


Cal Poly Pomona is known for it's hand's on training education.


Not being a party school and supposedly worse than San Luis Obispo.