California State Polytechnic University-Pomona Top Questions

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My school has a "learn by doing" philosophy. This simply means students interact more with the faculty and are able to learn hands on so that they will be prepared for their future careers.


Cal Poly Pomona is unique compared to other schools because of the price of the degree and what can happen with a degree from this school. Just talking to some employers, who did not come to the numerous job fairs located on campus, revealed to me just how much esteem is placed on a degree from this school by certain businesses. This could be compared to a degree from USC or UCLA because of how highly employers want graduates from Cal Poly Pomona. Compared to these schools, Cal Poly Pomona is more cost efficient for practically the same degree.


To be quite honest I am not too sure, I recently transfered and I have only attended one quaeter so still I consider myself new to the campus. The reason why I chose to tranfer to this paticular school was because they offered a great philosophy program. One of my philosophy professors at the previous school that I attended highly recomended their program. As a philophy major its hard to find a good philophy program so I consider the philophy program unique compared to the other local schools.


My school, is unique because it is so culturally diverse. My school doesn't care what skn color you have, what religion you follow, any of your beliefs. None of it matters because we accept everyone at our school and there is nothing that we can't accept or work with. If you have an interest you think no one else shares its more than likely someone on our campus has the same interest.


They have amazing animal science programs. Also their whole philosophy is on hands on learning, which makes learing a lot better.


Cal Poly has taken many efforts to increase its student base while decreasing the campus' carbon footprint, ultimately increasing a new generation's knowledge about "green" living.


Our school was orignally owned by Kellog. Our land was donted by him and has been our establishment every since. Our land is filled with animals, including horses, cows and ducks. Our school is very peaceful and is close enough to LA to drive on the weekends and far enough to not have to wrok on traffic.


My school is unique because it offers apparel merchanding and management as a major. I did not want a major just in apparel merchandising. Cal Poly Pomona offers more than other schools. Rather then just having a BS in apparel merchandising I have it in management as well. Also, Cal Poly Pomona is the number one school which employers hire their graduates. The Apparel Merchandising and Management department is one of the best in all of southern California and offers their students many great resources as well as job opportunities.


It is basically a farm that has many different animals that can be seen as you drive around the campus. There is also a farm store that sells the products grown on campus.


Like I previously mentioned, Cal Poly is an extremely unique school in that it specializes in many great majors. What made Cal Poly Pomona number one on my list is the Collins College of Hospitality Management. Not many other universities specialize in such a specific form of business management, so Cal Poly Pomona was the obvious choice for me. Also, there is alot of cultural diversity since Pomona is located in a very diverse area.


I believe what is most unique about our school is we have arabian horses and they can be seen upon entrance to our school. We also have alot of famr animals such as pigs, goats, etc. A student who owns a horse can also enroll their horse here and have them trained.


The reason that I chose Cal Poly Pomona is for a couple of reason. Cal Poly is a very good school to attend for math and engineering majors. The campus also provides many opportunities to get involved with student life. Every Tuesday and Thursday a university hour is provided where there are no classes schedule. During this hour free food is provided along with music, shopping, and games. Many clubs also have there meeting during this time. The professors at Cal Poly also do their best to help you acheive the major that you desire.


What's unique about Cal Poly Pomona is the extreme kindness of many people on campus. There are a high number of help groups, study groups, clubs, and activities that are set up for students in any grade. Almost every person you walk by has a smile on their face, which makes going to school more fun and exciting!


There is a great amount of diversity here.


The most unquie thing about Cal Poly Pomona is the campus environment. Its green and free where many students are seen laying on the grass studying or simply taking a little nap.


It is close to Los Angeles. It is a great engineering school for people who don't have the best grades coming out of high school. It has great engineering clubs.


It is a hands-on university.


I attented UCSB and California Polytechnic University, Pomona is more friendly based and less of a party school. It does not focus on frat and sor. Pomona is helpful and does not give you the run around. Another thing to consider is that this school is very hands on learning and that works better for me. It is a learn by doing type of school and that is why so many students choose this school. I would recomend this school to anyone who is considering engineering, architecture, or any other hands on learning major.


the environment, it has a farm, two ponds, a variety of animals.


Very diverse.


It's great mix between suburban and rural


The college is based upon a hands on learning enviroment that is both benifical to students, as well as faculty.


It was close to home and offered the major I wanted to pursue. Though there were other universities/colleges with that same factor no other school offered the exact major I was looking to study. The fact that it was polytechnic also made it a better choice for me.


Promotes multiculturalism and diversity


Cal Poly Pomona is a university that is unique in that the campus itself is one of the largest in the CSU system. The campus is beautiful, and the campus community is always here to help. The campus has great facilities and the equipment available is fairly new. For apparel merchandising majors, like myself, Cal Poly is the best option when compared to the other CSU schools. The faculty has been involved in the business prior to their teaching careers, and have a high ability in informing their students of how to go about being successful in the industry.


Professors and staffs are very focus in provide a high standard education to all their student.


I was very surprised with the diversity of the students that attend Cal Poly. There are a variety of majors, so everyone gets to focus on their passion. The students are calm, and respectful of others, and the architecture is beautifully landscaped. The agricultural department and animals surrounding our campus are also pleasant bonuses.


This school is known for its hands-on type of teaching. For me, whose majoring in Civil Engineering, I felt this was very vital for me to take advantage of. And unlike California State Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo, it was a little bit cheaper and closer to my family. The weather was also taken into account, and the fact that it is a "GO GREEN" campus was an extra perk as well.


Its one of two Polytechnic Universities in California and one of eight in the US. Learn by doing philosophy and being hands on really sets Cal Poly Pomona apart from many universities. As well as the professors being well tied to the industry and sharing know how to the students which gears us for sucess.


The diversity of grant work that different departments aquire.


My school is more hands-on (polytechnic) as compared to the other schools I chose.


Very hands on with projects in different classes.


Agriculture is very big there.


They have labs with almost everyclass , so lots of hands on work.