California State Polytechnic University-Pomona Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


What I brag about the most is the beautiful scenery the campus is located on. I also like to brag about all the beutiful creatures that I get to enjoying viewing when I am arriving or leaving the campus. On campus we have horses, pigs, cows, goats, ducks, and a little pond filled with fish and turtles. The reason why I like to brag about this is because not alot of other schools offer this. Lastly, I like to brag about our rose garden, I enjoy studying in the rose garden, its a quiet peaceful place.


Probably the best parts about the school to me are the animals near by along with the view. Its beautiful. One can see horses and cows in the back of the school, and in the winter, when the mountains gain the very little snow they recieve, you can see the mountain tops with the ice . To me its a gorgeous sight and I could watch it for days.


Majority of my friends believe that cal states in california are not "good"schools but what I like to tell them is that I am going to one of the top Cal States that is only one of the two schools that is a polytechnic school and they teach us by doing instead of the reserch method.


I never like to "brag" for which I always remain to be humble. However, I tell my fellow peers and collegues that it is considered one of the best techinical schools that focus on engineering and designing. Which is my intended major and minor.


When I talk about Cal Poly to friends I tell them what an amazing campus it is. Not only is the campus beautiful, but you really feel at home when you are there. Although it is a very large school, you make great connections with people that have your same major. The professors in your major are more than willing to help you and are there if you have any questions. I had such a wonderful experience and have been blessed at Cal Poly, I can only wish my friends can have an experience like mine.


Excellent school, great location, affordable tuition


I talk about how accredited this college is and how lucky I am to be accepted into this program. The fact that the program I am in has a mandatory internship where the school places you with one of the major music lables in L.A. was the main reason I applied for this schol and the percentage rate of students that get hired on through the internship is very high. It also offers over 200 clubs you can join to keep you engaged and excited. There is also free healthcare and counseling that we recieve as students.


I don't think I have ever been so excited about school before. Even though the academics are very competitive and due to being on the quarter system, there needs to be a lot of focus on school work, there is still a lot of involvement on campus. There is a lot of effort by the school to get students involved and keep things fun! So many activities on campus and the staff is very easily approachable. There are also a lot of opportunities to study and spend time on campus without being too horribly bored. It's fantastic.


i think Cal Poly Pomona is a great school


I was a student athlete and I got priority registration. Priority registration sis when you register before everyone else and you get all the classes you want.


I really feel like I got a great education there and had some very influential professors in my Sociology classes. I had so much fun living on campus and am proud to say I am an alumni!


My school is very focused on hands-on learning. Our university's philosophy is "learning by doing", so there is great emphasis placed on interactive learning and participation. Very few classes are only taught in the lecture style. The professors are very knowledgeable about the subjects they teach and are also very helpful when it comes to students' questions. Many professors also assist students when it comes to job placement. Many of the employers in the surrounding area look to hire fresh graduates from my university every year, because we continually produce graduates ready for the workplace.


It's a beautiful school. There are nice small touches about the school I appreciate like the school's farmstore, the landscape architecture, and the places to hang out on campus like the student center and the library.


i brag to my friend about all the project i have worked on in the aerospace department. also the beautiful scenery that cal poly offers. from the japanese koi pond, a rose garden, and a tropical animal facility.


I feel like I'm surrounded by nerds (in a good way). Whenever I have some sort of technical problem I feel like any one of the students around me could help to anser my questions. I'm proud that my school also provides free tutoring services to all students from any major. And the tutors are the "nerds" who can help you out with any question you have.


When I tell my friends about my school, I brag most about how diverse the school is. When walking around, you never know who you will meet as far as different backrounds. Everyone at Cal Poly Pomona is equal. From freshmen to seniors, everyone is treated the same.


I don't really brag about my school. I just tell them that it's a good school and they should take a tour on campus.


When I tell friends about my school, I tell them about the SU motto Scholarship in Action, which blends theory and practice giving students extremely valuable experience. My undergrad, Cal Poly Pomona, enforced the same value and it is beneficial for students to practice their studies from books and in practice.


The campus size and scenery


I bragg about a few of the professor's. The passion many have for what the do and believe in. Many of them give 110{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} to their students. Many haven't forgotten themselves what its like being a student and the balancing act it involves.


We have a very good animal science program. We get to work with the animals and get a lot of hands-on experience. Not a lot of schools are as hands-on as we are.


Really the only thing that I talk about with my friends in regards to my school is about being in a Fraternity and how if I wasn't in the Fraternity I would have probably left by now to go to a college that has higher emphasis placed on the social aspect of college. The Fraternity is the single greatest thing that I have found from being enrolled at Cal Poly.




I always talk about how the professors are so willing to help you and get to know you. I love having that kind of relationship with my professors. Also, the campus is very beautiful and I enjoy walking around and looking at the scenary.


I'm in the animal science department, so I brag to them about all the animals I got to work with and all the cool things I get to do.


I tell them that it is a fun comuter school and the greek life is fun. Just not as much action as most colleges get.


I brag about how much easier it is for people of my major to get classes.


The size of the campus community and the campus' location.


When I explain why Cal Poly Pomona is the best, I simply tell them first about the clubs that I am on e-board for and all the events that happen; but the main reason is always because I am part of the Chi Omega Fraternity. Not every girl can say that she is part of a sorority who not only helps Make-A-Wish, has the best community and volunteer services, and gets along with all other Greeks, but has been a better person because of her involvement with all these great women, that she can call her sisters.


There are many different majors and academic courses to choose from which makes it easier to explore the different career fields. I love having the ability to choose my concentration rather than being stuck with a default selection due to limited major options.


That the campus is great but parking can be really bad.