California State Polytechnic University-Pomona Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Finding parking is difficult, you'll always be at least 5 minutes late to class. Unless you run or fly to class of course.


The worst things about this school is that it is a commutor school meaning it has very litttle on campus housing making it difficult to get into the on-campus housing and everything closes early so if you have a late class, you can't get anything to eat on campus after 3:00. The campus is also dead on weekends because everyone goes home.


The worst thing about my school would have to be the lack of transportation provided to students to reach the campus. Unfortnately, the parking permits are quite expensive to the everyday college student. Since it is somewhat of a commuter school, students have to make way for the hefty permit. Hopefully it gets better soon as management changes.


Cal Poly Pomona is a great school. There really is nothing wrong with it, although if you wish to change your major you (may) have to wait until the next year for your Change of Major Petition to be accepted. This means that, despite how early you drop off the petition, you may not be accepted until the end of the school year. This is due to some/most majors running on a tight class-to-be-taken schedule, where some classes are offered only during one quarter of the year & must be taken in order. Otherwise, CPP is great!


I love Cal Poly Pomona, so it is extremely hard to point out the worst thing about my school. However, I feel that the guidance I received was lacking especially pertaining to internships. In order to graduate a student must complete two quarters worth of internships, which I did both on campus and not at an outside company. This I feel hurt me in trying to obtain a job position after graduation. I wish that my school would have guided me toward an internship outside of Cal Ply Pomona because I feel it would have benefited me much better.


I don't like the shower in the dorm hall. They are too small for me.




Parking and surrounding freeway traffic is the wrost. it would take at least 30 mins to find parking sometimes but it did improve with the new parking structure.


Parking is argueably the greatest dilemma at California State Polytechinc University - Pomona. The open availability of parking spots nearby lecture halls is scarce, and the majority of students are forced to park a significant distance away from the classroom. Parking permits are also expensive, and sadly, students are practically required to purchase them. They are nessecary in all campus parking lots, and without them, a parking violation is almost guranteed to be administered. The campus parking patrol services are very strict, and with the lack of convenient locations to park, the parking dilemma is greater at the university.


I don't think the school has a "worst" thing about it. When it think of the university I think of positive thoughts.


The worst things about my school is that there are still some peple out there who don't realize how good of a school it is.


When I attended, parking was an issue. A lot of times you would have to park far away from main campus and wait for a bus that then drops you off at different stops on main campus.


That it is run more like a business than a school. Staff morale should be more encouraging and uplifting.


As a commuter school there is little to no school spirit. People drive here, go to class, and leave. While there are some student led groups, the rest of us who are forced to live on campus and don't wish to join those clubs feel somewhat left out. It takes a very brave person to reach out and feel involved on an uninvolved campus.


The lack of funding from the State creates serious shortages in classes available. Thus, completing the degree in a timely manner is very difficult due to the fact that students often cannot enroll the necessary classes that are offered only on that particular quarter.


The worst thing about Cal Poly Pomona seems to be the lack of connection in the student body. Some students just go about their day, taking classes, completing their work and going home, without worrying about what is going on throughout campus. Interaction and growth through new and different channels is one of the keys to becoming smarter and stronger than ever imagined. When someone doesnt try a channel of opportunity, they just lost the chance to be something great.


i think the only problem students are having at the school is happening financially. the tution keeps rising and our ability to get classes is depleating. we are paying much more for fewer classes and it is ultimately widening the graduating gap to more than 4 years.


The worst thing about my school is the lack of involvement of the student body. This is probably due to the fact that this is a commuter school. It is very rare for a student-wide event to occur on campus.


I hate the budget cut and I hate that I am not able to get into the classes that I not only want, but need as well.


It is not "freshman friendly." yes you have orientation and everything but everything that you need to know you have to go and figure out yourself there are some people willing to help but you need to figure out how things work and flow as fast as possible.


The worst thing about our school, at this moment, is how difficult it is to obtain classes. Our school has many students, and all these students have to wait their turn to sign up for these classes, but the system is, in my opinion, unfair. I had spoken to other people about what time they had to register for classes; these times varied greatly, having some students fill their schedule with nothing but wait-listed classes. There are those who cannot continue in school because they need a single class, but they cannot get into it.


The worse thing about my school is that it is very far away from where I live.


The number of professors for some courses are not as large as other classes that you expect.


the landscaping drives me nuts. it's tacky, undermanaged, and things are left half done all the time.


the lack of school spirit. Because it is a 'comuter campus' a lot of students just go, take their classes, and go home without ever getting involved.


The worst thing about my school is that it can get dead very quickly. It is a commuter school so students usually go to class and go back home. There's not alot of activities going on unless you get involved with a club or fraternity/sorority.


There is a very limited availability of classes. This causes most of the undergraduate students to be incapable of graduating in 4 years.


Lack of money. Public school so mny of the necessities are barely met. A few more resources would be nice.




The worst thing about my school is that when you transfer in from another institution they do not consider your GPA as a whols they only hold you to the GPA that you earn after your first quarter here. So there is more presure to make good grades. They hold you to a double standard making it somewhat hard for new incoming transfer students getting use to a new campus and way of teaching. That is one thing that I would like to see changed.


Because of budget cuts in California, some classes are more difficult to register for because they are offering fewer of them.


The worst thing about my school is the fact that it is a commuter school. Many people from neighboring counties attend Cal Poly Pomona which makes it difficult to meet many people if you're not living on campus. There is also no football team, which decreases school spirit.


The worst thing so far is that my school is far away for me. I rely on public transportation to get there and it takes me two hours to get here.


The worst thing about Cal Poly is the availability of some general ed courses and the selection of electives.




The worst thing about this school I believe is the availability of classes taught each quarter. Sometimes it becomes harder for students that are in need of a class to graduate, but the class is not being offered and you are forced to wait another year to take the course. So in order to do this correctly you must consider seeing your advisor and make a plan out your courses so that you do not miss any classes. Because of the limited amount of classes each quarter, things get worst by year.


This school is a commuter school. Given this reason, the majority of students arrive on campus for their activities, and leave when classes are over. The campus is dead after a certain time everyday. The campus is especially dead on weekends. Besides that, the school is trying to make a push to encourage people on campus to open their eyes to the many activities on campus.


Too many people commute so you can't meet alot of people long term.


I believe the policies are never stated clearly for the students. When policies are revised, students are never informed. In fact, they are usually told to the students when students inquire about them. Professors' office hours are very limited and iti is usually difficult to reach professors. Need more of a varieity of night classes for students who work during the day time.


The worst thing about my school is the uphill walks from the varies parking lots. The school has one too many hills.


The location of the Student Health Services building because it is on a corner of the campus map. Also, it is located next to parking lots and buildings that require reaching them by going uphill. In that way, it seems separated from the rest of the campus and inconvenient to get to. Living on campus for the last two years, I needed to walk for at least ten minutes in order to get to the Health Services. It was especially tedious to make that walk when I had back spasms.