California State Polytechnic University-Pomona Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Students that are looking for great hands on learning in a small setting should attend the school. The school is competitive, but offers great learning experiences to their students through smaller classes and one on one experiences with professors. The school is popular for its technical majors, and students pursuing engineering or architecture majors would feel right at home on this campus.


A person dedicated to achieving success in college and future career with their degree. A person that understands the value of an education even if the cost is less than most 4 year univeristies.


Any one should attend this college.


Cal Poly is a great school that accomedates for a variety of students. I believe anyone can do well attending this university.


This school is perfect for the person who seeks the luxuries of the more prestigious universities within a smalller campus community. The quality of learning is tremendous as our engineering deparment is ranked nationally as one of the best in the nation. A recent fact has even shown that one out of every five engineers are hired from California State Polytechnic University - Pomona. A person that is goal oriented, focused, and social will love their time spent here at the university.


Someone, who is not easily distracted because there are many paper work and projects


The kind of person that should attend this school is one that is interested in engineering or architecture. This school is know for having the best program to prepare for those carreers mentioned above.


Someone who enjoys a hands on learning experience. Someone who would like to be apart of a college community.


person who wants to improve their career knowlede and skills.


An environmentally friendly individual who is both working and attending school


A variety of students should attend the school because Cal Poly Pomona is a diverse school that welcomes all students. All the clubs and organizations show how the school is one community and wants all students to become family. If a student likes to get to know great and outgoing people, you should attend this school.


the kind of person that should attend this school is someone who is very open minded and able to allow change in their life.


This school is very diverse and has a great community. I you like to hang out andlike to be around animals then this is the school for you. It is very up to date the library is very nice and a great place to study.


A person who enjoys diversity, small and large class sizes, a hands on way of learning and sometimes the emptiness of a commuter school.


I will say people who wants to build up a people connection in their field of study and people who want to learn what they paid for.


I honestly think that anyone that is a hard working and a responsible person can attend this school. You need to be hard working by not lacking off in your classes and getting the work done. By being a responsible person one needs to take responsiblity of doing the homework for the classes and studying for your tests or final exam. You sometimes need to leave your friends and other things that you like aside thats why you need to be responsible so you know when its best to do so.


In order to attend Cal Poly and be successful you need to have ur mind set to what you want, there is nobody holding your hand and telling you what to do. Regulate how much fun you have with the amount of school work you have, dont have too much fun because it will cause you to fall behind faster than you no it.


When most people here "Cal Poly Pomona" they automatically think engineering. But the school is more than that. Aside from various types of engineers (mechanical, aerospace, electral, etc.) the school is perfectly fit for people interested in agriculture, nutrion, and hospitality managemant. The "hands-on" approach which Cal Poly Pomona takes also makes the school attractive to students who like to delve into their work and really get involved in their studies rather than sit in a lecture hall.


Someone who is open minded and wants to learn in a liberal,comfortable environment.


Students who are interested in receiving a wonderful education should attend this school. It is not a party school but is very diverse and culturally involved. Classes feel more like big families rather than just a bunch of strangers in a class. People who want to study and make life-time freinds would feel right at home.


Incoming students should be responsible, self-sufficient, and open minded. The campus community is very diverse, but not very active. Be capable of entertaining yourself, make some new friends early, enjoy the fancy new library. :)


Students who do want a polytechnic experience and are serious about their engineering experience.


A person who likes small classrooms, interactions with professors and other students, and a hands-on learning approach.


A creative person who is willing to put in hard work and will be rewarded for such endevors and contributions.


A person who is really into math , because 90{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the majors require high levels of calculus


Someone who would like to be an engineer, a vet or a hospitality major would thrive here. Our campus is very relaxed and a lot of fun. It's very beautiful with lots of trees and plants.


Cal Poly Pomona has a very diverse group of students. The people that would have the most enjoyable experience are those that would be willing to involve themselves on campus. There are several ways to get involved at school, but students must be willing to make the effort. The school is a commuter school, so not everyone stays on campus. In order to enjoy their education, as well as the social aspect of their college career, it would be best for a student to take advantage of all the opportunities offered and choose a few that fit them the best.


a very resposible person, who wants to earn a bachelor degree.


Students who learn well by doing and are interested in getting hands on experience in the industry they want to go in to.


Some one who is very open minded and wants a good education at an affordable price. This school is very diverse.


Engineering and Business majors are strong at Cal Poly Pomona so people interested in those fields.


Anyone who is serious about education and willing to think for themselves.


A person that enjoys an interactive learning experience.


Anyone who can do the work and won't slack.


A person that is focused on academics. Cal Poly Pomona is not a "party school," if that's all someone wants, I would not suggest this school. Students still have lots of fun, but academics come first. The staff and faculty here are very welcoming, it is easy for one to get an answer, there are various resources available around campus for all of the student's needs.


One who wants to learn and will be serious about studying and getting involved on campus.