California State Polytechnic University-Pomona Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person who is not interested in learning by doing should not attend this school, as that is the purpose of the school. If you prefer only learning from a book, do not go to this school.


Students looking for arts related degrees should not attend the school because the department is incredibly small. Also, if students are looking to enter a campus with a main focus on campus life they should choose to attend a larger campus.


A person that wants the prestige of attending a well known highly valued college. A person that feels that the more they pay the better the education. A person that wants to play sports like football.


If your thinking of attending my university and you have no sense of humor I would not advise you to go to my university. Seriusness while appreciated in class, some of them at least, is over rated at our school. Also if you are a intrpvet our school is too interactive and people won't let you be by yoursel


I would not recommend this school to conservative students or students who prefer a large school population that focuses largely on research. Cal Poly Pomona is a very hands on school where many of the students learn by using these hands or doing. We are also very open to new ideas and new ways of trying something out.


Cal Poly is a school that is accepting of all different cultures and beliefs. With that being said, the type of person that should not attend this school would be someone who is unmotivated. This schools gives such great opportunities it really would be a shame for someone to pay tuition, and go to class, to not participate or want to be there.


The only kind of person that I wouldn't recommend attending Cal Poly Pomona, is the kind of student that works full time and is hoping to attain their degree in four years. The competition to get into the necessary classes is already high amoung second and third year students. The competition makes for classes to be offered only at specific times, which would mean the students schedule would be constantly changing. The only way to get a degree in four years at this school is to sign a four year pledge, and keep the grades to remain in it.


People who like a crowded atmosphere with numerous amounts of people everywhere shouldn't attend this school. The school actually owns many acres of land, but it is centrally located in a small cluster of buildings. The rest of the land is occupied by agriculture animals and greenery. While there are a few fun activities on Tuesday and Thursday, you can't really feel like you are involved in the school unless you join a fraternity/sorority or an extra-curricular club. Once you do, you will have a fun time.


The type of student to attend this school needs to be able to focus their attention to their work without becoming too completely overwhelmed. The quarter system is quick and demands the work to be done efficiently. Also, the student needs to be able to open up and meet people. The activities on campus are a great way to meet great people and get your mind off of the stress of school work. You also should be confident in your choice of major, there's no time to waste here.


This campus is definitely a gathering of commuters. The school takes honor in thier agriculture and engineering educational programs. Which, I would agree is amazing. You should definitely like a more laid back environment and enjoy a closer knit community. This is not a party school, but you can definitely still have a social experience.


California State Polytechnic University-Pomona tries its best to include everyone but the people who seem to have the best time are people who are outgoing and leaders in what they do. People who tend to shy away from oppurtunities should not look at california State Polytechnic University-Pomona as one of there strong options.


People in fields that this school does not provide. This school has high standards but is very personable. If you are one to hide in a crowd and fly under the radar, this school is not for you.


It is a big commuter school. So, if you want a university feel with a big community, pick another school. Pomona is a scary city too! Regardless, I had the time of my life there and would not do it over at a different school if I had the chance!


People that are most concerned with social life should not attend this school. Cal Poly Pomona places a strong emphasis on academic achievement. In order for this to happen, students must be willing to devote that extra time to their studies. Too much distractions in the life of Cal Poly Pomona students can jeopardeize their academics. Also, people that are not used to a lot of walking may not want to come to this school since classrooms are at a fair distance from parking lots. Also the notorious topography of the school setting, make it tiresome to move around campus.


Cal Poly Pomona is a school that requires people to be very strongwilled and persistent. The school is not overly difficult to be accepted in, but it is harder than other schools when it comes to finishing. Students that are not willing to actively change themselves in order to adapt with the environment will not attain the best possible education, and probably not succeed in class and life, so they should not attend the school. Adaptability is a strong theme of the times, and starting as soon as possible is imperative to survival.


A person who likes to work and study individually. This school and how it is set up makes everything a lot easier when you learn to work with other people and study together.


I would have to say people should not attend Cal Poly Pomona if they want to be part of a social community. This is a commuter school. Don't come here if you want to party and be part of a crazy fraternity.


A person who is not motivated or willing to learn at a quick pace should not attend this school.


Someone who does not like to walk very much because it is quite large and quite a trek to classes.


I would recommend students who are interested in partying and drinking not to attend this school.


A person that shouldn't attend this school would be a person who wants a school with strong school spirit, a school that participates in sports with other schools on a high level. Somebody that wouldn't care about struggling to get classes due to the student to teacher ratio. Somebody that shouldn't attend this school would be a person that does not enjoy hot weather, somebody that doesn't want to drive to get everywhere necessary.


People who do not want a hands on experience and who are not interested in a professional degree.


Someone who likes partying, and drinking


There is a large population of commuter students within our university, since many students live in nearby areas. Our campus is surrounded by residential communities, and a large city not too far away, so we are not completely isolated within a college community. Therefore, any student looking for a small "college-town" vibe at school would probably be happier elsewhere. Big football fans and football players might not want to attend my school either, since we don't have a varsity football team. We do have intramural football, though. :)


person who likes to cheat, because althought there's no strong rules but you are being looked down by your fellow classmates if you do so


Students who want a "ra-ra" college life with football games and spirit.


someone who is very conservative. This school is very diverse when it comes to different ethnities and preferences. someone who has can afford to pay a higher tuition.


People who get into Ivy Leagues and want a strong college experience. This is a commuter school so it's pretty dead on weekends which can be good for studying.


The kind of person that should not attend my school is those that are easily annoyed of non-social activities. Because many students commute to my school, there are not many social activities. The housing available does not suit many people in the first place, which leaves them no other choice but to commute to college. It is highly true that those people that commute only come for their classes and leave which gives them no time to socialize with people or consider various clubs, and organizations on campus that can be in their benefit to join and network.


Students who party all the time, students who don't like the idea of living in the suburbs or attending a school with a farm on campus.