California State Polytechnic University-Pomona Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Very limited class availability in my impacted major. Classes fill up incredibly fast and there is little that advisors do to help students get into these classes.


I cannot recall anything that is truly frustrating about my school, other than the small things that every college campus faces, like the struggle to get into the classes you need.


The wait list status for registering for classes could use some adjustments. Wait listed classes still count as part of the total number of class units you are allowed to take for the given quarter despite the fact it is not guaranteed you will be able to take the class. Makes registering for classes a little complicated.


Classes are hard to get sometimes but thats everywhere right now.


For me one of the most frustrating things about the school would have to be the parking situations. In the beginning of the school year its like of bad. Like unless your amazing at driving and being calm it might be easy but since so many people are enrolled in the fall it can be difficult to find a decent spot. As the year goes on though its gets better.


I believe the most fustrating thing about my school is that if I want to change majors or switch classes it is extremly difficult. There are wait lists and the process can dely being able to graduate in four years.


I am really appreciative that this school has given me the opportunity to enhance my chances of becoming successful. Therefore, I would not be frustrated one bit, but appreciative about attending my future school.


The most frustrating thing about Cal Poly is the administration. The professors are wonderful, but those working in the offices could be a bit more helpful. Because of budget layoffs the school does not have many employees working in the offices. This at times can be frustrating. The administration is constantly under pressure and it shows when approaching them for help or assistance.


The most frustrating thing about my school is trying to get classes. Some of the courses are offered one per year, which makes it complicated to get the classes we need. The times that some courses are offered make it hard to set my whole schedule around.


Sometimes is takes a while for things to get done.


Not getting into all the classes you want each quarter because of budget cuts. Therefore the school is not able to open up any more sessions. So you have to wait until the following quarter to register for that class.


The most frustrating thing about the school is all the construction that goes on all around the campus. Yes some of the construction is neccessary but it should be done during vacation time. Besides the construction, there is nothing frustrating bout the school. It is a great school to attend.


I find that on the weekends I'm usually alone. People leave for the weekend back to their own homes while I'm forced to stay here, my home being in another state. It is even harder to get involved and feel included when people just pack up for the weekend and leave.


CPP is a big commuter school. In my situation, I live on campus with no car and am about 9 hours drive away from my hometown. It makes it hard to find things to do or people to hang out with on campus, especially on weekends. Many of the students live at home in the nearby areas and don't stick around on campus to be social with other students, thus the school itself doesn't provide many things to do.


Currently with the budget dilema the issues in the school are the fact that some students cannot get classes. Teachers are also required to take furlough days (unpaid days) which lowers the salary of the faculty and limits the time students have in the classroom. We have the quarter system and we only have 10 weeks in each class, we need all the class sessions we can get.


The main frustration about my school is attaining classes. I myself would love to take more classes although due to my school's budget crisis they do not offer enough classes to satisfy the students needs.


the most frustrating part of my school has been getting classes that are sometime with teachers that have no enthusiams in teaching. there veiws are sometimes different and tend to be boring at time


I am a non-traditional student, and it is difficult for me (after 25 years in the work force) to be hanging out with students who are younger than my own children. This of course, is not specific, to Cal Poly Pomona; it would be the same, no matter where I was going to school.


Poor parking situation.


Since the fall of the economy, it has been a hassel trying to get all of my classes on time. Although, I am not having as much trouble as some other students. But it is still frustrating to have to wait and hope for a spot to open up in some classes, and praying that they dont get cancelled.


That there is nothing around it and the fact that everything closes on the weekends.


The most frustrating aspect of this school was registration; I found it very difficult to find the classes that I needed . Often times classes were not offered or were full, this led to large gaps in my schedule which impeded me from finding a job position related to my field of study. Another item that I found frustrating was the lack of social solidarity amongst the students.


unorganized professors


The lack of facilities. Some of the colleges need more space and teaching materials to really make the experience awesome.


I do not think that there is any frustrating thing about my school. In last summer 2008, there was budget problem and i didn not get the classes i wanted, that really frustrated me and because of that i left behind one quarter from graduating. There is one more thing i do not like about this school is Finance professors. i don't like the way some professors teach. They would just read off of the power points and never really explain the problems well. But it goes for some not all, overall it is good, i like it .


The most frustrating thing is the number of classes that are available. Due to the recent set of budget cuts, this school can only offer a handful of amount of classes.


there's no life around the school, it takes us 10 minutes to get to our car and another 10 to drive to the nearest cool place to hang out


Getting the classes that you need is very frustrating because classes are always full with many students that need the classes to graduate.


Getting the necessary courses in order to complete your studies is the hardest thing at my school. They even predict graduation in five years instead of four.


Parking Availability.


As a architecture student, I believe that we need a better facilities. The drafting tables are in a really bad condition to use, and we do not have a large lecture hall to fit all students that we have to sit on the floor. The program is great, but definately need a better facilities to back it up.


I think the difficulty in getting classes that are needed. though i had priority registration at all times so this was not my problem but I always heard it from other people.


Finishing up homework and test.


The most frustrating quality of Cal Poly Pomona is getting classes that we need when registration time come around. With a huge number of budget cuts being made, classes were less and less available. It is hard to add a class as well, most professors do not want large class sizes and it is understandable, to want a small class. I feel that smaller class sizes are in our best interest as students. However, more of the "needed" classes should be opened.


No supportive help in future decisions from advisors or professors and the whole school from administration to financial aide is completely disorganized.


Given that it is a public state university, Cal Poly Pomona, among the rest of the California State University system, has suffered from the state buget cuts this past year. Before the cuts, it was difficult enough to enroll into classes. The cuts forced numerous teachers from the science and math departments to be fired. Keeping in mind that original enrollment difficulty, science and math classes were cut in half. To add insult to injury, those classes majorly consisted of general education classes required of Engineering majors, which is what the university is widely know for.