California State Polytechnic University-Pomona Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school would be the amazing community of staff and students that help build your successfull future. There is such a great diverse background that everyone has something unique to offer to each other. It is an experience that cannot be weighed by money or time, it can be just felt within. I have learned not only textbook material well, but also have had great practical implementation with hands on projects, especially following our college mission of "learn by doing."


The classes are very good, and interesting. The hands-on learning idea begins immediatly. The campus is also very pretty.


The best thing about my school is definitely the diversity of the student body. I love being able to turn around and see a student of a different ethnicity each time. There is no possible stereotyping of my school based on a majority of the campus being occupied by a single ethnicity, because the diversity is so great that there is no majority.


The best thing about my school is how interactive the students are with the Professors. The professors I have had so far were extermely helpful and have made the first quarter an awarding experience.


I consider the best thing about my school is the diversity. There are so many different people coming from all kinds of backgrounds, so most people are really open-minded towards one another. By meeting so many people, I was able to learn a lot about different cultures.


The thing that I think that was best about my school was that it was diverse in what it had to offer and the intellects/personalities that I had met there.


I consider the best thing about my school is the affordability and financial assistance.


I consider the environment best about Cal Poly Pomona. There are several gardens, agricultural land plots and areas with animals. Where ever you go, there is always something new to see, even if you've been there a year or two. As well, the community is best. The teachers there are all nice and care for the students, producing a stronger teacher-student bond.


The best thing about Cal Poly Pomona is the atmosphere of the campus. Even when there is a lot going on, it is still peaceful and relaxing. From a club fair in the student center to job fair in the quad to a rally during our University hour there is always something going on for anyone if they want to take the opportunity.


The best thing about Cal Poly Pomona is the great professors they have in the Apparel Merchandising and Management department. Each and everyone are very knowledgable and are willing to help their students as much as they can. The professors are well educated and offer their students great job opportunties not only through the school but also ones they know of personally. Professors in the Apparel Merchandising and Management department are always thinking about the students and what is best for the students. They constantly have meetings that each student can attend several times a quarter.


Cal Poly Pomana has a very diverse and mixed student body, as a result, there are many clubs and student organizations available. In a sense you are able to learn about different cultures on campus as well as meet different types of people.


The best thing about Cal Poly Pomona is how diverse it is and not only in terms of students and faculty who attend this college, but how great each major is. Unlike some universities that really only specialize in a few majors, Cal Poly specializes in many- Agriculture, Biological Sciences, Engineering, and Hotel and Restaurant Management just to name a few. I think that Cal Poly is so unique in this way. Even though Cal Poly itself isn't really a cohesive community since it is a commuter school, it's obvious that the people within colleges are very cohesive.


An incident occurred with my roommate earlier in the year which the administration chose to dismiss, despite multiple housing and university policies citing a "zero tolerance policy" for the sorts of behavior I endured. This sorely damaged my respect for the university. I know this incident does not reflect the entire integrity of the school (indeed there have been many other more pleasant experiences I have had here), but it has cast a bitter shadow on the pride I originally took in my school.


The best thing about Cal Poly Pomona is that it has a lot of different majors to choose from such as Apparel Merchandising and Management to Engieering all in one.


My participation on the Mock Trial Team. I participated in Mock Trial in High School, but I have not done anything like that since 1983. I enjoy the competitiveness of the atmosphere, and the coach is very helpful and I am learning a ton.


Most of our classes are around 30 students. It make it easier for the professor to answer the students' questions and keep them engaged. Being able to sit close to the professor helps you to keep focussed because he can see you and remembers you. It gives you a reason to go to class, your professor knows when your not there. It also helps to build relationships with your classmates. Studying with peers makes a world of difference. I know from experience of group studying compared to when I do not group study.


Landscape. Great places to study and be surronded by friends.


There are plenty of resources, clubs, and professors to talk to. But the best thing that I love about Cal Poly is that it is a "hands on" type of school. Our philosophy is "learn by doing," and I think that is the best way to learn, and be able to apply that to our job.


The professors are the best thing about the school. Cal Poly's motto is learn by doing, which is reflected in the lab courses offered in science and engineering majors, and the required senior projects in most, if not all, of the majors. These types of learning activities would not be successful were it not for the dedicated and knowledgable faculty. Most of the professors in the physics department strive to see their students succeed and are willing to lend a helping hand and some ideas in order to see them through.


The best thing about my school is all of the awesome people that I've met here. Everybody is friendly and it makes college life so much more fun. I know that by coming here I've met some people that will be my friends for life.


The best thing about my school is that it is ethically diverse so there are a lot of backgrounds to learn from.


The encouragement to accept all beliefs


The best thing about my school would most certainly have to be the hands on, polytechnic, approach that the school takes to teaching a variety of different subjects.


the library. because its brand new


The "Learn by Doing" motto. Internships and programs give purpose to your education and help your job prospects after graduating.


The fact that it is a Polytechnic University emphasizes the fact that it focuses on learning by doing, which I feel to be very important especially in today's work force. You will be a better asset to the workplace if you already have some practice in the field and you will be able to be more effective in what you do sooner that way.


The moto is "We Learn By Doing", which signifies exactly what kind of philosophy Cal Poly Pomona has. Classes don't just consist of lectures, but more interactive studies such as group projects, speeches, case studies, and powerpoint presentations. This way of learning helps to improve skills for future career aspirations.


The three best things about my school are the quality of education, affordability, and the unique location. I attend a Polytechnic school, which ensures a "hands-on" approach to learning with small class sizes. Since I go to a California State University, my tuition is affordable compared to other 4-year universities. Lastly, my campus is located close to a metropolitan city, as well as recreational activities like Southern California amusement parks, beaches, and mountain ski resorts. I feel like I am able to get the most out of my college education because of these three unique assets.


The best aspect of this school is the fact that it is a hands on school. Here, students are very focused in their classes and their future. Many students are encouraged to work in groups which is indicated by the many group rooms we have in the library. Our library has the best study rooms and computer lab. On the first floor there is also a starbucks in which students can enjoy while connecting to the internet on the wifi internet access available.


the quality of diversity


The faculty and campus services are definitely the best things at my school. As I have mentioned in the previous question, the professors are very willing to help you succeed. There are also so many activities to get involved in on campus and there is a unity and spirit in the school that I find incredible.


There are various options to major in. The school is very understanding when someone changes their minds about what they want to do in life. Academic advisors are always there for you when you need help planning your next move on your academic plan or giving advice on whether you should switch majors.


The "learn by doing" philosophy and ideology on this campus makes it easier for me to learn considering I need classes to be hands on to achieve. They have a bunch of programs for the students depending on their major. An example is I am a pre-vet major and I have had the opportunity to live at the Arabian Horse Center on campus and work with the horses, Ride for our horse show team (we went to nationals and competed against USC and Yale), and take part in research that happens at the Equine Research Center.


The rolling hills provide a beautiful scenery which i wake up to everyday. It provides a cozy feel and its not to big. The weather is always nice and fair with lots of sunshine.


Great professors and friendly environment, not much pressure as an undergraduate.


The best thing about Cal Poly is the small classes, and the hands on teaching and projects.