California State University-Bakersfield Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The students at this school are 50/50. Some are kind and nice. Others can be complete douches, annoying and are not very friendly. When I first entered this school I got a lot of waves and greetings but as I continued, people stopped smiling and stopped being as friendly. The hello's also became empty whenever they did come around. My advice is to find a group to hang out with or even just one friend who will introduce you to others and open doors for you. Even a professor. It's a big school so there is a chance you will find the right group but it will mainly be within your major. I have met some incredible people here but the magic died when we finished class and now only see each other and wave to each other before we go on our merry ways. In your major, the connections you make and the people you connect with matter. If you join a sport, a sorority/fraternity or star in a play then you can find another chance at making relationships with people of different majors. I have even seen friendships formed from joining choir and/or orchestra (even though the programs are very small). Overall, the students aren't super friendly as they come into this school with friends but there are some that are willing to meet new people. Go to those and make friends!


Classmates are very helpful in the learning process. Students I've met help each other, and myself, to enhance the learning experience. Students display behavior that creates a social and relaxed environment that makes it easy to focus on material being taught. I've witnessed students who know when it is time to be social and when it is time to focus for class. My classmates are always looking to be inclusive and help everybody feel as though they are in a place that they belong.


Since I take mainly online classes, because I work full time, I interact with students from all over the country. It is a neat experience because there are students from all walks of life, diverse opinions one can appreciate. Even though we do not meet face to face we encourage one another, help each other with assignments and form a strong bond through voicing our points of view. This fall I will take my first campus class at Cal State Bakersfield and I'm looking forward to what that has to offer.


The students at CSUB are encouraging and well educated individuals who are inviting and friendly.


Classmates are just classmates.


Classmates are very friendly and helpful, so there is no need to feel intimidated or alone in a class.


My classmates are the most energetic, selfless, and bravest individuals I have ever met.


The students at CSUB are very capable of success.


My classmates are really great. In every class so far I have tried to make a new friend and I have accomplish this because it seems people attending in college have the same goals and they want to feel familiar with one another.


Although most of my classmates are decent people some of the student body executives will make decisions on behalf of the students without votes or any notification


My classmates are all night time students which means they have full time jobs. We are all looking for to finishing school.


Students at CSUB are friendly and energetic. Proof of my classmates' creativity is evident all over campus, in the forms of student art, sorority and fraternity recruiting posters, and charity projects. Even the pen scrawlings on the bathroom doors are inspiring and philosophical! There is a warmth on the CSUB campus that is entirely due to the kindness and approachability of the student body. On countless occasions I have borrowed notes, joined study groups, or had a fellow classmate edit a paper without the slightest social anxiety.


They are very helpful and ready to learn.


Most speak thier opinions.