California State University-Bakersfield Top Questions

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This school is small and has a very good faculty in my program. Everyone is kind and they really do care about your success. They push you to the limit which is new for me and I'm thankful for that. The school is also super affordable to the point where I actually get paid to attend and it offers many opportunities to get involved just as long as you maintain a satisfactory GPA. This school is perfect for those looking into a medical field.


I have compared California State University, Bakersfield with CSU Northridge and CSU Los Angeles; however, they have different programs as well as services in the major that I am declaring.


I picked Cal State Bakersfield because of their new Pilot B.A. Program in Global Intelligence and National Security. It’s a major that is only found in a few CSU's because the program is new to the school system. The program will provide me with an advantage after I’ve graduated and am seeking employment because so few people will have this specialized training provided by the program.


Cal State University, Bakersfield is a very diverse school. One unique thing about this school is that a lot of people you went to school with will also go to this school so it makes it easier to converse with the campus community.


Cal State Bakersfield is unique because it tends to every students need. The classes are small enough for each student to get the attention they require from their teacher. Another good aspect about my university is that the tuition rate is low but the graduation rate is high. Cal State Bakersfield is also one of the most diverse Cal State campuses. Even though my school is not the first people choose when they think about college, it is one of the best. GO RUNNERS!!


The campus is nice and has lots of room. In addition, the school president take a great interst in the school and has been working hard to get teh university in a better standing and is making real progress doing so.


What's unique about my school is that there are different programs that are willing to help students finacaily or counceling.


The unique thing about my school is that it?s one of the best schools in Bakersfield, there are many things you can get involved in, the instructors are nice and helpful and you get to meet new people. The more activities you get involved in the more you'll like going to school, if something seems difficult for their will always be someone there to help, and there is a great guarantee that you will succeed and accomplish on your dream of becoming whatever you set your mind to.


It is on a quarter system. In the past, I have gone to the semester system.


My school's campus is like a little world in itself. It's very different from the surrounding area and there is a beautiful mixture of African American students. Hampton's campus is also one of the most beautiful campuses I've ever seen. Our waterfront is quite unique.