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What are the academics like at your school?


There is general education requirements and there is a lot of them! It's easy to stay on track as you can take summer courses to get ahead and finish your GenEd in two years. Your major also depends on how many GenEd you can take, so keep in mind that it may take longer. Moving forward, in my major everything was too fast paced for me as we had 10 weeks to learn as much as we could. I really did give up quality for quantity. I felt like I didn't learn deep enough in some of the courses that regard my field which truly bothers me. I don't care so much about the GenEd because although they can be interesting and help me in different ways, they won't be the major source of income for me in the future. This may change with the semester system, however. That being said, I hope that the quality of work produced by students also improves. I cannot tell you how many times I have read or seen papers turned in that are grammatically incorrect, make no sense rationally and look like only five minutes was spent working on the paper. It's really frustrating and does not represent our school well. Furthermore, the professors are generally on top of things but every now and again you will stumble upon the professor who expects too much and/or is too sloppy. Overall, academics are EXTREMELY important and will get you continued help, continued support and continued love. Trust me, if you don't do well academically the school does not give you opportunities to succeed and will put you on academic probation where you'll have to take community college classes to get back in. They will also treat you like you don't exist as they do not want to worry about students who do not worry about their grades. THIS IS COLLEGE PEOPLE!!! You should worry. On the other spectrum, if you are an honors student you get priority registration, specific scholarship opportunities and a major focus on you. Basically you need to show them what you can do and they will make things happen for you. Hopefully this gives you an idea about the school's academics.