California State University-Bakersfield Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The food options because they do not have home cooked healthy meal options.There is alot of fast food and the same foods offered every day. They need some variety in their menus, something to look forward to and make you feel the love in their cooking. I am not vegetarian but i noticed that those options are also lacking.They should put in some effort in ensuring that they have options other than ,pasta and salad as well. I would advise that they take a hint from CSU Monterey Bay ...they are awesome!!!


Not having financial aid assistance to cover for all your school funds


I have only been attending Cal State Bakersfield for a week (I transferred from Cal State Fresno), so I don't have much to say about the faculty or the way the classes are set up. My only complaint so far is the parking situation. There are many parking spots, but the lots are usually almost completely full around the middle of the day. It takes me about thirty minutes just to park and walk all the way to my class, which can be very frustrating.


The worst thing about this school is the availablity of classes and the allowed amount of students per class. It is the worst thing because I usually never enroll in the classes that I do want, and with the classes I do get into they do not fit my original schedule.


I wish more students would be involved. Because commuting is so high, many students simply go to their classes and immediately leave after they are done. Only a small handful of students really make an attempt to be involved. It would be really exciting to see a higher school spirit and more active participation in campus and club-sponsored events.


I dont think there is anything wrong with the university


The worst part of my college experiance at CSUB was the front street leading to the campus -- Stockdale -- becomes very crowded around five pm. If you have class around that time it is best to leave out sooner to get throught the campus. However their are also other roads and entances that can provide access to the campus and get you around Stockdale. Also to get from the front of the campus to the back, by car, you have to drive its back road you cant go staight through. This is over shadowed by lots of good qualities offered.


Don't think I'm whining.....goodness knows I NEED the exercise......but the worst thing about going to college is the parking situation. You must get to school really early, regardless of what time your class starts, in order to find parking anywhere near the campus. I now have Arnold Schwarzenegger-like calf muscles to prove my point.....two years and hundreds of miles of walking to class later!


The worst thing about my school is the lack of student involvement.


Because of budget constraints there are less classes, which can make it hard to fit the classes you need into your schedule.


What i consider the worst thing at my school is how people get to choose their classes. They start by highest grade level .


There are many things that I do consider bad about the school. However, one thing I do hate is the communication between the staff and teachers is very low and horrible. I was put through a big "round about" with the staff and professors here; one person would say one thing and then another would say another. Another thing that I hated was how the classes would get full or not enough would be open for students to take them.; which would put students behind in their graduation.


I would consider the worst part about my school is the lack of black sororities and fratenities on campus and the lack of school spirit


The fact that most of our funding goes toward our athletics teams and not so much for the academic setting at our university.


The weather can be a bit ruff. And sometimesI don't feel safe.


The one thing that I don't like about Cal State is that the weekends are DEAD. Also, being a Biology major, I have noticed their aren't a lot of internship programs for pre-medical graduate school students to work with. I currently need 3,000 hours of medical office time to get into the Graduate school program once I graduate and am having a hard time finding an internship to help me do that.


We do not have a school football team!