California State University-Bakersfield Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Consertive white males, going into law enforcement.


People who have the desire to receive their degrre in theire major/s. Also people who have a goal set for their future and ready to accomplish it.


A well determined, straight forward, eager to learn kind of person


Everyone should feel welcome here at CSUB. This campus is very fun, exciting, diverse, and open. The person must be willing to be open to new ideas and new ways of learning. They must be determined, intelliegent, and open minded to criticism in order to fully understand and learn as a student at CSUB. They should be able to converse with other students and become a team leader in order to help others while helping themselves.


People who have no idea what they want to do in college


Anyone who want's to get a good college experience


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone who can learn well on their own. Someone who works well with peers, but is independant enough not to depend on their groups. Someone who is able to complete their education with personal growth and determination


Anyone that wants to keep studying.


A person who can afford a cheap place and loves bad air quality.


The kind of person who should attend California State University of Bakersfield is someone who is willing to work hard and study hard to become someone in life. Someone who cares about their community. Someone who wants to make a diffrence in life as well as in someone eles life. Someone who wants to succeed in life and make their parents proud.


Someone who is serious about aquiring an education and a good career


Anyone who wants to get a bachelors degree in a major that the school has. And anyone that like smaller campuses.


open minded;goal oriented!