California State University-Bakersfield Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person who is looking to major in an artistic field such as design, acting, and general music. This school mainly equips those who are looking to become teachers, medical professionals, professors, phsychologist, and any other practical job within the area the university is located in.


African American males who want to finanically advance in life.


I believe any type of person can attend this school. This is not a big campus so people that originally live in big cities really like it here.


I firmly believe anyone who has the motivation can go to school, so I cannot exempt anyone from attending this school! After all, I'm a 46 year old woman who, in spite of being highly intimidated in the beginning, has just obtained an AA in Liberal Studies. So, I say, "come one, come all." If you want an education, GO FOR IT! Regardless of one's race, socio-economic status, or so-called handicap, education is available. Take advantage of what this awesome country and its educational system has to offer!


Students that are not willing to work hard should not attend this school.


Any major that has to do with water.


A person who likes big cities.


someone that is lazy and procrastinates. . our school is on the quarter system so the school year goes by fast, and there is no time for mistakes or procrastination.