California State University-Bakersfield Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back in time, I would tell myself to invest in my future. Although leaving home may be difficult and it may be easier to go the safe route that doesn't mean that it's the route you should take. You need to grow personally and spiritually. Don't take opportunities that fall into place for granted. Jump at any opportunity you are given to try new things. It's not hard to adjust to college life, especially with a person who enjoys studying in the first place. You just need to gain self-confidence and push yourself to reach new heights. So what if you're parents don't approve. This is your life and you need to stand up for what you want otherwise you'll never get it. Be brave and utilize the gifts you were given. Use your talents to help others and don't be afraid to ask for help yourself.


The first thing would be to do my best. In the first couple years of school there was potential present, however, the issue was not fully living up to that potential. I would forcefully tell my younger self to truly do my best with everything that I do—school and outside of school. This is where I fell short during my first few years of school wished to correct. The second piece of advice would be to pick the right major. Originally, I began as a Film major and switched to Political Science because of the growing interest that I had in it. Since I was only taking prerequisites and general educational requirements at the time, switching majors did not slow me down but it was important to grow into changing my mind as well as my major. Third, to never give up. There have been times when it would have been tempting to stop. However, my uncle, when we were practicing baseball once, accidently hit me with the ball, said something that stuck with me, “It’s okay to cry, but it wouldn’t be okay to give up.” Giving should not and is not an option.


In college interacting with people is a very and important aspect. If I were given the opportunity to talk to myself as a high school senior, I would advise myself to keep joining clubs and organizations because those social skills i've learned, are very helpful in college. Ive noticed in college that those students that don't try to socialize seem to feel alone and those people often fail their classes because they feel lack of motivation or don't know where to get help when needed. If one gets pride in their school by being involved they will go far in their education.


School is not a burden; Education is something that should be cherished. Take every opportunity to emerse yourself in the material you are being taught. The process of learning will be easier if you realize that it is a chance to evolve into a better person. You will find that you are enjoying this process if you are open to the idea that it is a privelege. Every minute in the classroom is brighter when you have the mindset that you are truly lucky to be there. In addition to realizing that the education is a privelege, you must also realize opportunities don't equate to success. An important ingredient to success is hard work. Seizing opportunities is important, but you have to be willing to put in the work. Going to school is not enough, you have to be willing to put in the hours to make the best out of the opportunity that has been given. If you can take remember that you are lucky to be going to school and give everything that you can you will be proud of the results that you get back. Failure is impossible if you put in the work.


I remember myself as a high school senior finishing up my last year and moving on to be prepared for college was my number one opportunity in life, and therefore the transition on doing this was my decision to pursue a degree in Business Administration. In fact, as a graduated from high school, I attended Antelope Valley College as a first-time freshman and excelled in my courses academically and thinking how my college life would be like was brilliant and also making the transition wasn't very easy for me and my family. I will go back in time as a high school senior completing my academic classes for graduation and finishing up my Senior Project with my mentor, who assisted me on my transition about how college would be like when I get there, but it wasn't easier but much harder and challenging. My advice for other disabled students who are planning to attend college, the opportunities are out there if you use the resources and services that your counselors give you once I started my freshman year in high school to completing my senior year. Finally, another advice I will give myself is not give up.


If I had the chance to travel back in time and meet myself as a young enthusiastic 18 year older I would admonish her to perfect the skill of listening. I would tell her not to talk so much, because she doesn't have any of the answers. I would tell her getting into college is one thing, but getting out with a useful degree takes a plan. I would tell her that she doesn't have the time she thinks she has. I would tell her life will change her, and what she knows to be black and white today, will change to strange shades of gray; leaving her hurt, broken and confused. It's hard to dream of a better tommorrow when you are broken, I know because that is what I am/we are doing now. But here's the good news. I know I will suceed-that's the miracle of pain, it causes you to focus on anything but the pain. And focus is what it takes to be successful.


I would tell myself to chose carefully. It is not always about moving far away from home, but it's about the environment that makes you feel comfortable.


I'm 52 years old and tranferring to a university after receiving my AA degree 14 years ago. I would want to myself that without a college degree you will struggle financially and not have many options for a career. I would also tell myself to focus on the future not the boys in Biology class, even though you just lost your dad in 8th grade life will go on and you can choose to go on with a positive attitude or stand still and pity yourself (which is what I did). Since you did not have parental support your counselor could be your best ally and take what he says and do it. Don't listen to the voices in your head that tell you you are not smart enough to go to college, you are just as good as the average person. Having dyslexia can be overcome with hard work, desire and determination.


I was only a freshmen in highschool when my mother past away, it was difficult to stay focus in school. By the time I was a senior, lifewas getting more difficult because I come from a low income family and I thought I couldnt afford college. The advice I wuld give my self or some incoming college students would be regardless of your family income, just dont giver up in school cause theres a lot of help out there.


Go into college with an open mind. Let people see the best side of you. It is your chance to have a new beginning, so remember that you can be a better person, you can be anyone you want to be. College is a time to grow and a time to change, so get out there and don't be scared!


Work hard as i am working hard in college right now


Never fall behind. College life moves at the speed of light; if you fall behind, you will have one hell of a time playing catchup. It's also important to wear sunscreen when riding your bike to school (sunscreen has been proven to prevent premature wrinkling and sceen cancer). You will not regret taking a few minutes out of your morning to apply a thin layer. My advice to you, former self, would be to spend more time on your schoolwork and less time worring about work and possibily losing a social life. It is okay to make mistakes; learning from mistakes makes you a better student (and a better person). Live out loud. Don't be afraid to try new things. Meet new people, and be accepting of thier ideals and beliefs. Get plenty of sleep, exercise regularly, and take your vitimins. And please, don't forget that sunscreen.


The advice that I would give myself is to focus more on school. I was a high school athlete. Playing sports was the main priority for me. When you get to college being an athlete does not really matter unless you are going to be a college athlete.


If I could give my past self advice about college, I would say to never put less than 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} into your work, and always stay organized. Last year, I didn’t put as much effort into some of my classes as I probably should have. For example, last semester I focused all my attention on the hardest class, which for me was Biology. During finals, I spent hours studying for the one class I was determined to pass, but not much time studying for my other three classes. Although it mostly paid off and I passed that hard class, I ended up not getting the grades that I had expected for the others. I believe that if I had been more organized and put my full effort into my easier classes, I may have been able to manage my time better and get some studying in for all my classes, and maybe even have gotten the grades I really wanted.


If I could go back to 1984 I would find myself off campus because I cut a lot of classes to party back then. I would tell her that although she will spend the next twenty years living a lonely, blurry, and addicted life, at 38 years old she finally surrenders and reaches out for help getting clean and sober. This is when her real life will begin. I will say that it’s been a five-year struggle to get a two-year degree. That I have four classes left to graduate and have run out of financial aid. That during those night classes while working a full-time job she will lose her sister to cancer and then four months later find out that she too has cancer, and that the fight she never thought she had the courage to wage was upon her. I am 2 years in remission and want so much to finish my degree. I would tell myself to stay strong through the adversities and to not be so stubborn, to ask for help when she needs it because it’s not a weakness, it takes a lot of inner strength to reach out.


The first thing I would go back and tell myself as a high school senior is take college seriously. No one told me that when I was a senior and as a result I failed to take college seriously. I ended up dropping out of college my first year and struggled for two years until I finally got the unspoken message. That message was to go back to college and take it seriously. This is good advice for any high school senior. As a young adult it is hard to grow up over the summer and prepare for college. This simple advice can guide a senior into that transition. Another thing I would tell myself is submit your college applications early and do not limit yourself. Since I didn't take college seriously I failed to apply for the "good" colleges on time. That left me stuck at my hometown community college. If I could go back and give myself this advice my college experience would have been different. The last thing I would tell myself is to have fun and get totally involved in your college career. Writing this makes me wish I had a time machine.


If I can go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior while knowing what I know now about college life and making the transition I would have a long conversation with myself. First, I would tell myself to understand that school is not just an obstacle in the way of a better paying job but school is on of the best life lesson teacher there is. I would tell myself to obtain a image or an idea of what and who I want to be in life because college does just that. We would talk about the difference between high school teachers and college professors and how you need to learn that not one professor is the same in they way they teach, grade, or view issues. Finally, I would let myself know that in life their are always life lessons to be learned and there are mistakes you must experience yourself, so I would tell myself to go out there and make those mistakes because they will only make me stronger.


Study hard, invest every penny you have in lending club or an s & p 500 index fund.


If you work your hardest and never slack off right now during your last year of high school, college will be less of a hassle and more of a life changing opportunity.


Because I am aware of what I want to do, I would go back in time to give myself advice on what classes to take, what extra-cirricular activities to sign up for and which ones to avoid, and advice to be a more efficient and a better student. I know my career goal is to be a professional actor, so instead of wasting my time trying out for the football team to impress the ladies, I would tell myself to be incredibly active involved with the Drama department. I would tell myself that starting early in drama would not only help my acting career, but drama would also help me out in school. It made me more of a creative person and a fast-thinker. I would also encourage myself to take lessons and sign up for auditions in LA. Finally, I would tell myself what methods helped me in my classes, tests, and projects. I would urge myself to, in addition to giving 110{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c}, totake advantage of every resource and staff available to suceed. I would also tell myself to make great relationships with your teachers because people will look up to you as a leader one day.


"First off, I know you don't feel like you did as well as you wanted on your SAT exam, but there are prep crash courses that you can take. Please register for one, and you will see how much that will boost your score. Also, if you're not planning on taking your SAT 2 exam because you don't think you're going to apply at any UC's, do it anyway. You might change your mind later. Apply at all the schools you think you would love to attend, no matter what anyone says. Don't let people discourage you. If you think living accomodations might not work out, research other possibilities. If there is a will, there is a way. Also, don't forget to research your final goal for school. What do you want to go to school for? Make sure you are well informed about the types of job opportunities out there that you can apply for in the field you graduate in. Make sure you understand the different positions, responsibilities, and pay. And just make sure you don't give up. It's challenging, but well worth it."


In addition to my love for knowledge and learning, my personal college experience has been amplified so much by my campus involvement. I am active in my sorority, and have gained invaluable leadership experience as president of both my sorority and the National Panhellenic Conference on my campus. By emphasizing the intrinsic motivation of attending college to actually learn opposed to the extrinsic motivations of only attending school as a stepping stone for a high-paying career, I find that not only does my GPA raise, but my education is so much more rewarding because I enjoy learning and stress less about my grades. I have maintained excellent relationships with the professors in my school's department as well as my director of student activities. Even if my future career plans don't go exactly how I plan, I know I have gained such a rewarding experience during my time in college, both academically and socially.


I am very fortunate that I decided to attend a university because of the life experiences I have learned. In some aspects, I have came to the conclusion that without moving to college I would have never learned how to properly manage my own bank account or handle my own business without my mom. I have learned how to deal with being in a new environment and living with a complete stranger who is the complete opposite of me. Without any of these things I just mention, I would still be dependent of my mother for guidance and support. Every person should experience the good values of attending school. Now that I am a student at a university, I am able to broaden my mind of simple everyday problems such as racism or violence. I needed this because college is one of the steps to becoming a self sustaining woman in today’s society.


As a child, my dream was to go to college. The general concensus is that children dream of becoming a fireman or an astronaut. I always valued the inbetween step. College is much more than books and lectures and late nights. To me, college is where I have always belonged. The greatest career I could ever hope for is to become a university professor. As a center of constant innovation, education, and evolution, the university is a place for students to come and be transformed. This transformation is what allows human culture to be so diverse. At the root of society, there is always the idea, propelled by the thought, and nurtured by the university. I can think of no better place to have spent these last two years than at the institution which has allowed me to grow individually and simultaneously with my fellow peers. The college experience, my college experience, is invaluable. As a child, my dream was to go to college, and it is still my dream today. I am better because of my education, my personal growth, and my experiences with human culture. College is a place I will always cherish, never replace, and never forget.


I have so far learned life skills, such as studying skills, public/personal speaking, organization and many more.


After graduating High School I moved right into College for an Elementary Education degree. At the time, life was pretty hectic, working two jobs and so forth. I made a wrong decision and decided that school was just not right for me at that particular time in my life. I went right to work. Within the 5-6 years that I took off of school, I got married and started a beautiful family of my own and became a stay at home mom. My oldest has now just started his first year in school and that is when the idea of school really started getting to me again. It became something that I really want to do for myself and my family. To be able to provide for them better and doing something I love to do couldn't sound any better. Teaching children is something I always wanted to do. I truly do feel that teaching our children WILL create a better tomorrow. I was a little scared thinking that I will be an adult student, but on the same note, what a better example to my children-you can never be too old for school.


My parents did not finished college. My two brothers, 23 and 27, did not fiinished college. Attending college gives me the security that I will end up with a good paying profession. That I am on my way of becoming the first generation college graduate in my family. My college experience has allowed me to meet a bunch of wonderful people. It helped me some in strenghtening my confidence and individuality. Because of my general studies, my perception of the various areas of society have expanded, and now see greater career possibilities and opportunities. Attending college gives me a sense of security that I am in action, that I will end up with a great career, it reminds me everyday that I'm dedicated about becoming that strong, self-reliant, successful young woman I'm meant to be. v.b.


I have realized that I am not the only older person going back to school. It is comforting to see people my age and older doing the same thing I am. I have learned to appreciate the value of education, and am grateful for all the help I have received along the way.


The resources at this school are very helpful. everyone is very helpful. i have gained a lot for attending CSUB. I have learned a lot and have made more friends than i have ever had. i would highy recomend this school to any student who want to get a quallity college education and a fun college experience.


My college experience has taught me to never doubt myself and to remain confident in my success. I have completed an Associate of Arts degree in Spring of 2010. However, my dream of a financially stable future ( and a house and three kids) is at stake if my bachelor's degree remains incomplete. I am a dental assistant and plan to return to schoool in January to work towards a degree in dental hygiene. I WILL succeed. In times when layoffs are so prevalent my education will be my most vauable asset. I am elated to be considered for this scholarship to aid in my academic endeavor. Thank you for this opportunity.


The experience i have gain since attending college have been superbly marvelous. It have provided me with insites of many views points of my peers and a basic knowledge that every individual should acquire to be proficient in everything thay might choose to do. At this point in my life being soo young, age sixteen, attending college have been probably the most influential and momentous decisioin in my life. Attending college will help me inprove many of my skills to become a better person. It will help me strive to become the neurologist i want to become.


My college experience yield two things, friendships and a degree that taught me how to critically thing. Studying during college was often collaborative processes; many hours were spent studying with the same individuals in my program. Studying would be done at all hours when we were not in class - as a result of spending so much time tougher a bond between me and my study partners was formed and one that will remain though life. Though the struggle of the program being able to relate to ones fellow students was very important and these feelings and lessons are ones that I take to the real world. To this day we reminisce about our experience in the math program and often talk about studying in the future together and furthering out educations as a group.


My college experience has been valuable because it has made me a stronger student and more independant adult. I rapidly developed my ability to interact socially through joining club activities, and mingling with people from all over the world. Some of my professors and peers helped me develop successful study and research methods. I have also learned that college and life is very challenging financially. I worked two jobs while taking a full-time school schedule, and still had to take a loan to support my education. This workload has taught me to manage my time in an organized fashion. I observed many people in my past; as well as, peers currently on campus who were not dedicated to their educatrion. They are unsuccessful and failing in life. These experiences have made the completion of my education more desirable for the success in my future.


What I have gain is responsiblity in how to mange my time with my homework and work, to ask professor's question, to learn more about my nursing major, and to network with classmates. College has been valuable to attend because I learend that with education I will never advance.


I would definetly tell myself that I should be selfish with my time. That eventhough I feel that I can help so many people and therefore should, I instead need to me more diserning with who I help because there are those who will take advantage. My first quarter I made the mistake of not manageing time and saying no to friends and even family when they needed help. Now when I look back there were many times where they would have done well on their own. That is what I would tell myself.


Dear Self: Are you nuts? Why are you listening to all of the people who think you shouldn't go to college? I don't care if Mrs. Chandler is your favorite teacher and someone you look up to.....she should NEVER have told you that you'd make a great secretary. Has it escaped her notice that you've taken college prep classes for the last four years, and have an impressive GPA? Girl, you turn your back on that woman and anyone else who isn't encouraging you to continue your education (including your nasty little internal doubter) and get your butt to a college admissions office NOW. Know this: you will eventually break out of your shell. You won't spend your life being backward and shy, and college is a great tool for beginning the process. You'll gain confidence with every class you ace, and you'll even find yourself able to question your professors' opinions when you don't agree with them. You'll make friends. Best of all, you'll become your OWN will love who you are. You know you can trust me.......after all, I AM YOU! ';


If I could go back in time and be a high school senior once again, I would definitely tell myself to stay closer to home. I left my home to attend a university that was 600 miles away. I truly regret that decision. Leaving my parents and siblings back in my home town was very difficult for me. I took many months for me to adjust living on my own and not having family and friends close to me. Although I did mature very fast, I learned the hard way that relationships are very important. I would change the decision I made as a high school senior and stay close to my family and friends.


If i was able to go back in time, I would tell myself first of all, APPLY for scholarships. If I would of known more about how your life changes when your going to college and how you have to become an indepent person, I would of applied for more scholarships to ease the stress alittle more than what it is. I also would of told myself, it's time to buckle down, and take education more seriouslly. If i would of known that the U.S was going to be in a recession I would of taken my edcation much more seriouslly. I would of told my self also, Please complete your FASA on time, because if you don't your life and expericence in college, will cause sooo much pressure upon you, untill you will literally feel like dropping out. I would like to tell myself in the past, take the most hardest classes you can, because it forshadows what you will be going through everyday in college, untill you graduate. If i would of known that, life would of been so much easier as a Freshman in college.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school seniors I would advice myself to apply for scholarships,grants, and other ways to get money. This would be because we have fallen in a crisis this years which has made my life a little hard as a full-time student because I don't work and as I try to focus in my school work I find it difficult thinking of how I'm going to buy books and pay additional supplies I need for my education. I didn't think of my expenses before college so I am having to struggle so I would advice myself not to comit the same mistake. I would also tell myself to learn how to study because college ain't quite a thing like high school there aren't any teachers really woring of who passes their classes, but who wants to succeed on their own.


If I was able to give myself advice on the difficulties of transitioning from high school to college I would tell myself that the most important thing to understand about college is do not trust the judgement of the school counselors because they no nothing about what is best for you.


That you should take the opportunity to weight CSU-Fresno, CSU-Sacramento, or CSU-Chico as better options for college, and that a junior college is a better alternative to learning to adapt to a university with a plus or minus system if your serious about a pre-law program.


Assuming that I could go back in time as a high school senior, I would dedicate myself to studying more. I would force myself to read more and get used to doing homework for hours and hours a day. I would tell myself not to get overwhelmed with college and take it one day at a time. Honestly, even though i would give myself this advice, I probably would not take it. Even though my first quarter was overwhelming, I would not change a thing. I got good grades and I like where I am today.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to focus a lot in school, attend school every day and finding more time to study for test. Also, I would tell myself that I should help out other High school student?s by putting them in the right track, keeping them out of trouble and focused in school. The bad decisions you take in high school will affect you in the long run if you choose to go to a specific school or get a job.


What wouldn't you tell yourself is probably a more appropriate question? Having just passed my 10-year mark since graduating in 1999, I have actually been thinking about this question quite a bit. First I would tell myself to set clear, definable goals to be reached withing concrete time frames (i.e., graduate college in 3 years, be finincially secure within 10 years, etc.) and devise a set of criteria necessary for accomplishing those goals. If you don't have a plan, then where are you going? Then I would say to surround myself with people who are successful or ambitious as well. Not only is it good for networking and discovering oppurtunities, but their good habits will also rub off on you. People who don't have goals will drag you down with them. Also, spend your money on the things you are supposed to, i.e., bills, not shoes. Sounds simple, but most people my age have learned it the hard way. And, at last, I would tell myself that the next 10 years are going to be a bumpy ride. Laugh, love, live in the moment. . . but be prepared for the future.


I would have advised myself to put my dreams on hold for 4 years until after I got my degree. Chasing a dream is tough especially if you run into some snags and without a degree to fall back on your footing will continue to be off balance.


Make sure you take the right classes or you'll end up wasting valuable time and money. Buy books used online. It is much cheaper.


Assuming that I can go back in time to my high school years in Liberty I would tell my counterpart to work even harder than I did, I would say that a 3.72 GPA is nothing in College I need to have been more active in clubs and in school. I would have told myself to be more serious in the pursuit of scholarships in order to have enough to pay for tuition and books so I wouldn't have to take out a loan and later deal with the troubles of paying them back. More importantly, I would have told my friend Ivan, then a junior, to have learn from my mistakes, to strive harder, to look for scholarships, and to be more active because he is like a brother to me and I wish him the best. Though I cannot travel through time, I can improve upon the present and future that is why I am bettering myself and helping my old Liberty friends.


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In college studing is the key to succees as well as getting involoved in class discusions so make sure that you develop good studing skills and techniques because they are going to come in handy in college. Also, I know that hear in highschool your like a neard if you get involved in class discustions but in college class discustions is were you learn other peoples oppinions and you get to analyze the truth regarding a subject. Remember College is a new begining , it's like starting from scratch. College is like a blue print to your future, it is where you can make a diffrence in your economic stand, where you have an opportunity to be the best that you can be if you strive hard enough for it . College is hard like everything eles in life, but there is help that can help you with your home work if you do not under stand it or if you are confused. The key is to never give up and keep pushing your ability. You will see that you are able to achieve more than what you think you can achieve just remember skys the limit.


Don't procrastinate. Seriously. And talk to the professors.