California State University-Bakersfield Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The tuition fees


This most frustrating thing was applying because i was new to the subject and it was confusing at some points. But i did get asistance from a representative.


The most frustrating thing was the limited availability of some of my upper division classes. Towards the end of my degree I decided that I wanted to change my concentration, but due to the inability to enroll in the necessary courses I had to continue on my original educational path. I could have made the decision to follow my change in career choice, but it would have set my graduation date back at least six months. I have a family and financially we would not have been able to last another year on one salary.


There is no campus life. It is very much a commuter college. Students come for class and that is it.


When it is time to sign up for classes. There is always problems. Also the finacial aid office are a pain in the butt. They always loose my papers.