California State University-Chico Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Chico State will help you create the perfect the balance between in your life school, work, social events, and extra curriculars.


Chico State University is full of opportunity, experience and excitment for the future, all surrounded by a quaint college town with a stunning backdrop of Bidwell Park.


The school is the best feature in the city of Chico, California.


"Leadership is practiced not so much in words as in attitude and in actions" - Harold S. Geneen (American Businessman, He was CEO of ITT


Chico State provides all students with a great learning environment and offers a variety of opportunities to become involved around campus and in the community.


A place to go to get a degree and have some fun as well.


Chico State has a very beautiful old campus and is full of great people.


Chico State has a very nice atmostphere, the students and staff are very friendly and helpful.


Chico is a fun place to live, and it provides the "best bang for your buck;" it is an inexpensive education that can be of a high quality if you take advantage of all the opportunities.


My school has a lot of energy and sprirt!


Chico State provides an absolutely gorgeous campus for students to peacefully study by Chico Creek that runs throughout campus or gaze at the many trees surrounding that act as a National Arboretum; just outstandingly beautiful!


Chico State is a place to have the time of your life, meet new people, go on numerous adventures, and figure out who you are.


Beautiful, welcoming, and student oriented.


Chico State was in its own world, unique and one of a kind.


The school?s atmosphere is very welcoming and it?s scenery makes one feel very energetic and refreshed. My school has lots of teachers that offers help and group study time after class. The teachers are most willing to help out as good as they can so that their students can pass their classes.


A fun and exciting place where good education can be had by those who try for it.


Chico's investment in its students is present in its small community, the strive to bring forth excellence in its faculty, the endurance and spirit in support of its athletics, the intrepid attitudes facing each challenge of its students, all of which are further proven in the tangible success of an award winning newspaper, Forbes Magazine?s number five slot on the West Coast top five schools, a university striving for a greener and greater cause, and a priority in civic engagement; however, regardless the awards, rankings, boasts, and ravings, the university capitalizes upon an often opposing characteristic: genuine authenticity.


Chico State is a school dedicated to the educational growth, personal growth, and success of it's students and provides numerous opportunities for anyone who wishes to excel to take advantage of.


Chico State is filled with students who like to work hard but also have fun, on a campus that is beautiul all year round.


a school that made me into a better, more mature, young woman...i love it here and would not trade my experience at chico state for anything in the world.


What first drew me to CSU Chico is that it is very beautiful; the campus has brick buildings and hundreds of different types of trees - it is classified as an arboretum - and has a rose garden in the center of the campus.


Chico is a small town with a very diverse setting. The people here tend to be more liberal politically with very conservative surrounding areas. The school has a good mixture of people and basically keeps the town running.


It is a large, green campus with lots of friendly students.


The education is fantastic but it is known as a party school, but the parties are easily avoided.


It is a very beautiful campus that is fairly well organized


California State University, Chico is a small-medium size school that is environmentally focused and has a strong emphasis on social networking team building.


CSU Chico, despite it's reputation, is indeed very capable of cultivating good people of strong morals and perderdurable work-ethics, but they must expect a struggle in order to succeed.


Very laid back but knows how to have a good time, with lots of classes offered and good teachers and friendly students


A beautiful campus


My campus is in a wonderful town, it actually has the College town feel to it, and you don't lose that sense because it is a community of wonderful people, all of us being educated and this campus is the place in which we learn, in order to prepare us for our professional careers.


The campus is generally a friendly environment with helpful professors, staff and fellow peers; it is small, which is convenient when traveling from point a to point b in a limited amount of time, beautiful with brick buildings and a creek running through the middle, and a great place to study or simply relax and escape from social reality.


Chico is a unique mix of competitive students and a large social network.


A small college twon based campus with a plethora of binge drinkers.


Has a very small-town atmosphere where the community members care for one another. TONS of alcohol use, boarderline too much. Professors in my department are WONDERFUL, but I know of departments that do not receive as much help. My department is very goal oriented and commincates student achievement to the highest level. I strongly believe that the education recieved here is only as great as the student wants it to be. TONS of resources available, but need to be attacked by the students. TONS of financial help available if student applies himself and looks hard.


Its a healthy somewhat laidback atmosphere that keeps you striving to become something better in your field just by its reputation and your fellow classmates.


Online is the best.


amazing campus, student body and area to be at, always exciting and things to do for the students


Chico State offers a great all around college experience, and produces well rounded graduates.


California State University, Chico is fun and warm place to attend school with many activities available, friendly people, and an amazing staff of proffessors that will go the extra step for a student.


Chico State is one of the most beautiful schools in the country in my opinion, also a majority of students care and take an active role in protecting the environment.