California State University-Chico Top Questions

Describe how California State University-Chico looks to someone who's never seen it.


Chico State will help you create the perfect the balance between in your life school, work, social events, and extra curriculars.


Chico State University is full of opportunity, experience and excitment for the future, all surrounded by a quaint college town with a stunning backdrop of Bidwell Park.


The school is the best feature in the city of Chico, California.


"Leadership is practiced not so much in words as in attitude and in actions" - Harold S. Geneen (American Businessman, He was CEO of ITT


Chico State provides all students with a great learning environment and offers a variety of opportunities to become involved around campus and in the community.


A place to go to get a degree and have some fun as well.


Chico State has a very beautiful old campus and is full of great people.


Chico State has a very nice atmostphere, the students and staff are very friendly and helpful.


Chico is a fun place to live, and it provides the "best bang for your buck;" it is an inexpensive education that can be of a high quality if you take advantage of all the opportunities.


My school has a lot of energy and sprirt!