California State University-Chico Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Chico State is well known for being a party school but this school has way more to offer then just having fun. Our school is known for their environmental sustainability all across campus such as recycling. All paper products are reused as coffee cups and any other paper goods. Our gym electricity is run on students working out which help power the rest on the gym. Chico State is also known for their College of Business which I am currently involved in. They're putting me on track to one day own my own business.


My school is best known for their sports. At California State University, Fullerton we are known for our baseball, basketball, softball, and many other teams. We have great school spirit and always have a positive campus.




When I attended Chico, it was well known for being a party school. While this may be true, the school has very respectable academic programs. Attending a school with the stigma of being a party school should serve as motivation to work harder and prove it wrong.


California State University, Chico is best know for many great programs including the school newspaper, the Speech and Debate Team, and the School of Engineering. The school newspaper, The Orion, claims to have won almost award a college newspaper could win. The Chico State Speech and Debate Team is one of the best teams in Norther Califorian and always takes home many trophies. The Engineering program is one of the best in the state, they are also no strangers to honorable awards beating rival engineering school Cal-Poly for multiple awards. Chico State is a truly outstanding college.


My school is best known for its great varieties of trees and being a part of the Up 'Till Dawn program.


It's diversity. At Chico, everyone is different from eachother, making it even more interesting to meet new people or gain new friends.


Though many people believe that Chico State is only known for partying and non-stop drinking it is not at all true. We are one of the top green efficient schools in California. Graduates of our University are in the top 20 schools of people most likely to get hired. Also our school is very proactive in student orgaizations and Associated Students run half the school organizations.


Although Chico State is know for its "party life-style", I have found it is not like that at all. Chico State is know for its sustainability programs and the work the students' do to raise money to help support the community and non-profit organizations.


Chico State was rated one of the top party schools on Playboy's venerated list.


It's dedication to sustainability and to community service.


Honestly, my college is best know for the parties, so try not to get too wrapped up in them. Have fun while in college but remember why you are here, to get an education, so pay attention to the other things the school is know for as well, like great business, kinesiology, and agriculture programs, friendly students to form study groups with, and diverese cultural events.


Honestly most people who hear about Chico State assume it is one big party. Unfortunately they over look the many better things Chico State is known for. We have raised almost one million dollars for "Up till Dawn" which donates to St. Jude's children's hospital and also the CAVE program here is well known for helping with many different parts of the community. Also Chico is a very "green" school and does its best to recycle and reuse things. I think that people need to not judge a book by its cover and see what Chico really is.


CSU Chico is best known for its partying, but also for it's quality education for a low price.


My school is best known for being a party school. It gets annoying fast when the first thing you hear out of everyone's mouth when they hear you go to Chico is "I bet you know how to party," or "Oh, that's just a drinking school." This school is fun, but is very difficult to keep a high GPA. I think the balance that Chico delivers is very hard to mimic and helps its graduates once they get into the "real world." We have an extremeley high rate of alumni with jobs with 6-digit or more salaries.


Chico state has recently lowered the gpa and increased the tuition, making it better known for the increase in students from southern california.


Being a close nit small school that is accepting and for some partying


People often think that Chico State is a synonym for "party school." Yes, people do enjoy there parties here, but that is not all that Chico State has to offer. It is well known for its Business, Recreation, Liberal Studies, and Agriculture programs. It also has a great Construction Management program. Career fairs take place often and the faculty here wants you to succeed and helps you to do so.


Partying, Being a green campus, good pyschology program, good credential program


My school is best known for its beautiful campus and small college town environment.


Business Admin, Engineering, Liberal Studies


Engineering and nursing.


Partying, good Business school, being in the middle of nowhere, definite "college town" atmosphere


The school is known as a party school! But most recently, we have been named top 10 green school.