California State University-Chico Top Questions

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One of the things i like about the school, is that you can go there to get a highschool diploma there.


The emphasis on group work, the sense of trial-by-fire due to our reputation and the easy going yet appropriately rigorous nature of the campus.


Compared to other school the thing that is most unique about my school is that we have a university farm. Most schools do not have a farm and they do not give students the opportunity to have a tremendous amount of hands on experience. There are also many other opportunities that my school gives such as internships, and advice to help them choose the right path.


Its a low cost living college for people in California.


Chico was a very tight-knit community. It was not a commuter school so everyone depended on each other and made life long friends. If you could not go home for the holidays of even weekends, others were willing to have you over or invite into their family. It was very very easy to find friends.


It has a small town feel that gives a strong campus pride to the students.


Chico's University Farm is not only amazing, but it's a great place for an education. The farm is student run, which means that the food is produced by Chico students, then eaten by other students or members of the community. With a dairy farm, a meat lab, a swine unit, and acres of fruits and vegetables, it's no wonder why Chico considers itself sustainable.


We are the only really college town left in California. Downtown literally runs into campus and everyone living around the school is a student. We still have small classes and the campus is beautiful. We still have traditions and it is a very community feel.


The Chico community is centered around the state college, providing an excellent environment dedicated to it's students school career and future success. Chico State University was the choice for me because of its dedication and focus towards it's students. The counslers and department heads provide excellent support and guidance throughout the year. I chose Chico state not only for it's wide range of courses offered, but for it's community service opportunities. This school is not only centered around its students but also around the community it's in.


The fact my parents are almuni of the school and the always talked about how fun and nice it was in chico. Which was essentially the only reason i knew about and applied.


It's a residential campus, placed right in the middle of dowtown so it's accessible and makes you feel apart of the community. They have an amazing education program there for aspiring teachers, which the primary choice! And, the surrounding scenery provides excellent opportunities to go hiking, swimming, bike riding and to hang by the river.


The location to downtown


They teach you to work hard, and balance a social and personal life.


Chico State is different then most other schools because when you walk outside of the classrooms or buildings you are surrounded by nature. This inviting enviroment compliments the tone of the students, who are very friendly. I have never been to a place where so many peers smile at each other and truly strive to make a difference. There are a multitude of volunteering oppurtunities for the community that everyone jumps to get involved with. Overall Chico State is a very nice place to be and a nurturing enviroment if your ready to make a difference.


The atmosphere in Chico is of a friendly sort. As well as the scenery being serene. The campus is covered with trees, in fact the campus is actually an arbotoreum. I also liked the buildings; they are so diverse in structure and they each have a story behind them.


Everyone here gets along very well, the environment is relaxed but studious and it's an absolutelty beautiful campus compared to other colleges. The study abroad office is very organized as well.


everyone is nice, chico is beautiful, and you can make friends anywere.


At Chico State there is a very small town feel to it, and that creates a friendly atmosphere. Chico state is very liberal and enviornmentally savvy, which I love.


It is one of the last college towns. Its perfect for undergrad because you are surrounded by students. There are more than 300 different tree species on campus alone!


There is a variety of ethnicity throughout the campus and town.


It is one of the last few college that is still truely a college town, in the sense that, the school, downtown and students all live with in the same few blocks.


Chico is unique because it is a complete college town and everybody that lives there is very relaxed and carefree.


Bidwell park, downtown, and the college of business is top notch; we use SAP software, thats one out of five colleges in the nation that have it.


its a small town


Chico is the best institution west of the Mississippi in Construction Management not to mention the 4th ranked nationally. Also their Cross Country and track teams own Division 2 and could compete with most division 1 schools.


The professors in my department at Chico State put their students first, they want very badly for their students to succeed. This is not to say that they make it easy, because it is a very difficult major.