California State University-Chico Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my school is the tainted reputation is has from a small group of students who are just attending university to party. Chico State is a great school with really strong academic programs but because a few people came here and acted crazy in the name of College it has a reputation as a party school. Hopefully people begin to see students like myself and so many others who are truly attending college to better themselves and the world around them.


Chico State has always had a reputation as a party school. In recent years there has been an effort to minimize this activity and reputation. Despite this effort the party scene is still quite prevalent. I would consider this a drawback as it serves as a distraction to my studies. Loud music and loud people do not make for the best environment to study. Even with these distractions it is still an excellent university, with the "party scene" being the only reaL drawback.


The worst thing about CSU, Chico is it's reputation for being a party school. In truth, it's better than it used to be and not much different from other college campuses. Those who visit Chico because it is a party school are the problem. The party school reputation only invites those students who don't take college seriously or just want to party. Our school has won awards in leadership, career training, volunteering, and sustainability. But people don't think about that when they think about CSU, Chico. Our party school reputation overbears all other great accomplishments.


The worst thing about my school is the reputation that it has for being a party school because of past history. Due to this, people do not take the students of Chico State seriously or the university. However, we do many things to counter act this reputation and we have slowly been taking away this reputation.


I had a great experience at Chico State and can't think of the "worst" thing about this school. As a matter of fact it was and continues to be a great place to attend.


The worst thing about my school is that is outside and during the winter the weather gets pretty bad. I grew up in southern California so i am used to the warmth. Up here is the complete opposite, it rains a lot and is very cold for a good period of time.


a proffessor i had. he treated me like a low dog on the totem pole


I would consider the strong alcoholic atmosphere to be the worst thing to happen to this school. It has been this way for many years and it has a considerable negative impact for the the people who partake in this activity and the families who live in this area. Drinking of this nature promotes poor mental and physical health which absolutely affects ones academic capabilities.


There is not much to say bad about Chico State the worst thing I have encountered is the amount of people in my biology lecture that did not allow personal questions to be asked because of the limited office hours that the professor had.


The worst this about Chico State is the amount of partying that goes on. A lot of the students do not have to work or pay for anything while they are attending Chico State and it seems like they do not take school as seriously as others. This makes it difficult when you are put in to a group for a team project.


The most disheartening phenomenon I observe at school is the culture of college in our country, where students seem to slump along on their parents generous sallaries without a real desire to attend school. I would love to be surrounded by a culture of young adults in education who are thriving and excited to pursue their dreams.


The worst thing is that there is not a diverse student/faculty population. Although Chico State's goal was to bring diversity into campus, it did not happen.


The off campus life needs to offer students more. It seems like the community in general is hostile to the students and it causes students to drink too much.


One of the worst things in my univeristy is that the library is close early on Fridays and on the weekends. Many students like to go to a quite and peaceful environement and due their homework. Also, students use their weekend to catch up on homework and finish upcoming homework assignments such as group projects. I know this for a fact because Chico State had "sit in" protest a couple of weeks ago; students expressed their fellings by staying in the library after the library was close.


Alcohol is such a distraction for most people


It's reputation. Everyone thinks Chico States is a huge party school, but it's really not. It's only a party school if that's the experience you want it to be. To be honest, every college has as many parties and the problems that come with them as Chico does; it's just not publicized and well known because CSU, Chico is located in a smaller city compared to the bigger cities other universities are located. Chico State should actually be known for its progress toward environmental sustainability.


The advisors suck


middle of no where


My school had a past reputation for being a party school that didn't fit with today's reality.


I dislike the fact that people think they have to get drunk to have a good time.


bros and hos. Once you're here you realize theres this big 'party school' mentality and sometimes its hard to find people who break the norm.


Party school reputation will never live down.


The push to party


The worst thing about my school is that it is far from the nearest metropolitan city and the acitivies here are limited to a small number.


The "party school" image that people have on it.


Students at the school do not take their classes seriously. They are always out partying and never sleep.


Chico is famous for drinking. I think this perception of the school attracts a lot of students who just want to party. That wasn't the reason I choose Chico and it isn't the reason most people choose Chico. When something happens that involves drinking like a students death or a riot down town most students react with empathy for the community because Chico is so much more that a drinking town.


Although Chico has been growing over the past years, there is still not much diversity around the campus. What little diversity we have here, it seems like everyone stays within their own racial groups and do not feel the need to branch out to others.


The lack of security. Alos I think that the students drink entirely too much.


By far the worst thing about Chico is the way people assume it is because of the reputation Chico has, excuse me... had. Chico is a great little city and an even better place to go to school. There i so much to do here other than party, which mot poeple dont get. Chico State is a great University and often I don't believe Chico gets the credit it deserves for being a quality institution, not just a party school.


I think the worst thing about the school is that when you have a problem, you often have to talk to several people that either don't know very much or give you misinformation. It sometimes takes a while to be sure of you are told.


I just don't feel at home at this school. It's just not for me. When I'm by the ocean or in the mountians I get this feeling. I love where I'm at and it's just easier to do things and be around people. It's just that this school is close to my home and was one I could afford. I would love to get enough scholarships to be able to try another school and find a place I love and feel at home in. Thank you for your time and consideration.