California State University-Chico Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of California State University-Chico?

Is California State University-Chico a good school?

What is California State University-Chico known for?


Chico is a beautiful school, with red brick buildings and enough green, leafy trees to actually qualify the campus as an arboretum. The curriculum, specifically speaking from a Business major standpoint, is challenging but with very clear real-life applications for what you are learning. Nestled in one of the few remaining "college towns," it can be very easy to get oneself lost in the small-town life instead of the University one. That all being said, there are parts that I, personally, find less than favourable. The recent controversy over the parking structure, for example. Every morning there's dangerous, polluting deadlock to find parking spots in the sole parking structure available. Thus, to alleviate this problem, the Board proposed and laid foundations for a new, LEED certified parking structure. The hippies and people with terrible priorities went utterly nuts. Of course, most of them biked in because they were able to pay for housing near to the school, so they had no idea about the issue, as students come from Redding and other towns pretty far from chico and need to drive, thus making the second parking structure kind of a no-brainer. Anyways, aside from the fee hikes, that was the biggest thing going on, along with our own "Occupy" movement, quiet though it was. Chico is a great school with a lot of varied opinions and viewpoints. That pretty much sums it up.