California State University-Chico Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The type of person that should attend this school is someone who is self-driven, motivated, and loves to learn. Also, a person who is friendly, out-going and active around others.


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone who likes meeting new people and ready to just be open to different things. Those who love trees and great sceneries should also attend here because Chico is basically covered in treees.


Anyone who doesn't wish to go to a four year college.


The type of person that should attend this school are people who are determined and well focused because if they use the skills that they learn they will be able to get far in life. Also the kind of person that is willing to do the work because Chico State gives you the tools to do the work yourself, but it is your duty to complete the work.


Someone who loves to be involved on campus, has the dedication to commit to school work during the week but willing to have fun on the weekends, someone who loves the environment and appreciates it's beauty.


Laid back people who care about their education, the environment, and making friends.


I cannot say, I haven't attended this school yet.


Anybody should/could attend this school. But, if I was to describe a type of person, it would have to be someone who likes a campus that has a lot of nature on its campus and surrounding areas, a good social seen on and off campus, a lot of sport affiliations and activities, and academic programs for students to get into for future careers.


Chico State is a very social college. People who are out going and like to have fun fit in well here. Students tend to go out almost every weekend, but still leave time for homework and school projects. Students age ranges from 18 to 50 and there is a wide variety of cultures. The college is mostly liberal and being enviromentaly friendly is high encouraged. Overall, a wide variety of people fit in well at Chico State.


Chico State is a school with students that enjoy furthuring their education while building life long relationships.


Anyone should attend this school it is very diverse and I don't know anyone who has a hard time making friends. The social life is fun and the school is small enough to where students can easily get help from proffesors personally.


someone from any place who wants to meet friends that will last a lifetime. a person who is willing to live in a different place from what they are used to where they can emotionally grow into a more well-rounded individual. people at chico state are unique, outgoing, engaging personalities who have an appreciation for diversity , a sense of community, and the outdoors. someone like myself who is willing to go outside of their comfort zone and get the "true college experience" by breaking away from their highschool norms yet still connect with people with similar interests.


The kind of person that should attend this school is the kind of person that wants to; this is for whichever reasons he/she has. Attending this school can be for the following persons but not limited to: those that have a dream, those that wants to go far in life, those that wants the extra education, those that wants to be educated, those that wants to be future leaders of their country, and the kind of persons that can be ?students.? Last but not least, the kind of person that is just willingly to do the work.


Chico State University is welcoming of all different types of people. Chico, as a city, has a small town feel and is a close knit community which supports the university and its students. Chico State is great for people who like the outdoors because of its wonderful scenery and nearby Bidwell Park that has awesome hiking, biking, and swimming spots. Chico's student body as a whole is welcoming and warm to new students and is the perfect environment for socially blossom.


Someone who likes to balance academics with a rich social life but has the will power to not let drinking interfere with what you're really there to do: get an education.


Friendly and outgoing people, willing to join in and have fun!


I believe the kind of person to attend this school is someone who is laid back, social, friendly, ambitious, driven, and studious.


Someone who is sociable, friendly, likes to interact with other students but also wants to get a good education and good job after graduation


Someone who does not mind going out and having a good time but also takes school seriously & attends class. Someone who is very friendly and always willing to help others. A good leader! I partied alot my 1st 2 years but then cracked down & now it is very hard to find people who do not want to party, so chose your friends wisely...and if you are a girl, never go out at night alone or walk alone anywhere!!


Students looking for a small school who want to stay active should attend CSU Chico. This school is perfect for people who want to get involved. From fraternities and sororities to active clubs and intermoral sports along with programs in th resident halls and other organizations that focus on giving to the community students are able to find something they are intersted in and put their heart and sole into making it worth wild.


Anyone who wants to go to law school, because the pre-law program is great, or people who are very social and like a small town feel.


Someone who wants to have an active social life, but also enjoys the outdoors and the environment.


Anyone who can study and party at the same time. .. But no pressure, if you are here just for education, you will love it . It's is up to the students how they want to pursue their academics


someone who likes a sense of community