California State University-Chico Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I believe that someone who is looking for a more conservative campus should not attend this school. If you are more reclusive than this school may not be the right fit for you since the atmosphere is extremely social


I strongly believe that anyone should attend this school and it is not right to single out any persons who may not be a "good fit" to this campus.


This school is one of the friendliest schools i have ever been to. It almost certain that you are going to make at least 10 friends by the end of your first week of college. So if you are the type of person doesn't really like making new friends or talking to people then this school isnt really for you. Also if you are the type of person who dislikes walking or riding a bike then this school isnt really for you because almost everyone here rides their bike to school.


Students that cannot adjust to new environments and that are introverts should not attend this school. Also people who love the fast city life should not come here because is a small slow town .


A variety of people should attend this school. CSU Chico is a very diverse school and it offers many opportunities for each student.


People who do not party, or go out all of the time. It is clearly a college party school.


I don't think there are guidelines as to who can or can't attend Chico State. This school has so many different programs and organizations that anyone is sure to fit in. The people here are outgoing and friendly, so you are sure to recieve plenty of smiles on your way to class or simply walking around town. In my short time here I have become involved with the schools SSS (student support services) program and FLO (freshman leadership opportunity) and have met some incredible people and I am looking forward to my next 4 years here.


People who are timid about speaking in front of large groups and people who do not like working in teams would probably not like attending CSU-Chico. A majority of my undergraduate classes required either group projects, oral presentations or both.


If you are the kind of person who does not have very much self motivation, CSU Chico probably isn't the best place for you. Because of its reputation for being a party school, CSU Chico has the tendency to attract students who lack discipline in both their social and academic lives which could easily influence a new freshmen who does not have a strong constitution.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend is one who wants to be driven and focused on getting a great career after school. Chico State sets us up for success but doesn't necessarily guide the way. The school isn't focused on sciences, math or the arts very well. It mostly caters to business and communications majors (which incidentally helps me out!). If you plan on getting a career in theater or film, look elsewhere.


People who are not serious about college should not attend CSU Chico. They would feel out of place and would take advantage of teachers who want to see them do well.


You shouldn't attend Chico if you are a strictly academic homebody who doesn't enjoy blowing off steam on the weekends by hanging out with friends or taking a hike in a beautiful park. Also, if you are a fan of huge metropolitan areas, Chico isn't the place for you either.


Personally I feel that there is a place for every type of student at this school. There are so many different organizations and clubs to get involved in to find your place in the community and Chico is such a diverse campus. The only way you would not like Chico is if you are looking for a huge city school with 100,000 students. Chico is the perfect college town where you can walk off compus and right into down town. It is a beautiful and relatively small community where everyone finds a sense of belonging.


Chico has a diverse student enrollment, but I would advise those who are coming to "party", not too. Your education will get lost and you will flunk out. If you're coming to Chico, come for the education, not the parties.


Those who shouldn't attend this school are those who do not take their studies seriously and goof off. California State University of Chico is a very serious school who has great staff and students who care and want to have a wonderful careeer.


A person that is not self motivated or driven to achieve maximum success.


The kind of person that shouldn?t attend this school is the kind of person that lacks off in life and in everything he or she does. If you are those people who don?t care about life and are careless about others then you are the kind of person that shouldn?t attend this school. To attend this school you must not be the kind of person that lacks off in life (laziness). Lacking off, being careless, or being lazy just does not apply to school but also ?everything? you do in your life.


The type of person that I think wouldn't fit in at Chico State would be a person who was introverted, not willing to meet new people or try new things. From my experience, this has been a friendly and helpful campus for the most part. I think it is easy to fit in at this school, and just about everyone is willing to meet, and continue to meet, people when they first come and as they go along in school. It would be hard not to fit in here.


A person that does not like to socialize and be able to have fun on the weekends after doing homework during the week.


People who are friendly, outgoing, and like to have fun while learning.


first find friends that keep you sane, then learn how you study and learn best, play to your strengths!


Medical career majors, mainly because this school doesn't offer any medical training.


California State University, Chico is a very welcoming university. It carries the burden of a heavy reputation as a party school. Although we do have students who drink and party, it's up to the student wether they choose to focus on school, partying or find a way balance a fair schedule. Chico is a school for anyone who needs to try something different from the surroundings they are used too. When I left my high school, I was nervous and expecting a harsh college experience filled with compeitition. Coming to Chico helped me find out otherwise.


Chico State offers the best of both worlds. If you come from a really metropolitan area, you can experience "small town" life , but still be within driving distance of some major cities. If you come from a really small town, you can get a taste of "big city" life without feeling completely overwhelmed.


People that don't want to do their homework or study.


Students who don't care about the Chico community and the people who live in the city should not attend. Also, anyone prone to criminal activity should also stay away. Research based learners.


Someone who is chill, likes living in a rural environment, likes to be social while getting a good education and preparing for your future career and likes to have fun.


The kind of person that is not very social because this campus thrives on being social with other students. Also, uptight students because Chico is a very relaxed place where pretty much everybody gets along.


Anyone who is interested in meeting new people wether you are outgoing or not. Anyone who wants to be in a party atmosphere. Anyone who wants a smaller campus and a college community.


Someone who doesn't drink.


Someone who is not going to be challenged by the accademics. Someone who really likes a quite, laid back life style.


A person that is used to a big town shouldn't come to this school, it's kind of small. But if you are into partying, so is the majority of this school. There's not a lot to do here, you can hike and ride your bike. But for concerts the best ones are like an hour to two hours away. It's really clicky and there are a lot of frat kids running around and they only associate with other frat kids. So if your into that it might be an awesome place for you. Not me.