California State University-Chico Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about my school is that are hardly any jobs available. Being a freshman with no car makes it hard to get around. Therefore, an on-campus job would be ideal however; the students with work-study have a huge advantage over those who do not.


CSU, Chico is in the middle of no where in California. This makes it hard to adjust to the school when you first move there. It takes a good year or more to appreciate the community and the school.


It was rather difficult to find a job in the area. If you did not get hired in early August, chances are that you would not find a job, other than maybe something seasonal.


Probobly not being able to get a job on camput since I am a freshmen they give the jobs to the seniors first


The most frustrating thing about Chico State would probably be the ongoing reputation of it being a "party school." It's so frustrating to me because I am a serious student wanting to graduate from a good 4-year university that provides my major (Pre-nursing onto Nursing) and Chico is a great school for that! The school isn't providing the parties, the students are!


The reputation. i am afraid that when i go to apply for jobs they will think i did not take my education seriously because i went to Chico State.


The campus size is frustrating. Most classes in a particular major are clustered in one area, but general education classes can be spread out all over the campus. The ten to fifteen minutes is not always enough time to travel between classes.


The weather (which no one can control), its either 100 degrees or 45 degrees so students are either burning in the summer walking to classes or freeze in the winter.


Being a somewhat smaller school, it can be frustrating trying to make a class schedule that 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} satisfies all your needs. I get most of the classes I want but the times aren't always the most convenient.


I would not consider school frustrating. I really enjoy it. The frustrating thing for me was the impact on my schoolwork by a medical condition that affected both my memory and sleep pattern, which in turn played havoc with my performance in my classes.


I think the most frustrating thing about my school is its reputation as a party school. Yes, many students here do binge drink and often party too much, but it is hardly the majority. Many students have focused academic/career plans that require responsibility and focus to adhere to.


The most frustrating thing about my school would probably be the result of budget cuts. A lot of class times were cut and it messed up my schedule that I had planned to take in the spring semester.


Expectations for students' academic performance.


The most frustrating thing is that a lot of the students don't take the classes seriously, so the professors take a lot of time catering to those students and end up slowing down the learning of the rest of the class; this causes those students who want to learn to lose interest and compromise their GPAs.


That it is located in California. The whole state is messed up and the California education system is getting hit hard. I feel like if anything, the schools should be the last place they take money from, and the last place they expect more money to come from. I am tired of classes being cut, my class size expanding, my class time being cut, and I dont know what I will do if they raise my tution again. We are the future and they are making it harder to be a good one.


I was most frustrated with the huge emphasis on career focus within my major rather than learning for the sake of learning. True, most students who go to college now are career focused, but in the state the job market is in right now, it's hasn't got new grads very far after graduating.


Too many things are always going on, too many organizations and activities.


Not a whole lot to do on the off time of school.


The administration. These people's salaries are basically paid for by you, and yet they treat you like stupid children who have no idea what you're doing, when in reality they're the most unhelpful, unsympathetic, rude and unintelligent people I met on that campus.


All of the red tape that you have to go through to get anything done. The extremes to which the president and some faculty go to try and clean up the reputation of the school at the expense of the current students.


Its a personal problem but, that all my friends are leaving. I've had two friends leave from serious depression and one is transfering.


The most frustrating thing about California State University, Chico would have to center around transferable credits. I had previously attended California State University, Stanislaus for my freshmen and sophomore years of college and lost over a semester of credits when I transferred to CSU, Chico. The lost credits compromised my academic career. My grade point average was skewed due to the absence of high scores that were not transferable, I was essentially behind a semester, and financially lost out because the previously purchased classes did not count toward my bachelor degree.


being a small town jobs/interships are not in abundance, especially if your looking for a job/internship related to your major.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the problems encountered when registering for classes.


The most frustrating things about my school is that people think it's a party school and everyone here isn't serious about thier education, when in fact students here are among the brightest of all the CSU's and they get great jobs upon graduation.


The only thing I can think of is that there is not much diversity. In my entire nursing class there is only one black student and two Hispanic students, including myself. I come from Sacramento, which is one of the most diverse city's in the nation. I went to school with people of many different nationalities and enjoyed the cultural diversity. Going to Chico has made me miss that.




The number of people who only know how to have fun if they're drinking.


after i earned 5/5 on my calculus AP test in highschool, but CSU chic took an entire semester to enter it into their system, so after i had already retaken calculus 1 and gotten an A at the CSU they took away my A in the class and then replaced it with my AP scores and inturn dropped my GPA .4 that semester


There isn't too much that I'm frustrated with about Chico. However playing a sport and attending class does get a little tough sometimes. I wish I had some more time to go out and do some things "typical" students get to do. There are plenty of outdoor activities around Chico that I would love to take part in.


Lack of cultrual/ethnic diversity. Also campus could put more focus on eco-freindly and concious behavior by the student body.


Alot of students don't seem to be focused or serious. It seems to be more about partying and drinking than studying.