California State University-Chico Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I consider the best part of Chico State to be the small classes offered in the Communcation Design department which allows more one on one from professors. I also believe that the great oppurtunites to get involved on campus are encouraging to students.


I woud say community involvement is the best thing about our school because it gives students a chance to get out there and help people who really need it and you get to go new places and it really does make you feel really good about what you are doing.


The best thing about my school is the having the benefit of a college town and getting to run into many classmates on and off campus. it gives you the oppurtunity to do activites together after classes. For example attending a spin class together to stay fit or eating in downtown chico, which is literally next to the campus.


The classes are small; for the students who want to get involved, meet people, and get to know their professors, this is the place to go. Most people are friendly, outgoing, and kind.


I love how many different activites there are for people to join in. There is always something for everyone, no matter what you enjoy or what you're like.


The best thing about California State University, Chico is the newly built gym. The gym is amazing! There is so much space and equipment. There is an indoor track, basketball courts, rock climbing course, swimming pool and hot tub, weight room, cardio room, and there are also exercise programs such as yoga, pilates, and spinning. The locker rooms are large with lots of privacy. There are always lots of fun activities occuring at the gym, such as movie night out at the pool with popcorn and drinks provided. The gym is free to all current students!


The incredible amount this community gives to each individual to learn and find oneself without judgement. People take pride in their work and promote their beliefs, and many dedicate their lives to how they can help the planet and help others. It is very welcoming and everyone has an equal chance to succeed and find their personal interests. This school helps one succeed academically and spiritually.


It has alot to offer lots of different classes for everyone. Its not too far from most major cities, good teachers lots of grants for the students, a great gym lots of movies free for the students, good food, great people.


The faculty and staff was very helpful and always willing to help which made the whole experience very educational. I made a lot of new friends and learned a great deal of things about different aspects of life.


The best characteristic of my school, apart from its location, is the inspiring and helpful nature of the staff and my peers. This is important because what drives a a student at his or her very core is a sense of belonging and purpose.


Chico is the epitome of a college town; however, it is not due to the sudden freedom that accompanies such transitions into a life of independence. Instead, the best quality of Chico is the coheasive relationship between its community and its students. It is more than a temporary place from home. The Chico community fearlessly envelops its new family members, partnering with the university, together striving to support its 17,000 children and prepare them for success. In turn, Chico provides endless opportunities to give back to the community, activively participating in festivals, farmer's markets, internships, and volunteer work.


I believe that the best thing about my school is the community. People at CSU Chico are very friendly. It helps the transition from high school to college a lot easier. The majority of students are always willing to offer advice about what courses to take, when to take them, and who to take them with. It feels as if everyone at the school, faculty included, want the students to succeed.


I'd say the best thing about my school is the environment. All the teachers seem to really want to teach you the material. Even other students are helpful. It's a good learning environment.


Everyone on campus as well as around town is so friendly. The teachers and administrators strive to give each student to best opportunities to succeed. They are always available during office hours and are always realistic about what they expect from you, what they can do to help you, and what you can do to help yourself. Class sizes are always small and the learning environment is always productive and condusive to success in the course. On top of all that, there are so many clubs and programs to get involved with the strong sense of spirit and community.


There is an incredible surrounding community. Chico is a warm, welcoming town.


The best thing about my school are the avialable resources provided and the natural beuaty of the area.


The overall friendly atmosphere. Professors are really helpful and are almost always availible to students. In addition here are in all nice people.


The best thing about my school was that it was small and the faculty were very caring and supportive of students.


The best thing would be the fact that we are such a friendly community. It literally feels like a family. Our town isnt that small nor that big, however we tend to always reach out and help. The students come together to do for our community. For example, in December two restaurants downtown caught on fire. So the student body started fundraising money for those people that lost thier jobs during the holiday season.


the dedication and passion of the faculty, many of which take the extra time to help.


What I considered the best thing about my school is classes and the teachers. They have a great variety of classes and majors that anyone could find what they wanted to do in their lives. The teachers are very helpful and want us as students to be the best and succeed. There is a great connection with the teachers and the students.


the community


true college town


The best thing about Chico State is that you can be who you want to be, rather than what you were raised to be. At Chico, students can find themselves to be much more than what they may have been in high school and around their familiar environment. It's very friendly and everyone encourages you to be who you want to be.


As an aspiring educator I believe we have a responsibility to promote academic success to produce intelligent active citizens. The educators at CSU, Chico promote more than in-class theoretical education. Practical experience through internships, case studies, group projects, wellness and environmental assistantships created the best learning environment for my learning styles. I believe those contributions during my college experience have best helped prepare me for professional and personal successes.


Everyone seems friendly, the professors are knowledgable in their fields and there are a lot of people that are my age. I feel like Chico was a good choice for me as I enjoy the layed back community. The only problen is that I am having trouble finding a job. I am so luck to have the opportunity to attend a University.


The best thing about CSU, Chico is the social atmosphere. I think this because as I am gaining more experience in the Construction Industry, I realize how important social skills and teamwork are to a successful project. If I wasn't involved in such a social major I might have a different opinion, but I see that people skills and the ability to communicate are a very important tool to have in the area of work that I am studying.


The emphasis on student achievement after graduation. Learning continues after graduation it may not take place in a classroom and the University, for the most part recognizes this and encourages student devlopment.


The best thing about Chico State is the environment. Chico has that small town atmosphere. Everyone is very friendly. The fall is amazing in Chico because there are so many trees. Most housing is within a mile from campus. The campus is absolutely gorgeous. You can walk from one side to the other within minutes, and along the way you will pass by hundreds of trees, lawns, a rose garden and the famous Butte Creek running through the middle of campus. Everyone is very relaxed at Chico State.


The enviroment that surrounds it: Good people, great scenery, fun atmosphere. What i really like is the job placements, for construction Management it is 100%


Many students attend CSU Chico expecting a glistening Party-topia with fountains of booz e and friendly easy-going people. Although many people are friendly, there is certaintly a dark underside to the town. Many people come to the city to deal drugs and party along with the students, with no intention of succeeding academically. With them, comes an influx of crime, it is not the safest place. However, it is not all bad. Like anywhere, it is possible to find friendly open-minded people of good character, you've just got to search a little harder.


That the side of town by the college is dominated by the students. There is a definate college community here at Chico State. Very easy for people to find a party on the weekends, some weekdays too.


The students and faculty are the best thing about my school. People are very open and geniunely care about people and the faculty does a wonderful job in connecting with students and making themselves available for them.


Teachers in the school of Business -Accounting Department. They are supportive and wants to help students find their place in life


Close knit community, with professors who are very knowlegeable and willing to help students that need extra help. Friendly student body. Housing is easy to find, relatively cheap and close to campus. The natural surroundings make the campus comfortable, and classes are easy to get to.