California State University-Dominguez Hills Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing would have to be over population. During the course of the school year the campus can get jam packed but you have to stick it out. Classroom sizes dwindle as the school year progresses but the first time I seen how crowded my classes were shocked me to the core


The worst thing about CSUDH is that there is not much school spirit because it is a "commuter school."


the worst thing about my school is that our physical fitness center is dated but its a work in progress.


The worst thing I recall about Dominguez was the parking. I had to pay so much for a parking pass, yet I always had to park miles away from classes. I think the campus should have a parking structure rather than different parking lots.


Inability of counselors to focus student body


I think the worst thing about my school is that the main campus is located so far away from my location.


Classes can be overcrowded, and people in the general ed courses act like they do not value their education. The upper level courses are much better.


If I had to consider something to be the worst thing in school, I would have to say that it's the distance from home and having to pay for all that gas, plus parking but I guess I really don't have a complaint about the school though.


The only thing that I would consider that is the worst thing about my school is that they do not offer as many programs like other schools do such as a deaf interpretor programs, getting certified to be a deaf interpretor


The only problem with my school is minor, the parking is horrible. There are not enough parking spots in the lots, and the lots are not a close distance to campus.


I'm attending California State University Dominguez Hills, theres really nothing worst about it, its a great school i recomended. But for me the worsest thing about it is the commuting i make everyday. I commute forty miles a day, and after a while that can be very difficult. But im not giving up, i'm determined to make it, and dedicated on making it work.


The worst thing about CSUDH is that the financial aid office the staff doesn't really try to help out students when they have questions. They generally always respone with "we are doing everything we can right now" and "you have to check with us later". In order to get a question answered you really have to be on them like a everyday thing inorder to get an answer.


All the work that is accumulated between all the classes and the projects.


It's a commuter school so it's not as tight knit as other colleges


That it's not well known.


The worst thing I can think of is financial aid. With alot of the budget cuts, many of my friends have had their checks put on hold (thankfully, mine came in on time) and I see the pain it has caused them. One of my friends actually couldn't afford to go to school because of this, so not only does she have to pay the financial aid back when the check does come, but also she must find a job to pay for next semester.


The worst thing about this school is the amount of financial aid that is given out because i know of to many students who needs the help but cant recieve it and i am apart of that group as well


The lack of campus social life.


Not being able to get immediate help from faculty, staff, and/or at advisors is a big problem.

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